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In The Light Of Mourning Lady Liberty Was Never Emphatic

One Million Moms founded cancel culture, inspired by the Holy Roman Empire destroying the great library of Alexandria, and while everyone has the right to boycott liberally, insisting others share your way of thinking is more of a threat than is offering others different perspectives. Neither corporations or governments or lynch mobs should have final say over what you choose to support or not, as that is your choice and your power alone. But the thing is, is that everybody has that same power. And to conflict with that is unrecognizable to free speech or equality. Flattery is not the purpose of truth.

Patriotism is now defined by hating most of the people in the patriot’s own country, the homeless and pacifists, welfare recipients, homosexuals, migrants, immigrants and refugees and all other minorities, any woman who objects to impregnation by family, etc. Always too chickenshit to explore masturbation through stigmata, when that’s really the core of their sadomasochism the mass of their partisanship and pick-and-choose dogmatic religiosity comes down to, getting off on a mess. One of the mysteries of quantum mechanics however, is that the same indescribable waves connect all things at the subatomic level, something experienced firsthand by anybody in every single DMT experiment.

The American dream specifically is the mass hallucination that the USA government has not been violently extorting the world at large all along, just as its wealth does to its lower classes. Wealth is not generated exclusively through price-gouging the public, underpaying workers and dodging taxes, as those are simply the extracurricular hobbies to get laid. The fundamentals of psychology have really invaded all industries, with no cures or closure or permanent solutions, only ongoing treatments, constant updates and constant upgrades. Capitalism prefers repeat business to a job well done, a verifiable con widely and contrarily accepted as pro. The only way it can finish anything is by obliteration, so that all its pursuits are instead focused ultimately with escalation and expansion. Gang wars, holy wars and political campaigning strangely have this in common, almost as though ultimately no ego is the superior.

The rightwing view is to believe that equal rights are somehow diminishing to their own rights, that special interests must always prevail, which is fundamentally a rightwing concept as real leftism prioritizes the needs of others. American nationalism in particular can be explained by its consistently lackluster national test scores. Nobody trusts the media’s sales pitches unless indulging the fantasy of partisan culpability, yet when the nightly news downplays any incrimination of the nation itself it’s taken at face value. Means to convey information is means to manipulate information. Economies around the globe are crashing because the USA arrogantly refuses to settle its debts. Which it honestly cannot do, as the money is long gone into private coffers. Susceptibility to marketing is a character flaw, but check the camel toe on that actress! Wouldn’t you want to wear her out to a point of exhaustion on par with the exhaustion which comes by every demographic believing themselves to be the more disenfranchised, smashing those butt-cheeks again and again til her celestial body outshines her shooting star falling from the heavens with glistening rapture? Tax that ass with representation!

The most selfish among us put themselves before *all* others. You think if there were only so many hamburgers or pills on board, Trump wouldn’t kick his own kids from their lifeboat? Racists, sexists and homophobes are irrational tools, so they easily become the tools of others wishing to claim everything as masses divide themselves. Their egos flattered, “Hey how you define good and evil by your personal preference is on the money and you have my support, spread the word and we’ll divvy up the wealth because god and county exist to service our kind of birthright, ya’ll.” But it’s a two-way psychosis. Supporting someone for identifying a certain way is just as shallow as refusing to support someone because they identify a certain way, for it neglects judging them by the content of their character. Which MLK Jr warned about. You’ve no clue what the story is til you open the book. Black, white, Texan, Russian, gay, straight, male, female or trans, none of these words are synonymous for good *or* evil. The feds could have murdered MLK Jr for his civil rights protests anytime, but jumped when he turned the conversation to class war for those united. Taking control of the whip serves your ego, but abolishing it serves the needs of everybody. There is no better banner or validated ego. There is no good way to self-aggrandize. It’s narrow-minded to see your brand as superior and narrow-minded to think yours has it the worst. We can all be homeless. We can all be pissed on by cops while homeless. There’s no prize, only the dream of inflicting your pain upon others, of empowerment to exert your ego the same as those who kicked you down.

Rationalizing self-interest over self-sacrifice means prioritizing wish-fulfillment over problem-solving. Across the narrow political spectrum, masquerading wealth accumulation for representation only grows the discord, enabling egos to be nurtured rather than challenged. The self-entitled can’t be obliged to grow a conscience when it requires the piling of corpses to rise above the public’s best interests. Wealth is withheld to limited hands, by not fighting it tooth and nail the public signs off on its persistence in being the only access point to authority, when the only evidence that wealth or power might come from good intentions is in-house marketing. Until we publicly and quite vocally challenge the non-right of the more selfish to enrich themselves at the expense of the livelihoods of everyone else, these concerns will never, ever be resolved. If you think people unlike yourself have never truly suffered or are incapable of suffering, you are no better than the supremacist. Because none of us make it out of this alive. The most selfish among us put themselves before all of us. Deflate all ego, humble all greed and sweep the leg of Capitalism with finality.

I have heard that I avoid success for refusing hard work and making bad decisions. My attentions to equality mean that I have never been in debt, while everyone else seems to exist there. But their charge is what the wealthy say of the rest, losers possessing none of the requisite gumption for what we are told to want in this life. And it’s PC to believe it about poor whites generally. Two things stopped me from pursuing conquest or domination of my peers. Never in my life knowing an honest employer, and not being the slightest bit interested in worldly successes to begin with. I’ve survived sleeping winters away in parking garages, thanks in no small part to said employers, and so comfort zones amuse me.

Indentured servitude is fundamental to Capitalism and self-determination is fundamental to a real Democracy, that’s the choice and only one might possibly reward life, liberty and pursuits of happiness for participation. In the meantime we are all dead she says, we are all dead and in hell experiencing the eternal recurrence of the final times as ineffectual causality, for presuming the penance of our misgivings was preemptive for sins yet to be.