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Jimmy Crack Corn

2020. Actress Alyssa Milano charged in the assassination of Mike Pence, the media taking note early in the trial of the century how virtually every cinematic role of hers was a bad pun of a Manchurian prediction. Shannen Doherty signs to star in the HBO adaptation. Publicly extending the olive branch, Donald Trump appoints Hillary Clinton as new VP, compelling hopeful liberals to join their Democratic siblings in marching to the right just far enough for all talk of impeachment to vanish. White House press secretary Shia LeBeouf screams something about the need for unity inside gang-bangs at a DC town hall simulcast by FOX, CNN and MSNBC, claiming to uproarious fanfare deep state sleeper agents have succeeded in infiltrating Hollywood to turn the cities against god and country. Throngs of adoring cosplayers mingle just outside, the DHS black-hawks above dancing their searchlights proudly across the completed wall around Wall Street, Mitch McConnell the grim ferryman checking IDs for potential occupiers. The Trump/Clinton team announce the immediate shuttering of social security, unemployment compensation, food stamps, WIC, medicare and medicaid, as well as the Department of Education, for funding to relocate DC to the lunar surface. For the safety of the nation. In the last public broadcast in North America, Secretary of Defense Jeff Bezos assures that the Chinese and Russians have left us no other option, explaining switches thrown for the web and power-grid all to go dark to limit the influence of our enemies both foreign and domestic. The last Christmas finally arrives for shivering families of the bible belt, the bangs and whimpers of the automated Google fracking bots uprooting the last of the suburbs giving rhythm and blues to the last dreams. Doherty’s Oscar win goes unappreciated.

A comedian doing bad comedy is not the same thing as a campaign video, not in cause or effect. Adequate comedy is about reexamining given truths, and has roots in political satire going back centuries to Voltaire wanting to strangle the last king with entrails of the last bishop. Campaign vids on the other hand are tasked with lionizing cults of personality to better service their centerpieces, preaching partisan supremacy at the cost of demeaning competition as inferior mentally, physically and spiritually. A one-sided story rather than objective truth. And “harmless entertainment” is pedophile phraseology. Neither Trump or his political enemies are the good guys, only self-anointed centerpieces to competing cults of personality preferring dominance to egalitarianism. There’s not a lot in this world to be amused by or entranced with, but there is a lot to like in porn today, certainly more self-reflection than the real escapism of cable television, and what a purest heaven in mortal form such as Mackenzie Moss shares is more inspiring than any saint. She drips with life-saving appeal.

I never agreed with lust’s inclusion among the 7 deadly sins, because it frankly can have a real fun side to it. Shame, humility, guilt and remorse for measurable grievances, we had these things before the advent of color television or smart phones, which I think have gradually inhibited the lobe responsible for self-awareness in us humans because when we pull our dreams outside our heads our souls go with them.

Valiantly endangering what are admittedly thousands of expendable lives in support of its biggest munitions customer like any peacekeeper would, in the here and now of reality the USA is shipping battalions of its most lifeless to Saudi Arabia, publicly to defend their hundreds of self-proclaimed royals against the war with Iran instigated in real-time by the Israeli government, but privately, in all likelihood, to play lowly security guards for the construction of the new world hub for the Alphabet mega-corporation to be located inside the impending half-trillion-dollar Saudi smart city, NEOM. Meanwhile, in an abandoned van parked out by the docks, Business Insider is running a listicle on how to maybe survive a nuclear blast, totally normal. The bit about radiation and hair conditioner is cute, although world peace will only occur when the whole wide world unites to bring down the biggest bully in history, Uncle Sam. Trump is rocking the boat to speed up that necessary end, but of course he doesn’t realize any lick of it. Fear and respect are very different things, in the sense that equality and domination are never the same thing. There is no industry where monopolists go unrewarded for monopolizing. Free market Capitalism is not Democracy. Mark Zuckerberg is openly holding private meetings with rightwing pundits because profiteering the resources of others is categorically and fundamentally rightwing. There is no leftism in either business or governance of the western world, by design. This, the same Zuckerberg wanting to put brain chips inside heads of the populace for undoubtedly wholesome ends. Thou shalt stop blaming eastern nations for Capitalism and take note that the greediest foreign business interests endanger their own peoples *almost* as readily as the greediest domestic business interests endanger your own.

