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Lady Windermere’s Fanzine

The likelihood of the greater masses necessarily restructuring civilization, without exception omitting all trace of Church, State and Industry, is measurably one and the same as the likelihood of life on this planet ever becoming hospitable and sustainable. Such a declaration may well read as absolutist, but only to those wishing to rather selfishly rationalize exemptions for themselves, and of course, their preferred labels.

The Washington Post has a running collection of lies told publicly by Donald Trump while serving in the White House, down to and including statements made on social media, the famous pocket dimension built to contain the world’s liars, whores and thieves. Linked to from Drudge is a morally bankrupt article at Market Watch on the matter, rationalizing how a third of those listed are only subjectively wrong, ignoring the greater majority of public assertions. Not just once or twice or a handful, and not even several hundreds of occasions, but thousands of untruths told while in office. Some of which exemplify the fact that Trump is wholly ignorant of life outside his gated communities, such as the differences between right and wrong, or of the basic laws of physics even, while many more convey how crooked one must be to wield authority in the USA. Lying is always a choice, so on thousands of documented occasions has Trump himself elected to deceive the masses. I wield no authority because I choose not to lie, or cheat or steal, not for my own benefit or that of anybody else. I am abundantly not unlearned, so I could easily have managed for myself an existence more desirable by the standards of Church, State or Industry, but I have always believed that giving assistance to those who need it is virtuous, where giving assistance to anyone else is fundamentally not. Consider assistance as a form of trust. The fact that the purported leader of the free world has not already met with pitchforks and torches in the night means only that the bulk of those in the USA are ignorant or villainous or both, for trusting that which betrays us and assisting that which divides us. Which certainly reads as an innocuous thing to write, but then, what other rational explanation might there be, but that the majority of those in the modern, western world are simply no better than their highest ranking (and I do mean rank) leader?

In a spiritually related story, Catholic conservatives are urging bishops to declare Pope Francis a heretic, for reasons which call to mind the dream sequence chapter from the Brothers Karamazov, where the modern church is reminded how far away they have grown from their roots, and condemns their Jesus Christ character’s second coming with imprisonment so that its flock never gets the chance to put two and two together. But I think the tipping point for these conservatives was word that Francis had been sending aid to a number of humanitarian efforts who sought to assist the many persons of South America heading north for better prospects. While these migrants, immigrants and refugees are largely fleeing the effects of economic oppression and economic repression rendered by the USA federal government’s militaristic foreign policies on behalf of the private business interests of its players, citizens of the USA are for the most part unbothered when their leaders portray the foreigners as dripping with Satanic ooze, hellbent on destroying the American way by stealing jobs or spreading disease or gamifying full-on terrorism. These traveling cases of desperation, possessing only the clothes on their backs, who in all likelihood only wish to stay alive a bit longer. We the people are led to believe such persons should either die off lest their troubles, their misfortunes, somehow prove contagious, or embrace a shortened life of faceless servitude to the best interests of those with the most resources to withhold.

The same leaders shouting from the pulpit on the evils of foreigners take no issue when foreign billionaires buy out domestic soils, domestic businesses. Unwilling to allow foreigners to contribute to, and through their inclusion help to evolve the USA, but more than adept for allowing their precious USA to be dissolved. In my eyes, this is just as much an attack on the impoverished as it is xenophobia in full effect. Contrary to the teachings of this little church. When people need help, you help them. Not question their motives for judgement, as for the religious types this is actually a denial of their own faith, for presuming their god needs their assistance when the old fart has a whole day set aside for that purpose explicitly. Using a religion or nationalism to hide one’s own prejudices behind is not helping anybody save those bent on helping themselves to what they’ve no right to. Namely, influence over the life and liberty of others.

Nobody is kept alive by the official channels, not by the .oooo9% gifted from billionaires in exchange for additional tax incentives, not by religious groups seeking only to exert further political leverage against their perceived enemies, and not by governmental institutions of WIC or unemployment benefits or the like, all of which require more jumping through hoops than modern healthcare enables. When I volunteered as a bell-ringer for the SalArmy in two separate time zones I saw firsthand how the ones who gave the most were always the ones who looked like they needed the help themselves. It’s no different from how the biggest tippers always themselves slave away within the service industry. We help the most when we elect to do so ourselves, not when we leave the options to be considered by those with more resources to spare. If they entertained any inclination of helping those outside their own closed circuits they’d never have accumulated and stockpiled such resources to begin with. Help comes from those just like us here in the bloody streets, deeply below the high-rises and church steeples and multinational conglomerate billboards advertising exciting new distractions from these bloody streets.

For my part, I am only online to destroy the online world for entrapping growing numbers away from ever trusting one another. Online empowers the worst of us for manifesting the illusion of obligation and responsibility, hashtags and electronic petitions instead of physically busting the warranted noses aimed to the heavens. Everything that I have ever done in this sphere, each and every digital communique, is consistently on behalf of that one end, with hundreds of thousands of words “published” online serving no higher purpose but to question the logic of all of this. Because when seeking change, you don’t preach to the choir of those adhering their faith to the brands you have chosen to trust be they religious or corporate or governmental, you break free from your comfort zones and surround yourself with the thieves, the whores and lepers. The ones who most need the attention. And contrary to the dogmatics of nationalists or the religious, you do not help others through rationalizing any act of lying, cheating or stealing, all of which betraying the trust we as a species require if we are to survive a bit longer. Because trust too is a choice, an option of lovers, and when given without self-awareness it is most eagerly claimed by those bent on profiting from the labor of it all. Pay no attention or credit to the smoke and mirrors of the bread and circuses, and we have far more in common with those fighting for their lives than we do with those belittling, suppressing any life into experiencing less than the most tragically ideal. Every last one.

My focus is unequivocal, my words free of contradiction. Also, hi Frankie, I’ve a roach to share.