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Lulling All The Byes Is What Makes A Goodbye Good

Scientists believe they have pinpointed not one but two black holes so large as to dispel preconceived notions theorizing the extents which black holes might grow. And, these black holes have collided, gravitational pulling themselves into one another like a celestial 69 to become a super black hole to end all black holes of a scope never imagined possible, script-doctoring the rules for probable causality.

Granted, scientists cannot be certain that black holes actually exist, as all the images we see in diverse books and articles are just the rendering of artists, with the events themselves being a logical response to the equation concerning what exactly follows suns going supernova with such megalithic ferocity the vacuums of their own gravitational pulls collapse into focal points of inverted big bangs or whatever. But it’s swell that daydreamers can math their way into locating something approaching the shear volume of the egos within the United States of America. While said egos refuse to bend to consequences of any sort, here is the universe kindly offering this crazy example of a consequence so epic it could swallow galaxies more vast than the milky way, shitting them out the other end into the antimatter universe or some-such.

Come to think of it, perhaps all the logic and virtue of creation exists solely on that side of the mirror, and we only know of them by the grace of dreaming poets who’ve reverently or not ridden green faeries to hell and back for something more than the view alone.

A tenth of Americans are lacking sustenance in this pandemic, a figure far short of the true stats, but with the problem so blatant some number had to be given and one in ten would seem plausible enough even by the standards of most discerning social media contrarians. Anything closer to the truth would be not merely uncomfortable, but of a discomfort on par with many-angled and megalithic proportions of eldritch vistas possessing dimensions outside the time and space that we have grown accustomed to. Friends and family reveal their true selves in times of crisis, and by the small fact of so many now undergoing further deprivations beyond daily struggles we can rest certain that corporate interests and governance as well reveal their true selves. So many pharmaceuticals in widespread use sharing the unnerving side-effect of directly advancing general retardation of cognitive abilities among users seems an awfully convenient canvas in that respect, so conducive to manufacturing placation for villains to stroll free.

Obsessive-compulsively manufacturing shopping lists of endless demands for buying and selling pre-ordained products and services which responsible individuals neither want or need does not seem to be making the world a better place. But considering the Vril and Thule origins of many rocket scientists later granted asylum by the USA, to work alongside such kindred spirits prone to orgies and demon-worship as Jack Parsons to spearhead technologies for moving the playing field to the stars and beyond, how can we be so sure that the space programs of first world nations do not retain and entertain some malevolent otherworldly influence? Where exactly is the dividing line separating the selfishness of a lone individual, and evil in the greater, metaphysical sense, like that which sells an entire generation on their unfounded entitlement to exist beyond their own worldly means, or which sells an entire culture on a false sense of superiority where comforts of any stripe are nonetheless under a pervasive threat, proven fragile and replaceable? Salvation without sacrifice is every part as one-sided as sacrifice without salvation, eternally in the service of ego. One without the other spells destruction, and denying this one thing is the commonality placing all egoists in the same classless class.

Contributing to a society responsible for all that ails you does not come without its lion share of consequences, but rather comes with all the more consequence, because fear simply does not exist unless comfort gets poised at risk. Fear manifestly comes from comforts lost or deprived or unfulfilled. The less comforts you think that you need, the less cause you will have to experience fear. As with salvation and sacrifice, perhaps the two in more relatable terms, comfort and fear do not exist separate from one another.

An independence mandated and enforced is a contrived independence, like an impossible expectation for children to completely fend for themselves in all regards. Why would comfort foods have absolutely nothing to do with food for thought? Because comfort beyond survival is a thoughtless enterprise. Hence, these united states.