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Insufferable By Reasons Of Not Pretending

Consciously going without much of what you want or think that you need makes it infinitely easier to go without when you’ve no say in the matter. Then these things, whatever they might be, cannot be leveraged against you. Respect that isn’t earned is worship. Love that isn’t earned is perfectly normal though, while still inflating the one at expense to the other.

If remote viewing were widespread and commonplace, there’d be no Hollywood. I think this is a fine reason to then believe that Hollywood has no interest in expanding any perceptions beyond what can be prefabricated. Same sense, if modern life in general were manageable, the pharmaceutical industry would erode into dust in a heartbeat. So, it sells only drugs to make us ungovernable, making the general public a gaggle of codependents rather than a union of independents. How were the pyramids built? Because demand free of checks and balances and reality compelled leagues of expendable workers to work themselves to death. Kick the body aside and oblige its kid to pick up slack in the line, you live for this.

Every second there are injustices to disregard and deny equality for whichever gender, skin tone or sexual preference, to extents of violent death, but these flames are purposefully fanned to smokescreen all of us from seeing what renders all dreams futile. We are allowed to be nothing but workers, consumers and tax-payers, and soldiers as warranted. If we fail in any of those capacities then we lose legal rights, while confronted with ostracizing socially. Even our votes are redundant. Meanwhile, the press drops its jaw over tens of millions traded for additional tax write-offs and publicity, rarely addressing how those sums are always a tiny percent of the taxes evaded and avoided by the most selfish. Or that accumulating such a hoard is what causes the issues needing assistance. Only taking note in the midst of a pandemic, that is all on you. The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury merging is bad enough, but they (this administration) clearly put more thought into this rearranged setup than they did to the pandemic itself.

When authorities or paid pundits reference civility what they mean is complacency. Just as when they speak of something being good or bad for either the economy or national security, what they really mean are the net gains for bankers and multinational conglomerates. Geeks used to be too smart for school, now they’re anyone dumb enough to fall for whichever advert campaign. Populism was historically anti-Capitalist, yet now there can exist billionaire populist leaders? Much less millionaire leftists or radical centrists? All the huff and puff in recent years over cultural re-appropriation and identity politics, while language itself has had its context and syntax co-opted by trendsetters to extents of weaponization wherever possible. When “freedom’s just another word” does it become easier to discredit? There’s never genuinely a state vs media scenario. After they bicker in public they go home and screw each other like cousins at a funeral.

Drudge is saying the USA now has the most documented cases of any nation. This is owed entirely to the virus circulating for a good two months (if not years) before the federal government even began to hope for private industries to find ways to cash in from the predicament. But I think real numbers would have to be much greater than established figures, because of that wait and because of the short-changed tests. There are still swathes of the nation going about their day to day lives as if nothing were amiss. Half the population could be carriers. And millions of people, physically immobile and/or with no insurance or bullshit insurance, will never even get tested. Nobody is observing that small detail. Homeless might magically vanish with our voluntary hiding denying them witnesses to their fates. But anyone receiving SSI or disability, especially those bedbound at home, are every bit as screwed. My mom was informed last year that neither medicare or medicaid would continue to cover EMT transport, even to the ER. How many thousands of cases are just like hers? Without search engining, I remember one of the bigger papers did a story just a few months back, before the virus was a public ordeal, about hospitals in smaller communities closing down due to the inability to compete with the resources and specialties of big city offerings. There are people without means but with access to healthcare, there are people without access but with some means for healthcare, and there are people with neither means or access. There will be a nationwide division here across the states, of folks unable or unwilling to enter the lion’s den of congested cities for verification either which way. I don’t think there will be bodies in the streets, but I think it will rationally take YEARS before covid holds no more consequence.

Still, something to be said for people flipping over a week or two of being shut-in. I’m reminded of the joke in grounding a teen to their room where they’re cursed with 3 hots and a cot, a roof over their heads and gaming to vent. If you’re collapsing now, where will you be a year into it? Lessened creature comforts presents not a struggle, but an inconvenience. It’s revealing weakness and codependency, to be scared shitless of being left alone with the emptiness you’ve allowed inside. But sure, denigrate homeless for surviving years with no resource. Fuck the distractions of comforting lies, and the junkies requiring the constant fix of it. Oh my god the government that’s always failed us was caught with its cock out and now you can’t have a mocha frappe with the boys oh woe is you. If a person’s affairs are not kept in order, it’s not dying that is the issue for them, but living. Dread only makes these experiences worse for ourselves.

Passive overthrow ain’t cutting it. Not where regards the gubmint, and not regarding who you could and should be.