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When all the rules from the holy commandments to the bill of rights find public exception, it is a verifiable wonder how the pomp and circumstance of proper society maintains the perpetual illusion that this is anything other than a might makes right anarchist state.

I could make the argument that the inherently pro-censorship proponents of cancel culture either do not understand how free markets work or despise them, but I won’t because fuck Capitalism generally. We are free to boycott, divest and sanction liberally, we do not need to leave that power in the hands of governance or other for-profit interests to make those decisions on our behalf, not as individuals or as any collective. Nobody wants to admit that they themselves possess any ego but everyone wants their self-interest tolerated. Being pitched that the customer is always right doesn’t mean corporate America has ever taken that to heart, so why would the masses, together or individually? Does accepting an influence over our own decisions not contradict our own personal rights to self-governance? Does an influence coming from more than one voice, exerted upon others, not deny those others of their rights to self-governance?

If some bigoted, misogynistic piece of shit isn’t being packaged well enough to appease you, by all means choose not to support them or their enablers. But mandating responses to a given thing one way or the other is every bit opposed to free speech as barring said speech itself. For free speech to be effective without bias, all things written or spoken must be allowed legal protections. But not legal protections from the social ramifications of what gets said or done, because you have as much right to be offended as they do to offend. That is the balance. The catch is when actual civil or basic human rights are violated, or the intent is expressed with means to follow through. Then, punching the fascists to keep them from said follow through is the democratic check to go with the balance. Right-wingers and other varieties of egocentrics love to believe that the inability to infringe the rights of others is itself somehow a violation of some measurable right. It is not. We do not have to love one another to be a functioning society. I do not have to like you or agree with you, and you do not have to like me or agree with me, but we cannot be allowed to suppress or to oppress one another. Unless one of us actually impairs the civil or basic human rights of the other. Then, comeuppance-city. I realize this is not at all how our society operates, but it should be the aim, or someone somewhere will perpetually be getting shafted. Fuck I provided the argument anyway because I am not at all without weaknesses of my own. Limited options means limited beneficiaries nonetheless. “Do you wanna die by firing squad or by electric chair?” I don’t wanna die. “Why are you being difficult we’re giving you choices because this is a free country.” Then I choose to not die. “You don’t have that choice.” In a society where free speech only truly applies to food labeling, we are not intended to delve deeper than surface-level marketing, in regards to anything. Our native language has been advertising for a few generations now, and this society can burn for it.

Judaeo-Christianity in fact wields a stranglehold over public pulpits and social discourse, through the wide-scale advertising of themselves as victims in societal conflicts. Despite their branding nobody is allowed to be a nominee for the Presidency from either party unless at least pretending to be Christian. Despite the old line about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven. Conservatives and other Christian egomaniacs ridiculing Mohammad’s lack of representation spite the commandment about graven images the same way they rationalize excuses to kill, from capital punishment to war to gun ownership to welfare cuts. Holier than thou only to a mirror. And too many mainstream liberals give only lip service in opposition to these matters, because the Democrats have been nothing but an alternate brand of rightwing for decades no matter how they advertise themselves. They only vie for who gets the sweeter side-deals for investors. It’s been observed that Christianity was the first corporation, the Vatican co-opting the first banking system even, but more so is it the oldest brand and when the brand can do no wrong then brand disloyalty is the baddest bad on the block. Sustaining a career in politics in the modern USA is 100% dependent upon violating the guarantees of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness for whichever subset of the population, always by rebranding the biblical dogma of the last being first or the first being last as quandary.

And the Christian voters predominately and repeatedly take it, like fuck yeah screw those other guys. Christianity does not exist without hypocrisy, down to the individual level of the faithful picking and choosing which bits to bear in mind. Feigning ethics for banning abortions stemming from incest while jacking it to the story of Lot’s daughters. We can’t have abortions because insurance companies and the healthcare industry make a killing off of new mothers and also because life is sacred or some-such, but once you’re in the world we’ll #thoughtsandprayers for you brother while we human capital the holy fuck out of you. Personally I am against abortions of convenience, the many many more cases aligning their own bad decisions alongside victims of actual circumstances beyond their control. Life is not precious, but that is no excuse to keep from trying to make it so. Politicizing life or death is just plain fucking wrong no matter the voice spouting it, and naturally goes against a few of those teachings Christians like autofellating over, because morality predates religion period. Designating morality to the hands of anybody but ourselves is wanting salvation without sacrifice. There is no comfort in this world, no matter what the commercials said.

Each and every single complication in this life, personally and socially, comes from the rationalizations for not being a good person. It takes some effort to use and abuse people, to lie, cheat and steal. It takes zilch effort to refrain or abstain from any of it, and in fact constitutions running the full gamut from personal fortitude to national independence to geopolitical governance are built only by standing in opposition to any of it. But mah ego! But creatures of mah comfort zone want feeding! Others must sacrifice for thee and thine! Mama-bird must chew the worms for us, regurgitate the humors into where we sing til we mistake pulverized life for what our voices always wanted! Jiggling teats of concurrence! This is a nation full of Trumps, masquerading masturbation as everything but self-interest, to the extent that joy is defined by those masturbating the most as a thing unsuitable for most viewers.