Paula Span is also late to the party, believing that packaging for the most part adequately conveys its contents, just that for some mysterious reason doctors today predominately order too many urine tests while jumping to conclusions over the results. What would blow Span’s dainty little mind is that doctors in the USA have nothing whatsoever to do with treating illness, only selling meds and creating lucrative opportunities for insurance companies. In my time I’ve had to undergo around 50 piss-tests, although never for medical diagnoses as my great health is attributed to the avoidance of the healthcare system and taking no pharmaceuticals, ever. Always for jobs, especially prospective jobs. When I was enrolled in the Job Corps program at 17, I was piss-tested (and strip-searched) every few days. They never found anything incriminating, and I completed a 2-year program in just over nine months, while also obtaining my GED and a fleet license. God, how they hated me. The one and only time I flunked a urine analysis was when trying out for the army in ’02. I was informed it was the highest score the clinic had ever processed, which confounded them as I had what was evidently a rare perfect score on their ASVAB test that very morning. Before the drug test results came in, they said I could pick from any job they had to offer, arguing against my request to merely cook, as I knew there’d be better crossover prospects afterwards in the private sector cooking for lazy idiots than flying helicopters, not that I was serious about any of it. I had a case of beer riding on my ability to talk my way into being sworn in without actually gaining entry to the machinery of death and destruction. And I was sworn in, but when the results came back shortly thereafter I was ordered to retake the drug test at some later date and gosh darn-it I could just never find the time. For the next year I received monthly pay-stubs in the mail full of zeroes, being in the system but not in the system, just like Schrödinger’s puss. It was a riot. It’s a funny fucking world when an unemployable high school dropout like me can be so morally and ethically superior to the federal goddamn government without even trying.

For real self-righteousness, look at all the professional news pundits condemning the crackdowns on Chinese protesters, casually forgetting the protests began over opposition to extradition, while unironically supporting Uncle Sam’s own tiny hard-on for extraditing Julian Assange and countless other political prisoners. Without Chinese investors and Chinese consumers the domestic economy here would tank. Their form of Capitalism is younger and thus healthier than that in the USA, not yet over the hill with manufacturing demand for pre-ordained supplies which self-destructively limits both choices and profiteers. If foreign business interests came to collect everything the USA legally owed, markets would crash in minutes. The tariffs were shadowplay costing only domestic small businesses, with loopholes for the FAANG corporations and Ivanka because they know where the money is. And these pundits could not possibly be more ignorant of their own nation’s history or politics. The domestic police of the USA have vanished thousands without judge or jury. As do the armed forces whose degenerate troops we are obsessive-compulsively told to support, along with our plethora of over-funded agencies and bureaus comprising the Intelligence Community, with 3 million households getting booted from the food stamp program right now to help pay for these black budgets.

But let’s talk about how Russia or any other outsider is shitting on our basic human rights to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness.

Howard Zinn researched many cases where the military was brought in to murder hundreds of strikers at a time, end-capped with police using napalm on civilians in Phillie in the 1980s. Meagan Day further notes how legal force services supremacy. Neither the police or military or brown-shirt private security contractors are anyone’s friend for free, while the militia types are nothing more or less than their cosplaying fans. Only the immovable object can best the unstoppable force. Putting the needs of others first has absolutely nothing to do with shooting them. Each and every shooter is rightwing, for exerting their desires before the needs of others. That is the core of the left/right paradigm, and good vs evil, serving others or serving yourself. It’s easy to demonize the left, or the good, as they have no representation in governance or media whatsoever. Persons capable of being honest with themselves, a truly rare breed, know that neither money or power is obtained through good intentions. Our whole culture here in the land of the free ostracizes self-sacrifice while rewarding hero status to the most self-serving pricks we can cough up. Most people would rather rationalize their own self-aggrandizing and help themselves than help anybody, to the extent of presuming that even family and friends exist merely to serve.

Suffice to say each and every authentic threat to the world, going back many, many decades, comes solely from the business interests of the government of the United States of America, endorsed by its lazy, cancerous masses of overweight citizenry. Any vainglorious problem-solving endeavor denying that is fucking groundless. Uncle Sam is *the* bad guy. Stop indulging it by paying taxes that go to grants and subsidies for billionaires, or voting when the Electoral College exists specifically to guarantee your vote counts for nothing. Boycott, divest and sanction all the corporations represented on Wall Street, Molotoving every bank in the country and Citizens Arresting every official in DC. Soldiers unwilling to deny their gang-banging chain of command for the sake of returning the 1000 or so foreign military bases to their rightful owners, as down-payment on the tens of trillions our government owes those nation-states, should be viewed as traitors endangering their nation. As with any gun aficionado, evict them from everywhere but the over-taxed holes they crawled out of. Because you can be a good person or you can be a commodity, but as we all know goodness is no commodity at all.

However, there is little in this world sexier than nervous laughter. Possibly the lone thing we will always share together irregardless of race or creed or satiability.