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New Joy Fades

As though the authorities willing to sign off on such grievous atrocity as the use of chemical weapons upon children, provided that they strike a profit from the sale of said chemical weapons, would ever, ever bow to the Democratic process. Idealism and ruthlessness will always be at odds, and idealism will forever be ill-equipped for the eternal confrontation, as appeals for the moral high ground by weaponizing empathy, guilt or shame, or logic or reason, fall on the deafest ears. With positivity itself rather willfully blind to the unquenchable nature of greed.

However, while greed may well be too grossly ignorant to ever know anything but no end, the endurance of a backbone is the grand monkey-wrench able to aggravate any Achilles heel, phantom limb or not. The sole complication to this is in how the greater masses have been programmed and reprogrammed, by their false cultures contrived by subsidiaries of these same authorities, into reneging on the human capacity for stamina and sound personal constitution in free market exchange for short attention spans, low memory recall and ceaseless distraction. Anything which isn’t “new” is rendered invalid, as obsolete as common sense, especially when such newness proves inferior or detrimental to what has come before. Youth today, teens and young adults but everyone else as well, should be openly and culturally encouraged to admit when they have no fucking clue about a given thing. The widespread, arrogantly and dangerously wrong presumption that mankind is a culmination is probably the most unaddressed issue of the modern, civilized world. If the wisdom of the ancients, of countless generations, lacks just one cool catch-phrase or a sexy outfit then it goes the way of all things disregarded. Very much like tossing still-good leftovers, mistaking want and need for one another.

However again, just as DIY healthcare is more competent than the real deal currently, then so has the funny bone proven a compelling and often quite necessary workaround to the rare backbone. Alas, a sense of humor has been altogether bred out of humanity, following its unceremonious cutting of the proverbial chord to evolution over the course of mistaking virtual fantasy, for stone immaculate reality. Avoiding the many problems of society is by no means conquering the many problems of society. Particularly when, in light of nigh-endless parades of near-infinite forms of abuse and distortion at play surely declare this digital heaven to not be remotely heavenly after all.

Point in case, the lucrative Google is urging its business partners among the federal government of the USA to lessen the legal protections purportedly guaranteed to activists working for Google itself. There is no good way to spin that, yet millions of utterly inane douche-bags persist with keeping gmail accounts and taking whatever Google Search wants them to know or Google Maps wants them to see without an iota of consideration.

Similarly, paid article writer Daniel Samuels outs himself as being very, very late to the party by evidently being born only yesterday, in asking readers of fucking Wired whether Big Tech might now suddenly be partnering up with Big Government. Before the Judaeo-Christian god created the heavens and the Earth he created the angels, and before the angels he created the archangels. And the first archangel was Lucifer. Meaning that not only was such a good guy responsible for creating the potential for evil literally before anything else, but as there was at the time nothing else in all of existence, then there was no witness to a separation of this created potential for pure evil from the mind of its creator. If we want to indulge the fantasy of this canon as real and logical, then we must accept the severe likelihood that good and evil never split, and that the biggest good guy has been the biggest bad guy since day one. Personally, Wired lost most of its traction for me when they permitted a science-fictional futurist like Warren Ellis bylines, as if every week of his creative industrial career was something other than merely entertaining people for money. The guy puts product placements in his blogs and e-newsletter for fucksakes. The magnet-tarpit-trap of Capitalism is not going to sneak in directions on how to exit the magnet-tarpit-trap of Capitalism. Why would a poison also contain its antidote? There are no secret messages in theatrically-released movies or radio songs or commercially-published books; and to even suggest otherwise is nothing but rationalizing the most pathetic slavery ever devised. The big guns running the show lack the imagination. At best, there is subtext intended to pull us further away from the necessary reality. But marketing experts do appreciate the swelled heads and hardened nips. Read philosophy books instead, specifically anything published before your parents were born.

Equally…stupid, is CNN pitchman Brian Stelter, who asks viewers whether it’s finally time for news persons to exit the repugnance of social media. But early in his piece he announces his own personal slavery in stating “You don’t have to quit totally — that’s impossible in today’s news business.” It’s no different from saying that since Elon Musk created the subway system, insert laugh-track, anyone outside of solitary confinement may as well throw out all their shoes. I knew an indie comix publisher about a decade back, “knew” in the sense that I was thanked on the inside cover of all their books while quoted on the backs, who once told me that ten-thousand MySpace followers translates to sales of ten units. After the inevitable but unfortunate financial collapse of his company, he rebranded himself as…squints eyes…an online social marketing expert. The old saying of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” never draws darkness to the light though, but versa vice.

In an expansion of Facebook’s well-documented shadow profiles, regarding the millions of quote unquote knowledgeable persons utilizing online social media, or any other service from the FAANG gang, research further proves are dragging the rest of humanity down with them and selling out everyone they know IRL.

Anna Hopkins, a rare blonde working for FOX News, screams a headline that Tonga’s accidental slashing of its underwater telecommunications cable has knocked the island back to the Dark Ages. Or the 1960s, when the internet that such cables were laid to carry was established, which was indeed a dark time devoid of, well, apps alerting you about what hashtags are trending in a particular hour to graciously inform you what distractions you should live your life by and formulate all your opinions around insofar as being hep to which is the culturally-accepted device to get your brain cancer from while absorbing glowing madness instead of saving your family or whatever. The savage, degenerate age when meals were not prepared by microwave oven, when artists mostly had to do a little more than trace to ply their trade, and when the Israeli government had not yet stolen half of Palestine. What horrors! Suffice to say, from Hopkins’ writing we can piece together that FOX’s notion of when exactly America was great was after these dark ages, after the JFK assassination, after the MLK Jr assassination, and after the day the music died despite the ironies of denizens in such an era then singing bye-bye to the metaphorical Ms American Pie who could not possible have lived yet as America apparently could not have been great in said Dark Ages.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, face-boil and all; hate me because I am telling the god’s honest truth while you yourself are too entranced to know the difference anymore. How dare you waste your precious life- that part is your call entirely and you absolutely earn your quiet miseries of filling voids with hot airs. But when your waste infringes on others, bringing nothing to the table but more and more noise, well then, a hearty fuck you to you.