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Nie wieder!

We believe that voting matters only because the most selfish among us say it does, when in no other circumstance do the wealthiest care for the opinions or livelihoods of the commoner. It is a blunt denial by the public that their hero-worshiped ego-charities are at all capable of mistakes or criminal endeavors. It’s honestly just a variant form of supremacy. This is a matter of billionaire influence both foreign and domestic, not state actors. If you want state actors imposing illicitly, 398 members of the House of Representatives did not vote to safeguard questionable business practices of the Russians against free speech rights of USA citizenry.

Russiagate cannot bring itself to condemn western Capitalism even after the lovechild of Neocon billionaire Robert Mercer and Neolib billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was proven to manipulate data-streams of millions of social network-using voters. Any Russian governmental involvement is wishful thinking, nothing established or insinuated comes remotely close in proven effect to the mess provided by western wealth, and shows only the broad variety of malleable decision-makers in DC willing and able to sell out their own fucking country. “Good guys” wouldn’t dare attack the western billionaires ultimately responsible, because they fight over those same meal tickets.

Personality aside, Trump really is doing nothing which Obama and prior Presidents have not done themselves. The idea that only the other side is ever guilty of anything perpetuates the problem. If we don’t like decisions made by their power, dethrone the office altogether. Don’t get me wrong, Trump should spend the rest of his life stitched up inside of a punching bag. But seeing any other President as less suspect, less culpable, is turning a blind eye to an awful lot. Cool it with the idolatry. For anybody in regards to anything. If a leader is beyond reproach then they hold too much power. If you would despise having the person in this world who you look down on the most getting away with whatever particular thing, then do not allow or enable the person you look up to the most to try, no matter how reasonable it comes across, because the ends will very much be the same.

Deflection “misled” people in the exact food-chain thriving on it. Not everyone is as casually or conveniently naive as reporters or lawmakers. Western billionaires abused and manipulated the user experiences of millions of social-networking voters but Russians still get the headlines. It’s not new at all for anyone free of suffering a short-term memory. As long as guns exist people have been and will get shot, and as long as millionaires and billionaires exist, elections have been and will be interfered with.

Nobody in my lifetime has been able to afford to run for a federal-level office without billionaire backing, so any notion that this is a new plot twist is both asinine and ignorant. You cannot shame the buyers without equal love given to the sellers. When politicians are indebted to their financiers the greed of said financiers cannot be differentiated ethically by nationality. The idea of an evil nation is a cartoon that wrongfully incriminates millions of innocents, when it’s their most power-hungry who earn a Torquemada. I’ve been a citizen journo long enough to realize the Kremlin is every bit as unified as is DC. We in the west are not allowed to see that, by our own authorities. Every government on Earth is culpable of making scapegoats of the self-sacrificing to enrich the self-aggrandizing. God forbid we learn the people around the world are just like us, subjected unrelentingly to the greed of con-artists the same as us. If you think everyone working for the Kremlin agrees with one another, you are a child. Regardless of who societal narratives wish to blame, or who actually deserves the blame, it was Capitalists who made it happen. And any denial of that small detail leaves the backdoor wide open for more of the same. Weed out the bad eggs, but the goose is still cooked.

I’ve preached that what separates leftists from liberals is the liberal belief in a good Capitalism, but even less popular, is that prioritizing personal wish-fulfillment before the needs of others shows many identity politicians to be more rightwing than they themselves realize. If hep Democratic Socialists wish to concern themselves with the needs of others as a purported ideal, they should be mindful that it is ego-centrism to favor one’s own in any regard whereas ego-less is to favor others in all regards.

The basic problem with Uncle Sam is that he demands that everybody in the world view him in a very particular way. Which services nobody but Uncle Sam. It’s no different when individuals do it. Perspective is everything, but when it’s possessive it’s putting the ego first.

But if we object to this to any degree, 398 bipartisan members of the House have just voted for us to collectively sit down and shut up. If you think your bible’s ‘Thou shalt not kill’ applies here, your congresspersons want you to know that everything you believe about what’s right and wrong is of lesser importance than the business endeavors of a foreign enterprise offering private kickbacks. If you think ‘Love thy neighbor’ should apply to unarmed Palestinian women and children as much as anyone else, the self-important Conservatives and Liberals of the U.S. House of Representatives feel that your sense of equality is racism. This administration is cutting an additional 3 million families off food stamps, but we gift billions every year to the wealthiest of one of the few nations that can already afford both nukes and a space program. And if you question this you are apparently a bigot. The federal level politicians who say we cannot afford universal coverage are giving away billions each and every year, most state governments as well, to the business interests of a nation that can already afford universal coverage. There is no international espionage scheme forcing them to sell what is not theirs to sell, to give away what is not theirs to part with. This theoretically being a democracy means that neither Republicans or Democrats are the government, rather they are employed by the government, of the people. Don’t question it though!

It doesn’t matter if this was (for now) a non-binding resolution. 398 members of Congress are publicly announcing their preference for a for-profit enterprise over the first amendment rights of their own constituents. They feel so strongly about this they gathered during the last shutdown specifically to advance these bills, while thousands of government workers with mouths to feed were going without pay. People should be FURIOUS. The fact most of these states are “investing” more money in initiatives guided by the richest among a foreign nation-state, any foreign nation-state, than they spend towards their own homeless programs never comes up in budget proposals or talks of debt ceilings. Or Russiagate. It’s just one of many, many reasons why I personally will never recognize the authority of the federal government of the USA.

This is a tragicomedy, but there should be another dialogue concerning the dizzying array of different ways in which the USA government is violating international human rights laws within its own borders on throughout the rest of the world. Where is the comeuppance?