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Impeach Capitalism Or Bust

“When I tell any truth it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those who do.” – William Blake

“Snitches get stitches.” – The US Department of Justice, which is to justice as the US Department of Defense is to defense.

Honesty is the best policy though. Laws have always been for sale. Trump and his circle have all the etiquette and couth of a grenade shoved down a toilet to obscure the embarrassment of the profound size of turds left behind, unable to sort out how to flush and daring the hired help to complain about the extra mess. What remains of my autographed Heavy Metal magazine collection to the politician who physically slaps Nancy Pelosi in public and on camera. Not as a promotion of violence against women but by the same logic that we spank a dangerously irresponsible child. Trump deserves one of those boot camps for troubled teens, where drill sergeants removed from duty for alcoholism take out their aggression by screaming belittling truths in his face as he’s made to hike 30 miles a day and gets eaten alive by mosquitoes. For months and months. And when the camp gets shut down by well-meaning liberals, whatever remains of him can then get stitched up inside a punching bag and hung inside a YMCA in Chicago where struggling minorities can let him know his ultimate value to this world. For the rest of his life. I already have the bucket of swipe-worthy one-liners ready for when they don’t impeach, as I wanted to get a good spot in line for the lynch mob.

…which forms to the left.

The lone technicality rests in Eco-groups being willing to sign off on our using a redwood, as no other tree in the country could hold the weight of the President, much less Congress, the bankers and the courts. Rare instance where they just don’t see the big picture. This fantasy end-capped with Bill O’Reilly contributing an op/ed to the NYT gushing like a geyser about how we need looser gun laws to ensure such vigilante justice never happens again. International law entails the Nuremberg Principles apply anywhere, including among Americans. We can do a lot under the guises of Citizens Arrest and the Good Samaritan Law, more if we push their boundaries for legal interpretation, but the courts as well must be defrocked. I am no legal expert, but I’ve read enough history to know that when the parties acting illegally have ultimate control over legislature, they cannot be ousted by the law. We won’t fight fire with fire here, but any fire can be extinguished with enough urine. We are more than welcome to give them shit too. Our lives depend on it actually.

But no, the status quo will continue to be rationalized by the more irrational among us. Everything is kosher as long as it saves us from the evil other guys, like conjoined twins worried if they ever finally get the surgery they’ll go impotent. The public let the Patriot Act fly with no rolling heads coming of it. The public has their Fortnite, their leggy local reporters too dumb for legit acting jobs and non-meat burgers somehow more harmful than the real deal as vaping is to cigs. Netflix and stone-cold don’t care. Writing from the bible belt, Trump is an oaf. What bothers me are the millions willing to give him the time of day. Contrary to his competition’s sales pitch you cannot meet a supremacist halfway, but all varieties of supremacy are seeing their egos validated by his lunacy.

When has there ever been a reckoning in DC? Nixon, maybe, but he didn’t land in the slammer which would have happened had Joe Q Citizen somehow accomplished the same levels of spying. Conway, Barr, the senator from my state who looks like a textbook pedo, all have generous jobs waiting in the private sector should they meet whatever momentary disgrace in the public eye. The people who created the war on terror, the Christians bombing unborn babies galore in Baghdad, ultimately have the blood of a million people on their hands. Not only was there no reckoning, but some of them got government jobs anew in this administration. The system can’t fix itself and it won’t change itself. There’s not a good part of cancer that will overpower its conjoined twin tumors. We need the whole mess to get distracted while we bombard it with radiation and needles full of the sorts of drugs only their coffers can afford. The people need to start deciding things for themselves. Not praying for a cure or throwing money away to wishing wells or voting on the lesser of too many evils. We ourselves have to do the heavy lifting or it will never be done. And any revolution inconsiderate of transforming Congress into a real-life human centipede lacks the vision necessary to see the degrees of justice warranted. Neither sock puppet will ever bite the hand that feeds it, just nibble flirtatiously here and there for the easy photo op or private joke. Considering their ballet I’d expect better from purported Russian choreography.

