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NGC 891

This shall be one of those articles in which I draw a possible correlation that fits puzzle pieces together so well, everybody will kick themselves for not reaching it first, although some will pass points off as their own which is understandable because when one is ultimately chasing only after paychecks they can hardly be expected ever to delve outside preapproved boxes, much less give a closer examination to much of anything that wouldn’t guarantee additional moments of pay. Truth concerns me far more than nice clothes or living beyond my means.

The first public mention of the United States Space Force was in March of 2018, with Trump at the time seeming to jest about establishing a militarized space agency as though the Pentagon had not been conducting research and development through NASA since NASA’s own establishment many decades past, hundreds if not thousands of launched spy satellites et al. Two years and some pocket change later the space force has apparently been made a real thing, although all the public has been offered are a flag and a rushed television comedy series, with the technology necessary to such an endeavor coming instead through private industry such as the Blue Origin of billionaire Jeff Bezos and the SpaceX of billionaire Elon Musk.

But oblique references about the Reaganomics of star wars aside, I think that the idea of an extraterrestrial branch of the armed forces predates what is made known to the public, taxpayers if ever learning exactly how their money is spent learning how their money is spent long after the damages are done. A possibly relevant matter I observed in May of 2017 which no other voice online would appear to be connecting to the space force,

How evils can grow to be so grand in scale is due entirely to heavily-controlled limitations of how far news spreads and who is allowed to remain both alive and knowing. Not everybody is the idiot posting each and every tawdry fragment of their life online. Some just know better, while others possibly had the advance warning that comes from overseeing a surveillance state joined at the hip to big business issuing press releases right and left concerning the joys of the approaching Internet of Things. Mainstream media is reporting that Thule Air Base, America’s northernmost military installation, is to receive a 40 million dollar facelift, over exaggerated fears of North Korean missile strikes. The article says nothing of the dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds, of American military bases in closer proximity to North Korea, especially those with activities that may or may not be viewed as a more abrupt threat to the North Korean government. The article does however make the bogus claim that the Thule base was “originally built as a buffer during the Cold War”. Wikipedia plainly states that Thule was established in 1943, when American forces were allied with Russian forces. Located in northern Greenland just a short UFO skip away from my theorized former Nazi base in northern Norway, the Thule Air Base is publicly the headquarters to the 12th Space Warning Squadron, and is part of the 21st Space Wing operation under the jurisdiction of Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, itself just a short UFO skip away from Area 51 and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. But just as the news hits from left field of the Thule Air Base undergoing plastic surgery, billionaire Robert Bigelow is inadvertently quoted elsewhere as saying that he is absolutely convinced of an extraterrestrial presence right here somewhere on Mother Earth. Interestingly, Bigelow is also mentioned in Wikileaks docs, particularly referenced as trying to communicate with fellow UFO connoisseur John Podesta.

So, for some time prior to the US Space Force becoming an actual thing, there was already this 21st Space Wing operation with a massive funding boost granted to its Thule airbase which houses the 12th Space Warning Squadron. The fact that all of this slipped under the radar as soon as Trump tossed space force into the noosphere is interesting, especially alongside the recent disclosures by the US Navy concerning whatever that new acronym replacing UFOs is all being shared with the public in the brief time since. It feels as though society is being abruptly groomed for the concept of an interstellar war, or at least a fun threat from beyond. Despite Blue Origin being founded in 2000 and SpaceX being founded in 2002, neither really hit national headlines until recent years, and neither has necessarily emphasized Earth defense as its goal. They’ve quite vocally been more about the off-world mining possibilities, and the following colonizations to comfortably escape the consequences of our actions here on terra firma. Note how billionaire conservative Brandon Fugal, current owner of the Skinwalker ranch property where weird shit has been going down since before anyone named in this article was even born, has been actively selling himself as a more public successor to Robert Bigelow, by all accounts not conducting secret experiments with the federal government but bringing in a cable channel to document a curious lot. As abrupt is his presence on the national stage, Fugal does not seem to be focusing on or otherwise propelling the idea that life on Earth is under threat from beyond. With his group, I really feel they are in a kind of justly awe by the unknown, acknowledging it socially and bringing in enough basic science so that we might all get on the same starting line for whatever comes next. What passes for our civilization obviously has the resources for more than this rudimentary approach, so anything less than this in this day and age is genuinely an insult. The blandness of televised melodrama does set the standard for modern communication.

I believe we are light-years from a full disclosure and I don’t see it happening short of a literal governmental coup, but as is the case with colonization generally, non-domestic threats are rarely any sort of actual consideration, only a cover story. Something is clearly out there, most people can accept that regardless of the favored descriptive terminology of their comfort levels, but the only ones pushing the implied something as a threat to our well-being are militants relentless in their eagerness to validate their republic pathologies. Calls to approach outer space for reasons beyond the PC/PG press releases of NASA may well be in order, but military defense against aliens probably is not the true rationale uplifting the narrative. Because navy disclosures of weird vessels doing weird things aside, what exactly could, should or would prompt that concern? Who seriously thinks that the rascally, many-angled Omega Centaurians dropped a ransom note in the White House mailbox?

What predates all of this, the signal-boosting of Blue Origin and SpaceX, the passing of the torch from Bigelow to Fugal and the US Space Force melodrama itself, was Obama reaching far above and beyond his authority in granting ownership rights of celestial bodies to any USA endeavor capable of mining them, back in November of 2015. Entirely unobserved by corporate media at the time was how this may have in fact been a direct response to the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces merging to form the Russian Aerospace Forces in August of that same year. I do not believe for a moment that the US Space Force was made to exist to defend the planet from alien spaceships or Russian spaceships, but as muscle in support of privatized mining operations elsewhere. And it’s not just the USA. Israel’s SpaceIL, a purportedly nonprofit NGO, has in recent years received tens of millions in additional funding from the likes of billionaire financier of NeoCon warhawk ambitions Sheldon Adelson and the official Israeli Space Agency itself. Its achievements since empowering Israel, billed by Wikipedia as the smallest nation with a national space agency, to become the seventh nation in recorded history with craft orbiting the moon. Israel, one of the few nations possessing means for both a space program and nuclear weaponry, requires ongoing billions in foreign assistance in spite of enabling non-governmental agencies opportunities to measure dicks in zero gravity. As exampled by each and every historical pursuit of brave new worlds, the weaponization of space is mercenary nationalism, bent ultimately for the purposes of oligarchs and plutocrats to find further riches for themselves, outright stealing resources they’ve manifestly no earthly claim to. Outfits such as Blue Origin, SpaceX and SpaceIL are openly funneling billions into the procurement of the East India Tea Company ships of tomorrow, the Hessian military might of the USA already proudly premeditating usage of lethal force for their incentives, strengthening the egos of these billionaires to do as they wilt to save the government any blame upfront, as though the financial interests of political insiders will suffer by any stretch of the imagination.

And when the people entitled into concocting these decisions are heirs to the logic that gave the world smallpox blankets, I cannot help but to see a supreme level of projected nearsightedness in the likely expectation for Martians to also fall victim to our common flu in keeping with the proverbs. Terrestrial conflicts will be agitated nonetheless, but the world’s biggest names appear so distracted by the promise of baubles that, inadvertently or not, instigating other conflicts with intelligent life which has never shown itself to be a tactile threat is only a matter of time. And space.

Ideally, and this is where I show my romantic side, these encroaching quote unquote savages will have more than ancient curses to sling around.