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I! Tego Arcana Dei

In his final year in the White House, Obama was both applauded and criticized for speaking out against the Brexit dilemma. While at first glance it appeared that the American President was speaking out of bounds and had virtually no real say in the matter, soon enough it would seem that he was speaking from a position of preemptive authority. Documents eventually leaked (as they are oft to do) pertaining to his Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which implied that with passing of the trade treaty, predominately American-based multinational corporations would be magically entitled with undoubtedly well-earned new privileges to outright rewrite European Union trade laws themselves. There were many voters in favor of the Brexit referendum who felt as they did not from xenophobia, but from the inability to find logic in allowing outsiders to have the final word in what a country does with its own resources. Which we now know was the conclusion either way for the referendum.

This is also known as colonialism.

A year ago, at an event organized by the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus, the growing movement to boycott, divest and sanction Israeli industries for their government’s rampant human rights violations was lambasted over imagined concerns relating to both security and economic dependency. While financial allies of the United States government entitle themselves to literally rewrite laws for foreign bodies, its own policies are willfully manipulated by Israeli interests. So the argument can be made that while America pulls the strings of the world, Israel pulls the strings of America.

Upon becoming Israel’s newest defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman quickly began firing away with promotions, out with the old and in with the new, but one appointment proved noticeably damning. The Rabbi Colonel Eyal Krim had been promoted to chief rabbi for the entire Israeli army. The problem here is that Krim was before famously quoted as saying that the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces are free to rape non-Jewish women for the sake of improving morale among the troops. An influential rabbi said this, and in a nation with no real separation of church and state.

When he wrote this sentiment admittedly years earlier, spokespersons from the Israeli army refused to make any comment on the matter, but since the new appointment to chief rabbi the IDF has issued a statement expressing that what Krim wrote was not what he actually meant and that his words have been taken out of context. But what other Earthly connotation might there conceivably be for this:

“It is permitted to break the bounds of modesty and training. So it’s permissible to eat treif and to satisfy evil urges through having sexual relations with attractive non-Jewish women against their will, out of consideration for the hardships of war and for the good of the whole.”

The moral response would have been for the government of Israel to compel a retraction from Krim, if not issue a retraction themselves, or just choose someone else entirely for his new position of authority. Instead, they elected to engage in what is essentially victim-shaming, by insinuating that any offended party is too ignorant to read what Krim himself wrote, words which have gone unchallenged by Israeli officials all these years.

In spite of such an atmosphere, which also allows the Israeli police to shoot children suspected of potentially throwing things, offices as diverse as the Indiana state senate and the New York governor’s office and even the Canadian government have decreed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel is unethical and immoral. Which suggests that the Indiana state senate and the New York governor’s office and the Canadian government are all theoretically cool with Israeli soldiers raping to their heart’s content and shooting kids who might throw stones.

Is this why the American government agreed to give the Israeli government almost 40 billion dollars over the next decade, no strings attached? There’s perhaps a dozen nations on the planet with the means for nuclear armaments and Israel is one, but even with appalling rates for homelessness and unemployment in the United States, the American government honestly feels that Israel are the ones in need of tens of billions of dollars? Because their air force and navy are under threat by Palestine, which has no air force or navy? American taxes are going to buy mickeys for the IDF to use on innocent women, presuming they don’t just resort to brute force, by design the only language that any army understands.

Being myself an American, I completely identify with the pressing need for Israelis to overthrow their government and reform, reform, reform. America thrives on dominance, even against its own peoples, so what might explain the subservience that politicians in the west hold for the Israeli state? I have an idea. It will sound crazy, but what’s crazier is the arcane sense which it makes, and if nothing else I demand esteem for the brazen originality of what I am here proposing.

Friday the 13th, the date itself, supposedly first gained cultural significance when the Vatican ordered for all Knights Templar to be murdered, as a roundabout way for the Holy See (and the Medici family dynasty) to blatantly re-appropriate the banking system which the Templars had been establishing across Europe. I think most of that is no longer debatable. Much of the power that the Templars had been accumulating reportedly came from secrets they found in their travels into the holy land, which is the part to this where subjectivity goes into play as far as what exactly it was they unearthed, if indeed there was actually anything at all. I’m making an educated guess though, with the item(s) being something never publicly considered before, as opposed to valuable heirlooms or heavy duty blackmail goodies.

What if the Templars had uncovered something huge, and the Vatican electing to take them down involved not merely claiming the banking system for its own, but using that as a cover for reclaiming the mysterious item(s)? I do not believe the Vatican’s wealth of resources and inquisitions ever found what the Templars possessed, until the culmination of the Rennes-le-Château strangeness in the south of France of the late 1800s, where a low-level clergyman became a holy roller overnight. All of the “Et in Arcadia ego” stuff probably factors into this as well. The period from the late 1800s to the end of the second world war, when the Vatican had the item(s) in its possession, was admittedly a dark era for the church as the Vatican pushed curiously irresponsible politics onto the world stage, up to and including its Reichskonkordat treaty signed with the Nazis.

What if the establishment of the modern Israeli state after the war was cover for the physical return of said item(s) to the holy land of Israel, and its continued presence there is the source behind the degrees of control enabled over foreign policy-makers elsewhere? It would have to be something comparable to what the Ark of the Covenant is supposed to represent, a real and frightening example proving the irrefutable existence of a powerful god beyond any shadow of a doubt, like Raiders of the Lost Ark for real. Something old world mystical and scary enough to make any world leader shut up and play along as told.

Something like Baphomet, the patron devil of secrecy. I think the Templars had found it contained somewhere beneath the Middle East centuries past, whomever originally captured the demon lost to the sands of time, with the demon’s presence wielded as a secret weapon by varying parties ever since. I’d even suggest that the Sandman character’s plight at the start of Neil Gaiman’s epic comic book series was an unknowing ode from the Collective Unconscious to this clandestine blasphemy. I propose that the Powers That Be in Israel have Baphomet bound, unveiling it on occasion like a show-pony to intimidate the captains of industry and leaders of men, but its influence is soberly proving to be very much a two-way street. They seek for it to do their bidding, but its malevolence seeps through nonetheless.

Christianity proved not ancient enough to successfully bind the demon, and the resulting industrialization and sociopolitical divides over the early decades of the 20th century met with the greatest war in the history of mankind. So, the decision was collectively made by those in the know to physically relocate Baphomet to where it was originally secured. Except that the wisdom of the ancients has miserably been lost. Today’s global political leaders, the wealthiest 1%, multinational CEOs and the like, all know of Israel’s secret, which would also explain how increasingly reckless they can all be with matters like the environment and the economy. Either they lost out to temptation and have bargained for their own personal enrichment, or they know all hope truly is lost. Maybe both.