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How To Tell A Young Nurse Practitioner You’re Head Over Heels For Her

Self-interest means depriving somebody somewhere of something, whether it be your thoughts, your time or your desperately needed assistance. Having nothing I give the universe its due.

I obsess with disallowing anyone from taking credit or blame for anything pertaining to me, and the older I get the more I feel I must trade the world for the universe. Would I dare accomplish nothing else, I share my notes here, understanding how comfort zones are segregationist. But we must not entertain the notions of love to understand people require each other. I’ve written for years on how those unloved domestic refugees are forced into endless migration. When the wealthy segregate themselves to private schools, exclusive clubs and gated communities, the concept of upwards mobility is ass-backwards. No different from interpersonal relationships, democratic governance is ideally about managing resources for the livelihood of its constituents, not about enriching personal interests of a division. Regardless of inconvenience, a country consists of its very peoples, any union of its heads counted and not their bank accounts or more vocal members.

Declaring exclusive, entitled ownership to each and every business opportunity around the globe, now that is a threat to national security, just as the assertion of ego dissolves any relation. Everyone reading Ed Snowden’s book should follow it up with Yasha Levine’s Surveillance Valley. And then they really need to smash their smart phones, stop purchasing online (period) and BDS Google and the rest of the FAANG plantation owners. Instead, people want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be entertained, and they want to believe someday they might get empowered as well, filthy rich or otherwise and worshiped by the rest. So they put up with the awful lot.

For all those enjoying the latest PGE power shutoffs across much of California, companies happily eat profits for public safety all the time, so the public is to presume ulterior motivations could not possibly be a thing. We keep hearing, and justly so, how attacks on domestic infrastructure would be the easiest way to cripple this country, but is it any different when it’s self-harm? It really smells like a public experiment. On one hand the denial of service against itself is costing the company money, but I’m sure there’s generous governmental funds to compensate, and reconnection fees for customers after the fact. On the other, poor neighborhoods depowered first? If safety were the issue they would be last. If history had been different Tesla’s offer of free electricity would be the norm, instead we live in a society where not being a paying customer for utility companies can get you evicted, while companies like PGE who have cost lives receive expanded authorities. I can tell those in the region to not drink the tap water around there right now but reality is tinfoil enough. Aspersions aside this could be the setting for The Crazies sequel they’ve all been waiting for. Beware, the mysterious cell towers and the city contractor trucks fumigating streets in the middle of the night, how they might be purposefully designed to interact with court-ordered meds and mandatory vaccinations. As it would be total bullshit for Alex Jones to ever get proven right about anything.

Marvelous occasion for some Purge cosplay though. Excepting how entertainment media is turning up the AC when the house is burning down. But the enforced blackouts serve as a fine example for what the public willingly endures, mistaking fear for respect. or compliance with civility.

I think what most defines Americans is the susceptibility for marketing. If news has the slightest whiff of being unflattering it is openly branded as fake altogether. Like teenagers, demanding their egos stroked endlessly or they know no sense of being. They are sworn to be special, as big brain poseurs commonly assert people from long ago were sight unseen less adept than persons today, based solely on the fact they weren’t blathering about themselves on Twitter. Contrary to this dime per dozen other cultist child’s spin, as well as beliefs of liberals/Democrats, Capitalists universally cannot grasp the concept of “enough” and they abhor, even outright deny consequences. There is no good Capitalism to save the day. People are deprived and suffering already *because* of deregulated free markets. The idea that finance can win the day is as silly as UBI, believing billionaires who pilfered their wealth from the masses will magically be willing to float said masses. As nonsensical as any cult. A society overworked and underpaid, unable to afford adequate education, healthcare or housing free of debt, for no other reason but that basic human rights have long become an afterthought to capital for the selfish. Leftism has absolutely nothing to do with for-profit anything. Questioning that meets with automatic ostracizing by the cult. The creature which begat the issues will never resolve the issues. Cancer won’t ever cure itself, however many people proclaim being in love with the idea of love. It all has to come down. It must.

But blame the patriarchy. Blame Russia. Blame the previous generation, anything to save Capitalism from bad publicity. Be so self-absorbed as to ignore how each gen has its divide, thinks it’s the only one aware of problems enough to fix them and succeeds only in complicating matters all the more. Teens of every gen are magically the only ones to ever feel as they do and the students of every gen are magically the only ones to think as they do. Playing video games is not changing the world, in the sense that perseverance does not encompass any escape.

In politics, everyone’s spiritual but not religious. Nobody describes themselves as extremist. Or as the bad guy. Capitalists never, ever do. I think that the people who don’t want to argue about politics, or much less even talk about them, are announcing they’ve no idea what’s going on. But people cherry-pick their political beliefs the exact same way they cherry-pick their religious beliefs, denying all the while there’s any cherry-picking whatsoever in effect in order to favor the brand, while clearly turning a blind eye to the awful lot their brand provides in spades. You cannot be an anarchist with a YouTube account. You cannot claim to be anti-establishment while writing for pay. I am online to preach outside my choir and my comfort zone, I am not here to make friends and I sure as shit am not here looking for handouts or validation or a hot date with a sexy little number. Persons worth knowing are never here, only representations of ego. As flighty as anything else which lacks consistency.

My principles are universal, my commitments are in real life, to the flesh and blood real world and the universe that carries us all. Words hold meaning and actions meet with consequences. Sometimes I cannot find anybody in the world who is either willing or able to understand that, and on those occasions I think I may realize the root problem to everything.