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Lying Liars to Go, Hold the Cream and Sugar

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has resigned, despite regional media gushing of her ballsy successes on the world stage. In a related story, Wikipedia is banning the confederate though ironically also nationalistic Breitbart from usage as a credible source for facts. Because the idea that the US is doing right on that world stage is an outright lie, as can be noted by the multiple cases incriminating the US government currently on the docket before the ICJ in the Hague.

Notice how FOX News can inform the bubbles of their audiences that a Google exec is swearing off the Republican party, while in reality Google is marketing on behalf of the rightwing Israeli government’s genocide of Palestine. And then of course, Google’s parent company Alphabet is still hard at work on a new global hub to be based in the built-from-scratch Saudi smart city, NEOM, whose royalty still regularly beheads more of its own citizens than does any other government, for crimes such as feminism. And Google/Alphabet spokesmodel Eric Schmidt still chairs an advisory board within the Pentagon, which has no qualms with any rightwing administration ever. As shitty as healthcare in the US has become, its spin doctors are really rocking it. Even a former CIA analyst is in abject denial over lying being pretty much the one and only mandate on the job description, as the Intelligence Community serves no other purpose but to pin blame on foreign actors for the crimes of the US government’s own business interests.

Obviously such mindfucks as darling Nikki‘s charges of the UN Human Rights Committee being its greatest failure were not taken well by parties outside US media, particularly as the committee is notoriously lax on the crimes of the US, the Saudi kingdom and especially the Israeli government. Along with every sitting US senator, all rightwing or else they’d never get into any office, she feels that even non-binding resolutions against those nations are in fact too extremist, and should be reserved exclusively for competitive threats to the purported economic dominance held by the US, such as China and Russia. Thus providing a new definition for all those political persuasions leaning rightward, that to do so suggests they honestly do not understand what human rights means. Take the handful of conservative voters today verbally shocked by Brett Kavanaugh’s admission into the Supreme Court, where was their concern when their party was actively fighting against the Violence Against Women Act?

Insiders from Apple are saying they’ve no idea why Bloomberg would report that China inserted malicious microchips into its systems. Across the sea, the cyber-security office of the GCHQ is also saying that they too can find no such evidence to support Bloomberg’s account of Chinese hacks. Meanwhile, the UK military is bragging about a new cyber-weapon that could black out all of Moscow, invariably killing civilians under hospital care and the like. Competing billionaires run the show, not politics, at least not beyond the fact that there is no such thing as a billionaire leftist. Why else would racist, sexist and fascist ICE agents clash with racist, sexist and fascist police officers? Because, some are low enough to want to seek out lucrative opportunity in enforcing a ‘whites-only’ USA, while others are low enough to want to seek out lucrative opportunity in directly destroying the lives of all non-Uncle Toms, non-whites and non-Christians. It’s just enough of a distinction to prompt professional bullies to unzip and ante up.

Bloomberg also very seriously reports on Google publicly dropping out of the Pentagon’s cloud bid, with that linked article mentioning that a spokesman added that Google is “working to support the U.S. government with our cloud in many ways.” When Bloomberg and others reporting on the story conveniently forget the Pentagon’s efforts on constructing an in-house espionage agency to rival the CIA. Which Eric Schmidt knows nothing about, we are led to presume, regardless of his company’s weekly, closed-door meetings at the White House, which purportedly ceased following the Obama administration yet with Trump’s administration making the early decision to block access to White House visitor logs altogether.

Like both her husband and son before her, men going first being well in keeping with Sharia law, Sara Netanyahu is currently showing the world how culpable she is for corruption. Yet to address this manner of dynastic coincidence is often claimed by corporate media as antisemitic. Any old excuse to deny how evil Capitalism is, how evil the assertion of one’s own desires before the needs of others is. You spin me right round baby but I just want your looooove. Glowing reviews for the Israeli special police force YAMAN and its efforts in fighting global terror, when, unbeknownst to the flag-wavers and blue lives matter sorts who practice what YAMAN preaches to them during their specialized training, the philosophy supporting suicide bombing actually originated in Jewish law. Nowhere else is taking hostages also kosher, even though undemocratic, and decidedly rightwing.

But sometimes the unbounded lies of mainstream spin can exhibit at least a little honesty, like DARPA now announcing its plan of 30+ years ago to create Lyme Disease.