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Ideological Consistency Has No Place For Greed

In my hardest times I never drew unemployment, seeing those with mouths to feed as needing it more. I know many many many in the same boat, long since given up on finding reliable employers, and instead bartering and trading what services we’ve left to offer in order to survive. Fuck job numbers. Governmental stats do not exist to convey self-evident truths. If power corrupts then none should have it, but that’d mean democracy, and everyone would rather have power than a democracy. Hence, Capitalism.

Julia Chatterley’s program on CNN is currently looking into crypto-curriences, with this interview focused on myth-busting. Interesting points are made, such as the stat that bitcoin on its own makes up 70% of all crypto transactions. But her guest attributes the success in part to the digital coin being traceable where traditional currencies are not. Which is bullshit. Larger bills having the embedded magnetic strips makes them absolutely traceable. But I still say crypto-currencies which are not self-destructing will inevitably develop every downside possessed by physical counterparts, because basic greed cannot be regulated. We are so fine with greed as mainstream we allow virtue-signaling to be taken away in cuffs as the bad thing instead. For strong markets, and the only viable way I’d see any currency having a place in the scheme of things, we should be inspired by Peter Sunde’s Flattr, in the sense that objects in motion stay in motion. Implying that unless currency continues to circulate it should literally self-implode. Money is made for spending.

Obviously, it would take WW3 to put that into place, only because too many insist on hording a thing which, unto itself, neither creates or destroys life but is treated with more care than either of the two. And I also suspect if the USA government would stop harassing Lauri Love he’d have already developed a fine, workable system for just this. Capitalism will be the big bad of WW3, already-defeated soldiers of first world nations clinging feverishly to the belief that millions of starving homeless denying the assurances of popstar leaders having their opposing viewpoints blasted to smithereens will right all wrongs.

It will never come to pass, because until every foreign government and every foreign business which most of our tens of trillions in debt is owed to man-up and come to collect, the scales of justice are not going to tip. They would never dare, as much of that debt went into building USA military bases within their borders. Those expenses on militaristic shakedown artists aside, the debt was pilfered by domestic con-men, using their looted billions to flee, building getaway doomsday compounds in remote places as diverse as New Zealand and now the moon with full knowledge that everyone has every right to come to collect what is legally owed. The phraseology of household debt in official gov stats regarding the national debt is deferring blame entirely onto the victims. But in fairness they allowed their backbones to be sold out from under them, slowly over decades of cults of personality indulged. By design we’re more likely to see a civil war against our neighbors in the same boat than a revolution against the people with means to wreck our livelihoods. We’d rather blame each other than accept the reality that every administration is complicit in the out of business sale.

It’s not partisanship dividing anything, not liberalism or conservatism or communism or socialism or libertarianism, it’s how the biggest proponents for one and all have their sales prices. It’s the greed they all share as malformed humans that creates every last problem. When both parties obsess over greedy pursuits of wealth and power it’s not partisanship that divides the country, but greed. If the profitability of your brand means more than the well-being of others, even strangers, you are a self-centered prick. Wall Street is the new Mason-Dixon line and everyone who fails to see that is conveniently distracted by too much escapist pablum. Fantasies are not helping anybody. A network affiliate news guy told me what I write is on par with YouTube conspiracy vids, specifically for my asserting police are not beyond reproach. Who is helped by maintaining his dishonesty, or ignorance? A paid reporter living in denial of this.

People choosing to believe a lie even after its truth is uncovered is what has destroyed the life of Julian Assange, punished explicitly because he unveiled governmental lies, and many siding with the government simply because they cannot fathom a corrupt superpower. Despite millions of vetted documents proving just that. Fake news is not the problem when people refuse to accept reality, preferring more comfortable fantasies instead. Down to local police being infallible and incorruptible. The 9/11 commission’s report, which actually left unanswered questions and whose members have publicly stated avenues were blocked from exploration altogether, could have said in no uncertain terms that our government was responsible and the public would never believe it.

If your team can do no wrong, you are in a fucking cult.

Piss bottles aside, when cult of personality centerpiece Jeff Bezos lost possession of his own dick pix there should have been a serious audit of the half-billion paid to him by the CIA for constructing a special cloud storage. And when dozens of terabytes of DoD datum hosted by AWS wound up unencrypted on the web, the Pentagon should have ended rather than continued contracts with his company. Instead, Amazon had 11 billion in profit last year and paid 0 taxes on it. To compensate for this revenue loss, 3 million households are currently being booted from the food stamp program, more than half of which only received 30 bucks or less in monthly aid to begin with. If Uncle Sam feels his tax-paying citizens can subsist on so little per month, it’s a wonder for the ages why the man most likely to be the world’s first trillionaire needs so much of their grants, subsidies, tax breaks and tax incentives and tax write-offs on top of top dollar contracts. If the government invested those figures into its citizens rather than its most self-serving ego-charities, by way of respectable educations and adequate healthcare, then maybe the masses wouldn’t be spinning plates for the privilege of staying alive a little longer just to work more hours for Amazon to afford to buy more products through Amazon. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so true patriots should want the best education, and healthcare, for their fellow citizens. Profit is a luxury. And if Trump thinks 30 bucks for monthly food costs is too much, then maybe we should rethink Presidential pay. Each and every element to our entire culture hangs on catering to ego rather than challenging ego. The President could toss a stone into a crowd and be guaranteed to hit a greedy asshole. Trump is no influencer, he’s run of the mill Joe Q Citizen, as Joe Q Citizen is no less self-possessed.

Raising minimum wage is only ever met with the same profiteers raising the cost of living, to guarantee any trickle down remains golden showers, but authorities no matter elected or appointed who are empowered to set those limits should be made to work for minimum wage themselves. Capping maximum wage is the only realistic path to cock-blocking the hording of pilfered wealth, which unpatriotically deprives market economies. Those for whom tax shelters, tax havens and outright tax avoidance are past-times have no business being enabled by the government or the resources of its constituents. The only taxation should be 10% on every dollar spent, with half to the federal government and half to the buyer’s state. No tax-exemptions regardless of which church is doing the purchasing. No taxing of earnings, property or anything else except for a 90% estate tax to prevent further deprivation of the economy. The more spent, the more tax paid, and if the government cannot make do then it should be replaced by force with persons who know how to not live beyond their means.

Serving ego before the needs of others isn’t just the fault of the worst among the competing party or business or religion or whatever, it’s normalized psychosis. There’s no degrees to evil. Giving more time or money to indulgence than charity is the same pathos behind Trump. Do not rationalize the greed of anybody no matter the banner held aloft or the catatonic appeal of her yoga pants. Beating god at his own game is more manageable.