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Have Gun, Will Travel and Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

People attacking liberties of others are the ones who believe theirs are dependent exclusively on being faithful customers to arms dealers, from the neighbor to the government. If patriotism is susceptibility to the PR of lobbyists then freedom is the strength to not play a part. Safeguarding one’s own rights to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness is not contingent on denying those rights for others. Knives don’t mend, bombs don’t build and guns do not protect rights, they destroy them. Supremacists are only supreme when their egos are indulged.

It wasn’t the Russians, the Chinese or North Koreans or Iranians, the Palestinians or Venezuelans or Syrians or shoeless immigrant refugees from USA foreign policy anywhere else who killed dozens in El Paso and Dayton. It was freedom-hating patriots of the #USA.

Domestic attacks are not staged in the sense of actors, but I think they are sometimes orchestrated for the purposes of lessening civil rights while expanding militarization, with actual fatalities selling the pumping of fists and chest-beating. Franchising the effects of 9/11. Our government lies, going back decades through Republican and Democrat administrations alike, because every administration needs to maintain America’s largest revenue stream: selling weapons, like entitled sadomasochists profiteering from death. It perpetuates problems which have no reason to exist. Gun-owners in the USA are made so paranoid by their masters, they sincerely believe that a government whose revenue comes primarily from selling arms is ever in a zillion years coming for theirs. Confiscation and dismantling falls on the shoulders of concerned citizens who still maintain some sanctity for life. All 23 of us.

Killing anyone, an opponent, the competition, convicted felons or idealized stereotypes found in crowds of strangers foreign or domestic, doesn’t win a fight or a battle or a war. It’s admitting you have no ethical or moral justification to breach whatever divide. Even when it comes to provoked retaliation and revenge, punishment to maintain illusory balances of law and order, sparing lives is a thousand times crueler. When it comes to fighting, in private homes or in the streets or in military combat, every single participant fights for self-defense. Even as a preemptive action “might makes right” is never self-defense, it’s the rationale of rapists and bullies, of people who know they’ve no right to win. Laws won’t change people from being self-worshiping pricks though. We need something bigger, like a global EMP to knock even the most trivial cognition back down to the salts of the Earth.

An act of god would be nice.

All around the planet it’s always the god and country types doing the slaughtering. Not only is god not helping but he seems to always be on the side of the killers. And questioning the right to kill, to lessen the whole of the country, is to somehow go against the country. It can be argued that their god has a whole day set aside for judgment, and if they think he needs their help, then they lack real faith. Here’s what “Sell your cloak and buy a shield” should mean to Christians capable of context:

Love is cheap however, and logic won’t achieve much against people who can read the words “Thou shalt not kill” and see a but in there. Until they are willing and able to think, even just enough to exhibit the basic self-awareness supposedly separating mankind from beast, then perhaps their thinking should best be done for them. At least in regards to the one option they are apparently not free to decide for themselves. We are mysteriously obligated to have decisions regarding the many be made by an interested minority, because the majority of the masses are idiots and liars. But maybe societal problems do continue until we give those idiots and liars less cause or reward to be idiots and liars.

If such personalities carrying the burden of such worldviews would truly prefer the law of the jungle, where might making right is commonplace, then let them be ostracized from society altogether. You don’t have to use them or abuse them or give to them that which they give to the world. If someone, anyone, asserts their ego or the ego of their branding especially at the point of a gun, grant them only a denial of service. Do not employ them, do not rent to them and for fucksakes don’t cater to them. Whether it’s a stranger or a neighbor or the armed forces. Do not talk with them. Do not buy from them, do not sell to them. Do not entertain them. Do not vote for them. Do not help them and do not love them.

If they are truly superior they won’t need it anyway.