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Neither Time Or Place For Slum-Boogie

The state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries is apparently working with an Israel-based but non-governmental and nonprofit agency known as SpaceIL, on a bid for the agency to become the world’s first company to accomplish a lunar landing. An undoubtedly costly venture which surely frustrates the official line of the USA’s dire need for not loaning but gifting 40 billion in military aid to the Israeli government over the next decade, on top of the millions already granted directly by each state annually, to help fend off the denizens of the Gaza strip who riotously wield fearsome rocks and fearsome balloons and a general lack of reliable electricity. Insert joke about Netanyahu walking in on Musk masturbating to a Grimes mixtape at the last Bilderberg fish-fry and just getting so jealous.

Needless to say this is indeed a grimy example of massive funding being proactively siphoned upstream, far and away from its point of origin, to enable nothing better than the (truly) flighty whims of the filthy-rich and famous.

To compliment such efforts, and virtually in direct response to my damn-fine essay on the synonymous proposition which I propose myself as good ideas are not a dime a dozen but rather one in a zillion, comes an excruciatingly regretful piece of white (-bread’s) trash from Tim Collins and Victoria Allen, where the two assert that success in life is actually based wholly on genetics. It’s not a good look for the DailyMail, or even a new look.

Michael Hiltzik has journalized a great piece ideologically challenging that, in regards to the growing frigidity of “job creators” for treating those whose broken backs lift them up on high as anything better than an expendable slave caste. He falls short of naming and blaming the root cause however, which is Capitalism itself. Nobody questions the blunt duality of immigrants, migrants and refugees supposedly stealing American jobs amidst a supposedly expansive labor shortage. The same immigrants, migrants and refugees who all at once are supposedly stealing jobs while also supposedly existing off of free government handouts. Outside of mainstream press it makes as much sense as the notion of Republican and Democrat parties ever seriously pursuing different agendas, any agenda beyond fattening their own blubber at the personal expense of literally everybody who gave them power in the first place.

There is so much discussion concerning fake news, but where is the talk about fake realities?

The high and flighty Twitter is seeking public sympathy for itself nixing 70 million accounts in recent months, with the widespread digital killings resulting in a slight (or sleight of hand) dragging of the company’s stock valuations. They can claim the accounts were largely fake, but where is the evidence that it wasn’t all just a huge crackdown on anti-establishment narratives? And have the masses already forgotten that the federal government was bending rules in support of Twitter’s IPO debut on the stock exchange, the same fucking week it froze millions from the national WIC program, which exists explicitly so that impoverished new mothers can purchase staples to keep their households fed? But Twitter’s billionaire chairpersons are so bothered by the current ramifications of their stock’s sudden weight loss that they plan on unironically culling further millions of profiles from off their social network. Standing on duality is standing on uneven ground, although it mercifully helps that their customers are the most malleable persons alive today. In keeping with their programming, users are too cross-eyed to take a long, hard look at themselves, at what’s done to them or what’s done in their names. Technically, all avatars are spineless.

There was a recent French sci-fi television series called Missions, which at some point contained a ridiculous line about how our greatest minds are unfortunately provided with no better task than sorting how to generate ad-clicks. The writer had clearly never heard of the Peter Principle. I say this fake reality generously bestowed upon us persists with the idea that all participants being obliged to punch down in defense of those riding on their shoulders is somehow good for any participants short of those with heads already within penthouses in the clouds. And everyone looking down on everyone purportedly below their own self-perceived station in life is not paying attention to the grand design. They are too busy paying for those resting comfortably above them. But worse, is that by viewing those stuck below as somehow lesser-than, as targets worthy of their personalized scorn, they really aren’t seeing them at all.

The suspended and banished Twitter consumers do not even rate as personae by the platform they are bred to obsess over. Coincidentally reading from the same Libretto, the Pentagon is no longer even viewing those dumb enough to lay down their lives for said Pentagon as worthy of stats anymore. The one and same military relying more and more on duplicity to refurbish its bloodpool of a faceless, expendable slave caste. Capitalism cannot exist without consumerism, and consumerism ultimately concerns itself with defining everything as mere commodity, which translates to everything becoming replaceable. This funny society we inhabit is both too far-sighted and too near-sighted to acknowledge how this is carried over into life itself, carried on the backs of slaves too distracted by the madness of illusory divides to feel their own custom-fitted dog collars. The lesser-thans and have-nots thus declared inconsequential by general consensus.

Found on Hacker News, a site over-stuffed with those eager to sell themselves short for the evasive American nightmare of a dream, is this festering pile of words from James Suzman, wherein he explains with both feet in mouth how everyone working against each other is magically more beneficial for the greater whole than everyone working with each other. Envy is a licensed trademark of Capitalism. It is not envy that provokes disdain for those lecherous billionaires dictating societies and running governments from behind closed-to-the-public-doors, it is spite at their achieving their fame and fortune against the better judgement of the unwashed-because-clean-public-water-now-costs-too-much-even-though-state-and-federal-governments-can-find-the-money-to-give-to-one-of-the-few-nations-that-can-afford-a-space-program masses.

My paternal grandfather had a special family dish he created, which was never made the same way twice. Whenever there happened to be extra seats at the kitchen table, he would throw together whatever paltry ingredients on hand into a single pot, with the final product sometimes taking the form of a casserole and sometimes a stew, but always, working from his well-developed, life or death instincts, result with a masterpiece in tasty culinary art. He called it the slum-boogie, because those without can make anything objectively work when there’s legitimate need. Such as surviving on nothing. While those who have everything cannot make anything even subjectively work unless faking the need all the way.

Power is obtained only through variations of lying, cheating and stealing, all of which are distortions of the universe. Denying the way things are might well be what defines all power-mongers, as opposed to adapting, which any lowly animal can muster the mettle for. What if our collectively affording value to the concept of “survival of the fittest” is well and good, but merely focusing on the surface-level intonation of killing the opponent is missing the big picture altogether? What if the universe is not the enemy?