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Left at The Altar

Americans are actually dandy with tyranny provided it’s not happening to someone they want to fuck.

And if they don’t want to fuck you, then they even bring the tyranny about themselves, as a sadomasochistic parting gift. Because what their government does to the world, they do to each other. The flawed sum of flawed parts. Like their government, Americans are distracted, striving only to appear busy while assuring themselves the smoldering ruins left in the wake of their own obsessive-compulsive lying, cheating and stealing serves a noble, higher purpose and that they really are good people at day’s end.

The one link in all your failed relationships is you, just as the one link to every war of the past century is an American involvement. Those willing to turn a blind eye to that also refuse to see how something like 90% of every military base and installation around the planet is property of the United States government, yet there they all are. In the public discourse it’s never framed that way by vested interests, specifically for the reason of vested interests.

In the shadows of public debate regarding separation of Church and State, both were surreptitiously overtaken by Industry. Royalty was long ago surpassed by political bodies which in turn have been surpassed in authority by corporate boards. Consumerism, synonymous for destruction, is the core principle of a cult where people incapable of thinking for themselves misinterpret sacrifice as ongoing treatments and ceaseless updates to keep up with the Joneses. It spreads like wildfires thanks to the mere one-rule dogma of excluding the concept of “enough” from any and all matters, even our shared lexicon.

But what is Industry, or Capitalism, but words to make greed appear passably civilized? Greed is an individual, private construct. Its tactics are fundamentally lying, cheating and stealing, as no wealth or power comes from good intentions. All it takes to be a good person is to refrain from committing those three verbs, yet neither Americans or their government can relent. The only obliging comes in the form of stagnation, kindly allowing each other’s flames to run out of breath with even friends and family eyeballing themselves for spoils of war. Vainglorious window-shopping, and now via unholy black mirrors at that. Growing a fattened belly on the couch, faced only with entertainment and pampering and distraction, all synonymous.

If we have the means to commit a crime but choose not to, we are viewed as good. Accordingly, if we have the means to commit benevolence, but choose not to, then by all rights should we be viewed as evil.

And I will insist that this is the true dividing line underlying the age-old left/right paradigm. It’s nothing whatsoever to do with Democrats or Republicans, Conservatives or Liberals. Not even necessarily Capitalism versus Populism.

We conflate bullying with survival. And the more successful the bully’s rape and cannibalism of his neighbors, the more accolades granted in trade by masses eager for entertaining. The opposite of the heroic ideal, hero status is nevertheless gifted to those too self-centered to ever dream of self-sacrifice. An individual of strong enough mind and body doesn’t get used and abused, but then authentic strength doesn’t require using or abusing others, either. Excellence reliant on bringing down anybody else isn’t excellence, it’s just another form of codependency. To be greedy, to be a bully, is to be incomplete and forever in need of others for definition, for contrast and for completion.

The pretty girl keeps the fat friend around to better contrast herself for the judgement of fucking strangers.