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More Important Than Hollywood Scandals

Regardless of achieving a solid track record for megalithic failures all over the place, the Intelligence Community is enjoying expansive budget increases under Trump, which contradicts the thread of Trump and his inner circle living on the defensive against IC investigations and conflicts of interest.

In a clearly related story, Google is pairing up with NASA for a sort of drag race of quantum computing technology, to see which set of shareholders will get to choose a roadmap for the impending Zero Point Energy drive up the strip to cruise for some lucky strikes. And contrary to dramatic budgets cuts of the past half dozen years or so, NASA is right now in south Texas conducting ‘quiet sonic boom‘ tests to this end, playing with forces not intended for polite company or the roller rink.

Meanwhile, AT&T, one of the larger telecommunications conglomerates and one sharing a long-standing alliance with the NSA itself, with the company providing much of the physical means with which the agency has collected its mountainous reams of datum, is threatening a denial of service against any paying customers caught pirating whichever pop culture media. Which would go against any claims of privacy rights in their Terms and Conditions, as well as crippling by degrees this secretive core function of the company’s data-mining, putting it at odds with its secretive core customer base of Uncle Sam’s spooks, implying that they would never actually try such a thing. But the threat of cutting off its lower clients for chasing down the measures for keeping up with the trendy Joneses and their keenly-cut yards surrounding see-through glass homes, I feel, verifies that what they provide to the public is no service at all. When junkies like the goods so much as to look for ways to game the system to achieve more and more, then their dealers also are known to cut them off. And again, a junkie denied their gear will stand a better chance of forming rational thoughts, just as a client denied their media that watches them back will stand a better chance at attaining both privacy and security for themselves, online and off. But the good thing is viewed as bad by the system’s shot-callers.

Such a mighty Deep State is the Intelligence Community, maintaining sway over and independence from any and every administration while by all appearances treating the citizens it serves as cattle to be prodded, anytime and anywhere. So why would such a mighty collection of agencies and bureaus with all their unprecedented authority and technological prowess be so susceptible, subservient even, to foreign body politics such as the Israeli government and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia? And guilty by association, why would the federal government officially employing the networks of the Intelligence Community as well abide more by the whims of those foreign powers than by the peoples it is sworn to represent? As but one of too many examples, every 9/11 hijacker was from Saudi Arabia, yet there was never talk of an invasion, with the Pentagon finding substantially more malevolence in Venezuela…for what exactly? For suffering the effects of trade embargoes imposed by the USA government?

It’s not who watches the watchmen, but rather who intimidates the kings of intimidation. And more to the point, how and why?

Despite facing constant onslaught from Palestinian balloons, Israel happens to be one of the few nations that can afford a space agency of its own. Just like how it’s one of the few nations that can afford an actual nuclear weapons program. In fact there’s probably no more than a baker’s dozen with the means for affording both, yet nowhere on that list would we find Palestine, or Iran or Syria or any other nation on the respective shit-lists of either Israel or Saudi Arabia. The Saudis may lack a space agency, but they are working on a half-trillion-dollar smart city to feature the new world hub for Google’s parent company Alphabet. And as for nukes, they have long held the financial means, but have relied more on proxies getting their own hands dirty. That will soon change though, and change instigated by the same prince currently being lightly condemned for torturing and murdering journalists. So you know that he cares.

Killing reporters is a vile act that might even predate Kissinger, even if condoned by domestic politicians by their charges that the media is the enemy of the people, but even Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu said that the Saudis should be given a pass for the recent, highly publicized murder of USA-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A statement which contradicts the thread that Israel and Saudi Arabia don’t really see eye to eye. Prompting the Saudi royalty to double down, with assistance from the USA-based Twitter, which has its largest shares owned by the Saudi kingdom. And here researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University have just concluded that revenge-seekers are sadists. Meaning everyone killing journalists, and everyone giving the orders to kill journalists. Voices among the USA government have absolutely nothing to say on ally Israel signing off on the murder of a non-enemy combatant, citizen of the USA.

Iranian officials are declaring Israeli forces as likely responsible for a massive hack of its digital infrastructure, which is more than feasible as with the USA government Israeli forces were responsible for the Stuxnet malware, the lone known case of a computer bug leading to massive casualties, and the current malware looking like a more violent version of Stuxnet. Iran is on Israel’s shit-list, supposedly for giving support to the same extremist sects who receive far more support from the Saudi kingdom. But who has the capacity for such a digital affront, other than the Five Eyes union answering to the USA, or the Israeli interests the USA is in turn answerable to? There is no proven precedent here for Russia, or China or North Korea for that matter, especially not without participation from USA-based, tax forgiven tech companies. Could Israeli interests be responsible for the cyber attack on the International Space Station? Why would implied Russian forces attack a thing they themselves utilize? Before the UN and the world stage, when have Israeli policies ever wanted equality without special privileges? Who else is anointed by the world’s most expensive military and most Capitalistic ideologies as being exceptions to virtually all rules and international laws to the extent of allies required to step back?

Even Snowden is warning Israeli citizens against the illicit surveillance practices of their own government. That their own government is the bigger threat to their lives than Iran or Syria or anyone else whose resources Netanyahu’s business partners lust after. And the same can be said for the Saudis, with the west’s most powerful tech firm basically relocating to their sands, while said tech firm’s execs chair Pentagon advisory boards. USA tech companies have gotten rich from mistreating USA citizens, but they have never and will never cross the Israeli or Saudi powerhouses.

It is very much an American ideal, to wait for someone, anyone else to happen along and do one’s work for them. I suspect the trait was inherited through business dealings with both the Israeli and Saudi governments, who have proxied avatars on battlefields arguably more than have the USA and USSR. A great many conflicts, not just limited to the Middle East, where proxy forces of the USA and proxy forces of the USSR go head to head, actually have a higher rung of Saudi and Israeli interests pulling the initial and ultimate strings of both the USA and USSR. But how, and why?

If a better definition of soldier is a person who has been psychologically beaten down into absolute subservience, then a better definition for Zionism is the idea that God’s chosen peoples translates to genetic superiority. Somehow, I think it’s apparent that the Saudi kingdom has the ultimate form of blackmail on the Israelis as well as versa vice, and that the special relationship maintained between USA and British governments is somehow a direct representation of this, what with USA and British governments selling so many arms to the Saudis, to then arm proxy forces to be trained by USA and British forces, themselves trained by Israeli forces, for killing goyim and pinning it on Arabs. While the USA and British forces stockpile weapons purportedly for peacekeeping maneuvers, no scrutiny gets applied to the Saudis being the world’s largest buyer of arms but without one lick of noticeable peacekeeping applied anywhere by them. Whenever the terms “human rights violations” are mentioned by any international body in connection to their activities foreign or domestic, the governments of Saudis and Israelis laugh, after slamming doors and acting out like spoiled teenagers. While to be branded an antisemitic is an unpardonable, unrecoverable sin for politicians in the USA and England alike, Jewish peoples are denigrated most by the Israel government’s lack of separation between Church and State, just as Arabic peoples are disenfranchised most through their kingdom’s lack of separation between State and Industry. In both concentration of power scenarios the State is exploited as a cover story for select private interests.

And why the Deep State feels so indebted to these blights is the thread explaining every single global concern today. Flighty billionaires casting themselves as Abraham, unquenchable Freudian urges to taste seed from both Isaac and Ishmael.