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Left, To Your Own Devices and Gear

Google, Facebook and Instagram have all enjoyed massive outages in recent days, and as denial of service attacks are themselves denied, then we are left to presume these companies are simply incompetent. Or, perhaps they were updating the newest layers of spyware. It should be noted that these wide-scale down times affected more lives than any terrorist act, so this is all just great news all around, and so very inspiring. This is exactly what needs to be done. Some 250 scientists from around the world have signed a petition jointly warning against the physical dangers of wireless technology. Nobody cares, which means the decision must be made on behalf of the masses, distracted as they are by the queefs from the Whore of Babylon test-driving her feminist-endorsed IoT dildo, made in South Korea by underpaid, underage girls. We are informed how suicidal preoccupations are toxic thinking but body-positive obesity is kosher and anybody seeing a conflict is itching triggers. Only fictions matter, it would seem.

Never before have so many rationalized, and against such an all-encompassing backdrop as this, where there is no rationing of lies to speak of. For Capitalism to exist, everything is viewed as inherently codified with value into a state of perpetually subjective commodification. So it’s not that nothing is widely regarded as possessing value, but rather, that truths alone become valueless. Let’s face it though, not everything, or everyone, possesses value. Unification is inbreeding is monopolistic, and differences are ingrained to prevent such occurrences from occurring, like natural safeguards. Yet so falsely masked and sold by artificial cultures are they today, as alternate perspective and alternate choices, and as diversity. With increasing frequency does truth have its costs, but lies are all that anybody’s paid for. Reassurance.

As with anti-vaxxers vilified for asking realistic questions, like why trust businesses who sell addictive poison over-priced, a few parents in southern California are being condemned for realizing the direct link between cell phone towers and the newfound cancer within their own children. Did cancer exist before satellites and radar and the like? Did the majority of today’s diseases and illnesses exist prior to the pharmaceutical industry, paid with federal tax dollars to research and develop drugs and then selling results for profit with tax-payers legally seeing no returns but the opportunity to purchase addictive poisons over-priced? Everyone keeps on with their smart devices, popping legal pills and thinking themselves quite evolved and learned even though their great-grandparents never got that weird skin issue that seems to be spreading even though the doc gave you them booster antibiotics last week to compliment the extra probiotics added the week before.

The Guardian is asking what the mysterious hum is, considering the source to be white noise, or something modern along the same lines. And not the clandestine warring by secretive governmental agencies against the underground subspecies. Also not a purposed tunneling to create subterranean pleasure domes so that the one-percentiles can evade the interstellar invasion forces of pan-dimensional beings who bend time or space with their thunderously crystalline, acoustic weapons of mass destruction and sonic disruptoring. Our own lot’s space and time, merrily torn asunder, as you do. Maybe it’s the sound of the Jungian Collective Unconscious’ auxiliary power pumping the finality of its preprogrammed fetishes into our night-terror’d minds in the last days before the Intelligence Supreme dictates the factory be out-sourced to those ratfink Omega Centaurians. No inventory carryover! These books must be cleaned! Such dirty, dirty bookkeeping!

Turning 41 tomorrow. Not healthy or rested.