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Music of the Spheres

Yesterday, Wikileaks posted internal documents from Amazon, showing precisely where its many top secret data centers are located around the globe.

Today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is readying itself for a massive change in cryptographic keys as it performs maintenance on domain servers and related network infrastructure, which we are learning just now could result in downtime and outages across the web over coming days. This had been scheduled for earlier in the year, but was postponed to give the larger servers more time to prepare themselves against potential lagging speeds or worse from the switchover. But the possibility of a global internet blackout no matter how trifling really should have been latched upon by the sensationalist media more than it was, making the timing of this more than a little suspect in my book.

Particularly as Google, the most powerful of internet corporations, is still dealing with the immediate aftermath of recently being caught with its pants down to its hooves, exposing more than anyone other than Google and fellow tech conglomerates wish to see.

What if there is an underground war among dissenting Powers That Be, such as the Military Industrial Complex civil war between its nuclear spooks vs its virtual spooks I’ve theorized on before, and what if the 6 billionaires gone missing in Africa over the course of this year are connected to this? The physical elements which all tech companies completely depend on come primarily from Africa, with business interests from both the British and USA governments, along with an exorbitant display of enterprising tech CEOs from everywhere divvying up Africa just to exploit the internet trade.

Unlike sophomore slumping, the Silk Road 3.0 is more true to the original, the roadmap to claiming colonization of the world.

The most powerful authoritarians proactively exploiting the long-exploited African peoples, doing all that they can to claim for private enrichment with duplicity and shear force alike what they’ve no earthly claims to. Because the biggest problems on the planet always boil down to competing billionaires. The rich and powerful are disappearing in China as well, when the Chinese economy is outpacing the west as quickly as tech sectors are relocating there for new hubs.

Is the matter of all of this not being more recognized for what it obviously is, an example of a modern case of mass hallucination? Everybody is officially crazy enough for it, here in the era of the pill-age. But can’t our emperors afford clothes anymore, or will white blubber be all the rage in 2019? Nothing a distracting little hair of the dog won’t fix. Maybe the plan is to get man’s best friend drunk enough so he won’t see the hammer crashing into his skull, because Capitalism is gonna Capitalism and we all need to eat sooner or later. As Groucho plainly stated, outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend, especially when the internet goes black, but inside of a dog it’s just too dark to read.