Every single idiot not actively fighting it, and I mean viscerally and not social media chest-beating, needs to be voted out ASAP and never again taste spit-free restaurant food for the duration of their lives. Which is pretty much everybody. Fist-fights break out in foreign parliaments all the time over less than anything that transpires here on any given week. The only passion these people know is likely some DC stripper with coke-white tits. As long as we allow currencies to exist elections will continue to be bought and paid for. We’ll have a digital voting system with backdoors open to the highest bidder regardless of partisanship or banner, because free markets co-opt everything but the means to regulate greed. The charade of partisans aside, this is about good and evil. Empathy may’ve been the last virtue we collectively sold off, but we can bring it back, anytime. Basic social responsibility, sharing in a society period, should stem from not empowering self-absorbed pricks pushing more than pulling. Because everyone doing that is contributing to the opposite of a society. Who’d imagine giving all the power to the most selfish among us might ever go badly? Political parties are cults, only benefiting the centerpieces. It’s never the banner at fault but individuals doing wrong, yet the banner is quick to steal adoration when individuals overcome odds. But that’s a line of thought I’ve been stuck on for awhile, how no government, political party or religion really helps anybody, only earnest individuals can do that. Corporate branding or affiliations cannot exist without swiping all credit. One great server can turnaround a BS dining experience.

I will respect authority as soon as it gives me a reason to.

It wasn’t Russian royals who bailed Trump out of bankruptcy once or thrice, and this isn’t him paying back debts to Russian interests, but Russian red-baiting has been a fun distraction from the hundreds of Saudi royals filthy rich enough from fixing oil prices to afford his ego. Considering the Neocon billionaire Robert Mercer was turning military-grade psychology into digitized weapons for profit as far back as the 90s, tell me there wasn’t some Facebook/Cambridge Analytica trial run under Rupert’s time owning MySpace. But that’d have even less to do with Russians or any other flag-holders when Capitalism claims no nationality. We are to take seriously any governmental inquiries into the business practices of the FAANG mega-corporations. We are to believe the government twists their helpless little white-bread arms to comply despite the plenitude of grants, subsidies, and tax incentives. Or we could just tell the Saudi royals and the Israeli government all to fuck off, and redirect the war-chest saved for Iran to better healthcare for more USA citizens. Perhaps we need not assist nation-states who behead their own citizens for the crimes of feminism or journalism. Maybe that money could be used to better the lives of people we actually know and love right here, starving and homeless and denied medical care.

Those needs are not met by governance or industry, but by mindful individuals. A handful of people who earnestly care about what they are doing is all that it takes to outclass any and every industry. The passion for any labor of love cannot fit into a box. That’s why it’s easy to critique, but harder to explain why a thing captures us. Randomized remote viewing for the masses would be a zillion times better than so much of our artificial culture. I’ve a theory dreams are just that, only for parallel realities. And in every infinite one it is categorically fucking impossible to meet a supremacist halfway.

Of course one of the largest democracies around would have the same climate change issue as anywhere else. Greed refuses regulation. And because Capitalism dominates every banner in the world, it’s fucked up that Eco-friendly products cost twice as much with half the effectiveness. Green is very much a for-profit industry itself, as there is no such thing as an ethical Capitalism. Tesla’s original proposals for electricity had the same lines. Cheap or even free to produce doesn’t mean it’s safe from over the top profiteering, and no alternative energy source will go widespread unless it matches or surpasses fossil fuel profits. Doesn’t matter how important it is or the destruction created. USA military are the largest users of fossil fuel on the planet and laws won’t change as long as politicians get perked by lobbyists. The fact our governance even allows lobbying proves that not all men are created equal in the eyes of the law. But the USA created public relations and social optics, sanctioned lying to convince ourselves enriching the few at the cost of everything else is not self-destruction. I don’t think there’s a person on my street who believes we recovered from the last recession. Storytelling narratives is fun and games, but raw experience will always speak for itself, in a booming voice at that.

