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Molotovs Even To The Most Personal Of Hierarchies

If only such persons of gravitas as Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales could note that perhaps the world needs a new form of government far more than it needs another social network. Sometimes the universe is only the briefest brush of fingertips with another. It doesn’t need to be anything more. But I would like to see more people consider the necessity of approaching the rest of life with the mindset of the revolutionary, for what prompts the revolutionary is objection to power-trips, to undue influence by the government and over the government. And, those objections by all rationale could and should be extended to relationships other than mere citizenry.

An astute friend of long ago told me I come across like a Rorschach, people helplessly seeing what they want. I think I used that to rationalize the many occasions where being attacked by women happened to me. If I clean up well and have a vocabulary I send the wrong impressions. I was full-on sexually harassed by a number of female management over the years, groped and cornered and obliged into mandatory overtime unless I fingered out a solution. A co-owner for the short-lived Petrus nightclub in Louisville had me fuck her in the ass if I wanted my paychecks, an ordeal which continued throughout my months of employment bar-backing there. She was an attractive little woman to be sure, but that should hold no bearing on the ordeal itself, because when sexes are reversed it becomes insulting. Housemates told me to see it as a dear Penthouse thing, but it felt like extortion, as she was married with children and had no intentions of a relationship beyond just that.

Maybe 2 or 3 years prior, I had left one of my favorite jobs, with the Louisville Zoo. Originally hired as a cook by the company which held the contract for food services and concessions, after six weeks I was promoted to supervisor. After a time however, the catering manager abruptly quit when he was hired on as executive chef over at the University of Louisville. About two weeks after his vacating he came and recruited me, offering substantially more benefits for a comparable schedule. I loved my experiences at the zoo and knew I would hate working for a school, but I went with it, because the teenage girls I had been working with would not leave me alone. I doubt I made it through a day without being flashed with underage nudity, or a month without some threat to reciprocate lest I be faced with fictitious charges of sexual assault. I had free access to so many devious opportunities that I felt I had no choice but to leave temptation altogether.

I’m grabbed in public every week, always by women old enough to be my mom or young enough to be my daughter. There’s a circle of female clerks at a local store who apparently had a bet to see who could get my number first, my being single and childless in a small town condemning me to the status of meat. But as months went by with my showing no interest, they collectively went from undercharging to overcharging, from eyeballing my groin to freely sharing the evil eye. From taking smoke breaks to follow my departure outside to actually yelling out FAGGOT as I walk away. I’m not gay. I just get how this path is unfair on dance partners. I’m neither offering a free ride or looking for one. There was random sex in my 20s, dragged into ladies restrooms for hookups with strangers, women pulling over to the side of the road to see if I might be a hustler, etc. Not enough for developing an ego but enough its emptiness tore me apart to shreds. Female incels are real and everywhere, oh so quickly enraged by a denial of service.

But more importantly, by no means is the corruptible nature of power dependent on a particular gender. It is considerable ignorance to declare otherwise.

There’s actually an old Russian proverb that partially inspired Bram Stoker: “Evil must be invited inside.” The American dream is that actions have no consequences, but we tell kids no running with scissors for a reason. There is some quantifiable responsibility to sharing in bad decisions, whether it’s pro-choicers equating their poor choices and regrets with incidents of actual rape and violence and circumstances beyond their control, or persons indulging in homemade pornographic photos or videos later circulated as “revenge-porn”. We lose many battles in life from left field, but we lose many more from our own mistakes, our own avoidance of responsibility.