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Inauthentic Interconnectivity

Courage is not remotely contagious, although it is publicly shamed the same as any other STD. I’ve angered some demons in my time, and there’s glowing praise for my writing by default over at the Guardian, yet I gotta say any Joyce allusions are mostly uncalled for. Or at least my takeaway was that unlike other writers today I provide something worth noting, worthy of stormbraining, worthy of my immaculate love. The argument can be made that by typing such absurdity have I rendered it real. But I want no part of it.

In the third season of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, it was suggested that decades of nuclear bomb “tests” perpetrated by the USA military burned holes in the fabric of the veil, like a candle held too closely to a mosquito net, allowing the unwanted to enter through. While I clearly am not one to believe that pop culture could or should ever be considered as a roadmap for how the universe might be defined or interpreted, art imitates life imitates art, because genuine creation is the rarest commodity. As but one example, we now know that in the post-9/11 years the CIA explored using a specially-designed truth serum against terror suspects. News headlines adapting shite movies. As well, coincidences do happen. Or, another way of putting it would be that our creators had limited imaginations, allowing repetitions to reject spontaneity with the familiar and comfortable thus favored over education or evolution. That meaningful gum you like is going to come back in style. And suddenly there it is, thar she blows.

We have no specific reason to either believe or disbelieve the irradiated mushroom clouds of collided atoms were a calling to the black sun energy pursued by Nazi esoteric Thule and Vril societies, guided as they were by mysterious witch-women communicating with otherworldly intelligentsia. Or a calling to the VALIS otherworldly intelligence which affected and afflicted Phillip K. Dick, and arguably Robert Anton Wilson and Timothy Leary, in pursuit of the exact drug that fueled Creation. Or, a calling to the more recent otherworldly intelligence secretly communicating with and guiding physicists of the Earth in pursuit of Zero Point Energy, as referenced multiple times in documents from The Podesta Files hosted by Wikileaks, in messages between John Podesta while employed within the White House and a retired astronaut who has since passed away to the other beyond. Each of these series of occurrences are accepted as historical fact by quite a lot of people; and, each occurred within the time-frame shared by the nuclear explosions. Bombastic, multidimensional exits make for one mother of a Déjà vu case, yet there it is and thar she blows.

But we do know for scientific fact that those nukes changed the world. They changed the atmosphere, leaving radiated remnants classified as carbon-14 in the atoms of every living thing on Earth born in all the years since the first unnatural flash of light. Meaning that we are now sharing a more common atomic makeup with each other than we do with our respective ancestors.

While all of the diverse life on Earth is carbon-based and too often silicone-enhanced, carbon-14 is a variant produced only by levels of radiation which the scientific community believes can only exist in deep space. Which is typically where these megalithic explosions in the loins of conjoined twins Space and Time are to be realized. And what if something not from our locality in space-time was drawn by the nuclear bomb-blasts, like a moth to a flame or a demon to an unfortunately quite inadequate binding spell. A broken spell made a part of us. Elements of the science community can downplay the effects of carbon-14, but what’s essentially radiation poisoning coinciding with the entire life cycle of global cancer rates from its birth to our demise is undeniable. And I’m asserting there is every bit the equal spiritual and psychological costs in the one and same failed swing of the helix. We today are energized toward the singularity, proving to ourselves that love never existed.

So, due to the nuclear add-on, the children of the atom today actually are crazier than their forebears. People today truly are more evil than those who came before. The USA military is history’s most expensive military explicitly from those nuclear tests, and everyone is generally fine with so much resources gone to harvesting the apex in destructive force, recreating Hell on Earth with the landscape of unrepentant immolation. Anybody questioning the integrity of the military whose exploits have physically irradiated all animate and inanimate life on this planet, they are to be shunned, of course. Meanwhile, shoes never fit opposing feet. Rather than observe and wonder at the lack of virtues from modernity, history is rewritten to assure that our ancestors were just as demoniacal as people today despite their possessing no internet to craze over. Other than Atlantis. We tell ourselves that avoiding the madness of the herd might even kill us. Unhinged is the newest and final norm, though in a collectivist, mass-hallucinogenic way.

Bill Maher of all people, being yet another self-centered buffoon assuring himself he’s a Democrat and liberal when self-worship has jack to do with leftism, waddled surprisingly close to these conclusions recently, with words whose basic syntax was missed entirely by a number of self-important types eager to maintain the illusion that idolatry is natural and healthy. When the truth of the matter is an emphatic no, there is nothing just about this world today. Not one blessed thing. A touch of inferno lies in our blood, our bones. Yours, mine and the ones you love the hardest.

Modern society is the fast food joint in need of immediate closure following a severe hepatitis outbreak, but the pustuley customers and workers alike are incensed by the slightest mention of lard deprivation. Demonic possession as biochemical pox, with a half-life. Nobody wants to be awakened from this shared fever-dream where deep down most people are something other than terrifying messes indulging in horrible things all the days of their lives.