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Kicking Matt Drudge in the Balzac

Those who have been following my articles of the last couple of weeks now know that I was completely correct about how the censoring of InfoWars, the Alex Jones-fronted network of social media accounts, was a ploy, a decoy, a token sacrifice meant to manufacture a false hysteria for the totally nonexistent right-wing censorship purges. The bans of his reactionary, xenophobic garbage across multiple social networking sites was indeed temporary, as temporary as the short-term memory of his meth-addled listener base. For his troubles he got some attention, which is all he has ever really been concerned with.

And I was also right about the contrived controversy leading to a new wave of regulations for these supposedly leftist Big Data companies. I reiterate: The political right has conspired with the heads of these firms for this exact measure, with the endgame to be a plan that will further ostracize left-leaning ideology that much more from the desired social noosphere. Indie, non-corporate and non-profit news platforms will be incriminated now, with conservatives on the digital socials grateful to witness the dire threat they apparently represented swept under the Arabic rug. Users will be required to offer up even more personal information about themselves to verify not being programmed on a Russian troll factory the week prior, new personal information which will add to the insane stockpiles of which the digital socials by design depend on for their entire business model. No right-wingers were ever truly suppressed here, and no accounts of actual living, breathing persons are getting permanently killed, because the goal is to get everyone online for the goons of Big Data to profit from, and for their business partners among the self-centered right to hold a more intrinsically manufactured sway over the opinions of.

Yet the official narrative persists, that the anti-Capitalists of the US somehow gained the powers to enact digital disruption and sabotage on behalf of scary Russians, whose government and accompanying business interests comprise the same Capitalistic pathos as that here in the US prior to the west’s going downhill into trillions of debt owed over arrogantly manufacturing demand, telling the public what they should want and need, rather than meeting the existing needs of customers anywhere short of serial killers the world over. Nobody has spent as much as the US on fucking things up for everybody, and nobody else has both the means and track record for doing what the US is accusing outsiders here of doing. There are no global superpowers that are Communist anymore, or anything other than pure, money-worshiping at the expense of life itself Capitalist, with the dance for some time now being simply a matter of competing billionaires throughout the first-world nations, which the verifiable Left is fundamentally opposed to. Capitalists cannot conceive of the idea that people exist without a price, and who would rather help others than enrich themselves.

Why did the liberals and Democrats themselves persist with this Russian red herring? Deflection. Because they too have utilized and would like to continue utilizing the same manipulators of data as have the GOP of the US and the Conservatives and Tories of the UK, and those still pillaging, far-right billionaires they ritually suck off on the 18th hole. Trump may have profited more from data-mining than any previous US President, but it was Obama who was first loudly praised as the social-networking President. As well, the note within the closing scene to the Citizen Four documentary, coupled with his weekly closed door meetings with heads of Google, together prove substantially that disruption, manipulation and contortion of the digital sphere was in the DC playbook long before anyone in the public had even heard of Cambridge Analytica or the SCL Group or the tiny handful of comparable outfits forcing psychological warfare against the unwashed masses. The conservatives fighting amongst themselves for those contracts is what pushed much of the drama into the limelight, but clearly the xenophobic, colonizing foreign policies of Obama and the Clintons is in no way different from those surreptitiously programmed by the resources of SCL Group upon the general public through the bigger social media sites. Real leftists do not factor into the picture anywhere, and lack the funding themselves to match the cacophony even for the sake of self-defense.

And it’s not like the Vault 7 releases from Wikileaks proved the feds have had the means to falsify digital attribution for many years or anything, thus able to pin the blame on any foreign body foolishly dismissive of keeping the US economy afloat for another 5 minutes, because as corporate media informs us Assange is just another Russian psy-op himself regardless of the 600k+ documents pertaining to the Russian government hosted by Wikileaks. The UN is considering hitting Facebook and its ilk with war crimes charges, for permitting US and UK-based billionaires to wreck national elections and global economies and the livelihoods of everyone on the planet, but corporate media is all about blaming the Russians when you’d think fucking yourself up the ass would prove a braggadocious endeavor. Even Google’s pricey ingenuity can only develop so many lies.

Even now, journalists Deepa Seetharaman and Georgia Wells have located, among the supposed conservative voices banned or shadow-banned by Facebook alone, 40 events created or co-hosted by the “fake” pages Facebook deleted in recent weeks, all promoting left-leaning causes and predominately anti-Trump in messaging. Commenters online, to that article as well as to the social media posts by those journalists relating to said article, showcase the embarrassing lack of reading comprehension held by most Americans today, by deflecting from actual evidence to the contrary in favor of all-caps shouting matches about the witch-hunt targeting right-wingers. Such as with Alex Jones, who was back in time for unveiling more supplement adverts to pitch to his rubbing alcohol-chugging, gun-stroking audiences of the American south.

Ryan Holiday had his asinine blog boosted by the y-combinator cultists, where he made the asinine claim that people are watching too much news and that this somehow is the source of most of our modern plight. Absolutely should everyone read more, but as it stands this is not an either-or proposition, as most Americans read little beyond Facebook memes, while getting the majority of their worldview from Facebook memes. People are not informed enough, either by books or by whatever accepted news outlets. Kari Paul reported on how over 200k teens got plastic surgery last year, all to stay abreast in keeping up with the jonesing of social media. What they chose to undergo is nothing but sheltered, self-serving ignorance, to say nothing of their marvelous abilities for prioritizing. Mindless consumers are what the digital socials are made for. But then Karen Kaplan writing for the LA Times matches Holiday’s cave-painting, going a step backwards for mankind by suggesting that studying or understanding alternative or conflicting perspectives is the source of our modern plight. As if those 200k teens or their parents needed additional prompting in rationalizing their Capitalistic fetishes and self-absorption. Why walk a mile in the other guy’s shoes when you can just Uber to the promised party in a self-driving car?

Loneliness is pervasive and rising because everybody is in it for themselves, looking for a sucker to take their load from them.