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My Children Won’t Deserve The Pain of The World

As this portal has, as of this very month, now been around for a whole two years, I thought a change of design would prove unpredictably quaint. Blackblogs only actually offers some 70 or so themes for its allies, ones it can verify to minimize skewered coding that could intentionally or not ever possibly enable privacy or security flaws. And sadly most are utter rubbish insofar as my sense of taste.

But as ever, it is the ideas which matter. The skin can shed its snake but the hissing endures. Adding to the mess I’ve produced for myself is the small accomplishment of this here post that you are reading just now being the two-hundredth for the nilskidoo. I have covered a verifiable lot of ground here, broaching more subjects than does any paid auteur. This being my one and only presence online means that all I do in the virtual realm is help others. To be sure, I am not getting rich or famous from this, as I noticeably claim neither the time, monies or attentions of others as my property. Nor will this website provoke any worthwhile, comely lass to abruptly plead with me to unharness unarguably unchristian acts upon her lithe and lissome body. None of which was ever my intent here or elsewhere, as I have always been one to believe that helping others is of far greater importance than helping myself.

Going by my webmail, there are folks who just need notes shared from a kindred soul, assuring them how their being in this clusterfuck nexus of space and time to end all clusterfucks of space and time for reasons other than fame or fortune or extreme sexual gratification is not unto itself a bad thing. Maybe they have read me long enough to know that I unearth strong talking points and stronger arguments, often in regards to matters unaddressed or abused by the media cacophony which bluntly cares more about fantasy than reality yet where all modern denizens are expected to get informed. More often than not folks contact me after apparently learning of my work by IRL word of mouth. Why? With consistent and unifying logic I find uncanny parallels and draw fiercely independent conclusions concerning diverse experiences of our world, and I do this without lying, cheating or stealing. I am not reposting anybody no matter how enticing, nor am I merely rephrasing the hot takes of the all-encompassing cacophony. I built this home with my own two bare hands and I cannot be stopped. I’m not buying anything, and I am not selling anything, all of which is so uncommon my whisper comes across as mighty as a foghorn in the passive, slumberous night. Through this portal have I given unto the world more than most people will throughout their lifetimes, and I ask nothing in return. My ideas are as refreshing as ice cubes in bongwater, because this home of mine carries no free publicity for whichever political affiliations, and no spare time to discuss whatever fucking TV show. No matter the marketing, spirituality without any form of sacrifice, especially personal sacrifice, is no religion but a hobby. Misrepresenting derivative elements of uninspired artificial cultures for archetypes is gifting them with more depth than they are capable of, white-washing Capitalism by insisting that illusion holds more meaning than reality. If every kid in class answered a test with identically wrong answers, the uniform wrongness doesn’t make their answers more true than the true answers. It just means that not one of them was willing to do the work. The rest of the web has that in polished spades, spades serving no higher purpose but to bury the masses.

I am no braggart, but where are the comparisons to what I have done, am doing and in all likelihood will continue to do until the militarized thought police kick in my small tent with metaphorical penis envy blazing? Why gain unlawful entry into the noosphere merely to rob the joint, when instead I could hold the window open for others to see reasons to fight? What interest have I in gathering a following, growing an army, when I should keep the gates open, that others might escape as well? And from there, make their own options known, their own pornography divining their own culture and their own footing revealing their own way to truth? Does my refusal to be casual about crossing even ideological picket lines really make me so cold and villainous? Were this to be self-importance, this exploration of better places for my head than plunged beneath the sands, then I shall have at it. Aren’t people generally predisposed to settle and rationalize their selling out ideals the older they get? Do I even believe that our species stands a fighting chance?

Considerably not.

There is but one way out of here, and it begins 6 feet under. But formulating these ideas means more in the long run, to me, than giving advertisement to this or to that ideology, product or service. There is graciously supreme honesty to this futility. Unbeknownst to much of the world much of the world somehow survives without fame or fortune or even substandard sexual gratification even while living in full worship of their pursuit. The real infrequency is the objectively firsthand perspective. The conscientious impartiality. I would never believe that all life is precious, special or meaningful, but I do passionately believe that nobody has the right to enforce their own values over the lives of others. If modern society were rational, then nobody would ever under any circumstances own the means to decide when others might suffer, or die. I find myself increasingly lionized by the rarity of those whose words and actions might ever align without conflict in this or any regard, and while I am far too poor of spirit for affording reliance on established maps, all the astronomically more considerations must be taken for illustrating my own, copyleft or bust. For what it’s worth however, apologies to the girl from the store earlier. Tantalizing for long years of masturbatory fancy was the look in your eyes, but what time I do have must not be for myself. This is all I can offer, this tired voice inside my head even if public indecency is the only kind our society earns.