The victims both domestic and foreign of the financial interests of first world nations never have the capital to match the billions in PR spent on victim-blaming and victim-shaming by those agencies raping the resources of said victims. Goliath was the big bad, Christian patriots of the world. Anyone who thinks they require lethal force to defend themselves is at once ignorant and homicidal. I won’t support the troops either, because might making right is the logic of rapists and murderers. Killing can always be avoided, but not with tools made for no other purpose. If gun-activists feel so helpless then they should fight for police reforms. If they care about defending their rights they should divest from the banks. If they feel like targets of itchy trigger fingers then they should go overseas and sort out the Middle East themselves. I’m not denying that people have rights to defend themselves, but if you buy into the marketing that it’s only possible with lethal force, you are creating more rather than resolving any problems. Rip his fucking dick and balls off if you have to, but leave him alive to suffer more of what life has to offer. The only tangible threat to the liberties of USA citizens is their own government, yet gun-owners relentlessly, religiously and conveniently save their ammo for those persons who have already been subjected to that tyranny. It’s a symbol of supremacy, nothing more and nothing less, and supremacy is wrong both categorically and philosophically. That same constitution which second amendment fans jack off over stated that blacks were less than human, and made no guarantee of any women’s rights. It was not written by people who thought things through. Capitalism forbids consequences.

Though inventors of Democracy, the ancient Greeks had no word in their lexicon translating perfectly to what we know today as “duty“. And ignoring our own textbook definition, we socially misconstrue servitude as ethics. In any and every modern, public usage of the term, it’s never actually ethics being implored, but a form of servitude demanded. Sacrificing for the good of the nation is not ethical, but servitude. We have no duty to self-serving ruling parties, to billionaires pilfering their wealth from our own resources. We have no duty to slave-masters, no duty to the many enforcers of their laws. We do however have a duty to those whose lives are earnestly in jeopardy. But never to those jeopardizing the lives of others.

The market-movers of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google gross billions every year because they “legally” rob their workers and customers alike, as well as our government of tax revenues. The well-being of those companies is not our duty. Until Palestinian families share the same basic human rights of living space, healthcare and utilities as their encroaching Israeli neighbors, we have no duty to Netanyahu’s government or its supremacist cult. Until journos and feminists can exist in Saudi society without threat of beheading by their kingdom we’ve no duty to their hundreds of self-proclaimed royals. The largest buyer of arms on the planet rarely involved directly in conflicts itself *fuels* all wars of the Middle East. When orthodox Judaeo-Christian religions feel entitled to affect the laws which non-believers must live under, while enjoying tax-exempt status, the public has no duty to their self-serving pathologies. Until gun-owners regardless of sex or age agree to mandated drafts with the military for as long as guns are in their possession, the rest of society has no duty to comply with their projection that strangers hold as little value for life. When playground-level fear-mongering can avoid the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, civil rights get violated. We’ve a duty to civil rights just by sharing in a society, but not to catering to any fantasy, especially ones that denigrate others sight unseen.

The people who don’t want evil socialism forcing their taxes to pay for their fellow citizens to have healthcare and the like, don’t realize their taxes are already compensating for the free ride given to billionaires, costing us quite a hell of a lot more. 3 million households getting booted from the food stamp program doesn’t even cover what Jeff Bezos all by himself avoided paying in federal taxes last year. This government caters to endorsement deals, structuring itself for monopoly and codependency. Profiteering our resources for the enrichment of the few rather than ensuring all citizens have good educations and good health. The entire system of governance is a Ponzi scheme, its defenders totally susceptible to marketing as they are bled dry themselves. If the wealthy had to abide by the same laws as their workers and customers, the people providing them their riches, we could afford to help those who need assistance while paying far less in taxes than we do now helping those who arrogantly entitle themselves to assistance. If we only helped those who needed it, the cost of living would go down for everybody except the con-artists pilfering our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness. But they are precisely and exclusively who the entire political class serves. “It takes money to make money” only applies to each and every politician in DC.