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In Defense of Hate

Just as civility often translates to obedience, so too does complacency today often translate to never questioning the logic of tossing the baby out with the bathwater. Compliance leads to ignorance. It’s a limited perspective, no matter how it may feel, which in turn means limiting evolution no matter cultural or personal. We must be allowed to hate. We must be allowed by democratic societies to disagree, to dissent, to differentiate, because if adversity builds character then the lack of it builds cornflakes, which in truth are far more common than snowflakes thanks to under-regulated GMOs. There is more stupidity and blandness than there are decent snowball fights, or snowmen taller than ourselves. All winters end of course, but gullibility is eternally reborn. Everything to do with the status quo enables it.

To hate a thing on a personal level is to be prompted to stay informed, so as to prepare for the worst of possible consequences. To never be permitted to hate would equate to shoddy self-defense in almost any social situation where problems arise. To experience hatred teaches us about ourselves, too. It is all at once ethical, moral and virtuous to oppose sexism, racism and ageism, but ethics, morals and virtues aside, why should we personally stand opposed? Why should I, a heterosexual Caucasian male, feel so strongly about issues that concern homosexuals or African-Americans or women? Answering that spells out much of my own identity, although I really feel too many today do not ever consider answering such questions for themselves.

I think that the sense to not lie, cheat or steal should not require any religious timestamp. Persons who feel otherwise, who feel licensed to use and abuse those they encounter in life, warrant degrees of antipathy. And, this distrust can be hard and loud and even violent, and for as long as it does not involve lethal force. How might a revolution ever be fought when hatred is banned? How will the unwashed know to be inspired in their cause? What keeps them alive when left with nothing else? How will artists, the cross-bearers for cultural inspiration, be able to craft their works when self-hatred is also a legal, cultural or societal negative? Why presume that hatred is only ever about denigration? No two persons share all of life’s experiences, so a conformity of opinion is actually an unnatural thing, leading to uninteresting ends where all are alike. Personal identity gets sacrificed for the common good or greater whole or the big picture. When virtually all of culture today is produced by for-profit committee, this is unbelievably dangerous.

Elsewhere in the world at this moment in time, genuine freaks in the form of Swiss cheese-makers are conducting bizarre experiments, subjecting cheeses to the emotions generated by music in a New Agey, vibrating power crystals sort of way. So that we might now presume that the holes in certain cheese are made by the music of the spheres themselves, spinning through the pinball machine that is modern dairy production like a perfectly round Ms Pac-Man eating her way out of 2-dimensional space-time. Music has the charm to soothe proverbially savage beasts the same exact way that parents spike their kid’s mac and cheese with Ritalin and Trazodone, so why not pass two stones with one blow? So in this unholy matrimony of pasteurized products and Chopin are we then to feel our MKUltra’d tapeworms dance in unison up our spinal chords to devour wormholes through the universes of our minds. Hate is almost always outside the box thinking. Nonsensical or not.

Jonathan Chait reports that Trump watches as much television as you do, and begins his days far too late to truly know fast food breakfast menus in all their pharmacological glory. It would be irrational to love this, to like the notion of a man with such vested interests spending no time on researching the history, functions or responsibilities of his elected position, much less practicing or developing any definable skill-sets. The degree, or pedigree, of sloth alone is shaming. It is irrational to not hate such a benign plot twist, just as it is irrational to not hate its defenders. What is a swamp but stagnant waters, and what is stagnation but resistance to change or growth or basic problem-solving?

The AP is reporting how Trump’s party is still pushing to cut even more regulations nationwide for their corporate angel investors, lovingly forgetting that not one life has been saved anywhere through such angelic deregulation. Quite the fucking contrary, but to hate this is wrong because hate is always evil and in a healthy Capitalism nobody is to give any measure of thought to consequences by any means necessary. Half of Americans don’t have faith in Democracy anymore, despite Trump’s party having control of all branches of the federal government, and many state governments, for almost two years now. The military can pretend to have the occasional objection, but the Pentagon has always ultimately sided with right-wing politics. Always. While the left-wing does not exist in the political spectrum anymore, not for a good long while now. More Americans believe in angels than in a working Democracy and I will be damned if that’s not hate-worthy. New studies indicate most Americans are not financially sound in spite of this economy we are publicly and socially assured is suddenly booming.

So booming in fact that the centrist USA Today reports on 8 retailing chains which may not survive the encroaching holiday season, with 17 that have already defaulted on their debts since Trump took office. Not included in that list is Lowe’s, which just announced the closures of 51 of its stores. What’s not to love? The Nu-Civil War might well be fought with the feudalistic capital of the world Silicon Valley as ground zero, and with gentrification as the provocateur, but to hate the hero-worshiped tech CEOs adding to both homeless and unemployment stats every week is to announce oneself as an unlikable individual.

There is so much hate alive today, many cooks in the kitchen to be sure but stoking so many fires, that law enforcement is lost in discerning the actual threats online. Proving that racial-profiling and the fanciest white hat algorithms are not helping. Which is hilarious and something which this society should take note of as being a rich and healthy experience of a thing, one that we need far more of if we, either culturally or personally, are to make our true selves known. All too often hate shows us how ugly we are, and there is an honest necessity to that, because all of us rarely undergo good lighting, incessant shoving-match over lime-lights as we do.

The tunnel vision of the spotlight, purposefully not seeing quite a fucking lot. To not be accepted by the masses is no crime unto itself, unless you manage a political party. Free speech is no guarantee of popularity, but nobody wants to look at it that way because when life is this worthless then anything and everything gets weaponized. And I fucking despise futility. We do not need to all get along. That only comes from those who fetish controls. The people must be permitted to vent their true feelings, just as the people must learn that acceptance is neither all or nothing. So many of our headlines right now can be summed up as outrage over name brands not being liked enough. That is pampered idiocy. Life and death define one another, as do good and evil. One cannot exist without the other to contrast it by. And I’m saying it’s no different in regards to love and hate. A condescending tone does not make the words expressed de facto untrue.