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Not The Blind Leading The Blind But Mindfucks Leading Numskulls

People who knowingly contradict themselves are rotten, but those oblivious to continuously doing so are perhaps my biggest pet peeve. I find it’s more common among young adults, as ego-centrism limits them to cherry-picking ideologies rather than seeing anything beyond immediate gratification. Egos help nobody, particularly themselves.

Inconsistency makes for difficult co-workers, awkward friendships and fucking impossible relationships, even while it’s a given status quo with politicians and other persons of power. What is ego-centrism, but the teenage incapacity for self-reflection, the abject fear of consequence? I realize of course moods do change and people sometimes evolve, but when conflicting statements are offered to the world, they’ve no right to shock when confusion is the response, by equal measure. We absolutely get what we give. It’s so easy to spot the fluster in the Trumps of the world, as they get so confounded and agitated whenever reality fails to rearrange itself to match their ever-changing fancy. Much harder to notice when you yourself approach life with the exact same lack of logic. Proper society really is just the matter of a shared perversion, obsessive-compulsively making allowances for those you’d wish to be, to befriend or to fuck. Those allowances come with dramatic cost however, easily noted by the instability of modern times. Foundation demands more than appeal. What you like means nothing.

Joe Biden offers neither progress or change. He is as reprehensible as Donald Trump, only with different marketing firms doing the representing, just as competing financial interests will see returns on their investments irregardless. Coke isn’t healthier than pepsi. American society and culture will still be overflowing with exploitation and extortion. The middle class will be taxed hardest in coming years to fund these stimuli regardless, because all revenue may only flow in one direction no matter who dies. Curiously, everyone in the nation could boycott the vote entirely, and nothing would change. Change isn’t a convenience or a cop-out, it’s a threshold. Pandemic or not the choice is always the same, our lives or the profits of strangers. Governance on a normal day is nothing but competing financial interests, vying to see who gets the biggest load of bullshit swallowed on their behalf. All voters should be arrested and charged with attempted suicide, which is a felony only because the system they support claims ownership of their lives.

Because privately tracking us for example is somehow so much less suspect. If you always know our whereabouts you cannot then say in the same sentence that you respect our privacy. Corporate execs really do just pay for their degrees, without any osmosis for the material itself. Just gluttony gluttony gluttony and boobs is the entire thought process. Zionism is the belief that super-glue actually makes for the best lubricant.

As of this writing over 320 million US citizens have *not* been tested yet for the coronavirus. When the 1.4 million tested thus far already include more cases than any other nation, the odds are not in the public’s favor, especially when permitted months of circulation in the population before any precautions were observed. Chinese investors and Chinese audiences are financially the bread and butter of Hollywood’s larger production houses. The xenophobia outlasting the pandemic is going to amount to massive cultural reverberations. We saw this symbolically a couple years ago, when embargoes prompted the Chinese to stop purchasing America’s recycling. A huge problem no longer out of sight, out of mind but getting lost in the shuffle nonetheless in competition over a rich cacophony of problems. Contrary to the demands of reality the only problem acknowledged by captains of industry and heads of state is how soon to kick-start the economy, which as we all know is a term signifying the net gains of the wealthiest and nothing more. Risking 300 million-plus Americans who have not been tested yet despite months of the virus in circulation is not a decision to wrestle. Especially when surviving is no guarantee whatsoever that one has become immune. We are wrong to ever presume those in charge preternaturally know not to shove a dick into a hornet’s nest. Gratification always calls.

If the religious could just sign waivers declining treatment after the fact I doubt there’d be much issue about so many of them wishing to still gather amidst the global pandemic; and should any new cases be traced back to these attendees, then the attendees covering their medical costs and funeral expenses would be aces. People need food to live, so they take a necessary risk going out into the public. They won’t die from lack of a church service, so the risk there is for entertainment purposes only. Instead of seeing safeguards against furthering the pandemic as an attack upon their personal liberties, the religious-minded should be deeply upset by how willing their elected officials are to have them gather publicly to die. If only the religious were capable of wondering why their government is fine with the possibility of their dying.

But you go right ahead and run with those scissors because as with teens, none might tell you any differently.