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Making Peace Nor Love With An Awful Lot

The federal department of Housing & Urban Development is officially filing federal charges against Facebook, for its pay to play system encouraging western business-owners to manipulate the feeds of undesirable users. I wrote at length about HUD’s initial complaint back in August of 2018, from the vantage point of a purported Russian troll factory. Meaning that if Reuters is also covering the story, then perhaps I am not a Russian troll but in fact digging for truth rather than looking for ways to pin the faults of Capitalists upon Russians or anybody other than the self-possessed opportunists literally responsible for societal ebbs and flows worldwide. Putin wishes he could afford the influence gifted by the unwashed to the likes of Robert Mercer, Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg. Read that old article of mine, detailing HUD’s own listing of the controls social media groups exist to give to these NeoLibs and NeoCons, one and all right-leaning and quite Capitalist to the blackened core, to see how elections are ultimately carried out. These are established facts. The multi-billion-dollar SCL Group advertises election interference on its fucking website.

None should expect much from such a token gesture coming from such a token politician as current Secretary of HUD, Ben Carson, obviously. He’s the guy who believes the pyramids of Cairo were built to store grains by the idiot stuck raising the bastard child Jesus Christ, suggesting that he puts more effort at fan-fictioning his own religion than he does understanding history or socio-economics. Appointed by the same administration that booted a million households from the food stamp program, not because they no longer need the help, but to help feed the sadomasochistic greed of masters yet higher up the totem pole. A downward spiral down the bog. Greed cannot be battled with logic, or empathy. The fact that so many people can be so easily controlled to such extents by such flaming idiots says quite a fucking lot about so many people.

As I’ve also written about ad nauseum, the trio of global trade treaties are dead in name only, with western-owned corporations currently empowered to ignore or even rewrite international laws should such laws interfere with the potential revenue streams of these corporations. Which can be witnessed in full effect right now with Facebook violating European courts for the sake of continuing its shadow profiles of the billions of people sanely without Facebook accounts. We the people are the commodity, and that won’t change without full-on civil war and overthrowing of the USA federal government, existing as it has for no other purpose but to extend the reach of the world’s wealthiest. Trump must not be assassinated, but rather he must have the greed physically beaten out of him as violently as possible. Same applies to his cabinet, to the Supreme Court justices and to each and every Congressperson and Senator. If you can think of a single exception, then you are not paying attention from the relative safety of your gated community or news bubble or echo chamber or safe space. Your circuits are closed.

This is why there was never going to be a silver bullet within the Mueller report or any other investigation looking into Russian collusion being to blame for election tampering, no variety of foreign political influence whatsoever unless we’re talking Israel, because the true culprit is the one and same machinery which all political officials in DC are beholden to. Not competing parties or even competing party ideologies, but competing billionaires. Slavery never ended, it just got rebranded, and the blubbery peoples of today are fully owned and copyrighted by their erstwhile and forever keepers. Mass-hallucinations persisting that hard work pays off, that votes ever actually get counted, that wireless technology is not poisoning everybody both physically and psychologically, that law enforcement is a benevolent force and that the healthcare industry holds any priority greater than making money for investors and shareholders of insurance and pharmaceutical conglomerates.

I am not wrong by any stretch of the imagination. Throw in another Blue-ray and tweet something witty, you pussy-whipped sacks of the most ignorant horseshit. Insatiable, be thine asses! Why perpetuate the grotesque illusion? Your failure to resist only supports the worst circumstances across the globe, especially your own. Nobody else has power over your life but the ones you hold up high. It is the parent companies which you work for, producing products and “services” which you pay for, as deregulated by politicians who contrary to all evidence you choose to believe are answerable to anyone with less than 9 figures in the banks and offshore tax shelters of respectable society. Get poisoned. Get fattened. Get stupefied.

You deserve nothing less, certainly not kind words.