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God Is Not Dead But We Can Kill Him

Echo chambers, news bubbles, comfort zones, safe spaces and gated communities are all where homogeneous choirs subjectively weigh the merits of segregation and supremacy, but I love the idea they’ve more in common with rage rooms than escape rooms.

Marketing is the preference for lies, so those who’d choose to fear god sell themselves short as mere consumers wanting fictions rather than truths, in need of marketing themselves with fashioned avatars and proxies online and off to mask what they are instead of what they want. What defines orthodox religions is the belief in an afterlife, with hell existing to save us the trouble of punishing our villains and heaven existing to save us the trouble of rewarding our heroes. Rather than see those things through themselves, the faithful believe the hype. Because religion, any orthodoxy, is the opposite of personal responsibility. Persons insisting on proof that the product does as it claims are ostracized, as those who openly avoid accountability are given the car-keys, the keys to the city, and the keys to your virginal daughter’s chastity belt. In the noosphere of branding and promotions, the biggest fan is the biggest consumer, and those resistant to the trends of the moment are backwards, laughably uncool and going against the purported flowing, just begging to be burned at the stake. If you manage to survive without said product, then clearly something is wrong and evil about your self-dependence. Because marketing is also co-dependency. Liars do not need to be heard out, and the faithful do not need to give power over life and death to the unsubstantiated.

We’ve no need to believe in the general consensus, in the official narrative or the sanctioned party line, because all of our issues exist within that framework, quite noticeably. But relinquishing themselves of all but the easiest manner, praying for resolutions and mistaking problem-solving for wish-fulfillment, no different from voting for the latest cardboard cutout or updating to the newest variation of an old song and dance, saves them the effort of soiling their hands dealing with the issues viscerally.

Insisting that reality is anything other than what it is, is denying reality. Nobody is under any obligation to cater to the ego of anyone else. You want a personalized term for self-identification? It’s called a name, and chances are this inconsiderate world already provided you with that. If a thing bothers you, avoid it or confront it, but never presume it has anymore obligation to facilitate your good faith than you do for it. And if you feel you must lie for acceptance, your parents truly fucked up no matter how old you think you are. If you personally feel like shit, nobody is required to make you feel better or to indulge your fantasies. Sharing in any form of collective has nothing to do with self-pleasuring, but everything to do with what works for the rest of the whole. If your innermost desires set the rules, you are a supremacist.

Others flattering your self-perception is no need. Others liking you or even agreeing with you is important to nothing outside your own ego. Failure for whatever reasons to buy into the same sales pitches you favor is not an attack upon you or your beliefs. Identify as anything other than a face in the crowd and you are already lying to yourself. Every problem in this planet past, present and future comes down to somebody’s ego, that only what their preferred marketing purports can possibly make right.

If someone is down for waxing your ego, expect that they will want something in return for the troubles, although refusal to placate the fantasy of another is by no means oppression. Our societies of this western world are eager to misidentify that. Simply not getting your way is no infringement to actual rights. Basic human rights to life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness means not being lied to, cheated or stolen from, and it means you yourself not using or abusing anyone else either. Anymore than this is subjective.

Like pro-choice fanatics wanting their own bad decisions to warrant the same sympathies as victims of circumstances beyond their own control. Or staffing Congress entirely with homosexuals, while many would claim they have earned the right, there is no such thing as a right to subjugate others, which is the inevitable outcome whenever a select group is granted full controls. For that matter, if there ought not be taxation without representation, then the only ones taxed should be the only ones represented in Congress, the millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires. If a millionaire wants to identify as a Christian all it takes is paying some welders to make a sewing needle with an eye big enough to ride a camel through. If Trump can identify as a good person, then out of respect for their rights to self-identify all 5-year olds who declare themselves Batman should be arrested for vigilantism. It’d be a gas if reality gave what we wanted, but unless you put up your dukes to force your will, society does not exist to service you. And it is an act of self-denial to suggest that imposing one’s will is what decent people do to one another, what anyone short of supremacists do to others. If you want more than you honestly need, if you feel entitled to better than what you can barter or trade, better than what you might buy or sell, better than what you earn within the framework of whichever system you subsist inside, you do not want to be part of a society. You want to be the centerpiece to a cult with no personality but what your lack of self-dependence cajoles. If society will not bend over backwards for you and your desires, refusing to embrace the majesty of your favored brands or whatever your icons are pushing to save their own skins, you do have the right to leave.

Abject villainy is mandating the reality of others suit your desires. Even if it feels good by you and makes all the sense in the world to you, or if you are just deadest on believing it to be a necessity for your survival, what others personally think or feel about the marketing you’ve given your faith to, it neglects the actual thoughts and feelings of everyone else along with neglecting truth itself. If actions are not enough to define you, you give marketing too much credit, idealizing promissory notes over authenticity.

Equality would be abolishing the whip altogether, not taking control of it. There is no good supremacy, and there is no happy ending when sourcing the same logic. The slave taking his chains to strangle his master is a fun idea but it makes the slave a murderer reasons be damned. Any special interest group, no matter how politically correct, preaching to take over this or that doesn’t really get what equality means.

So you’ve arguably survived a harrowing ordeal, where you were demeaned, dehumanized and brutalized and lost all hope. Putting monsters responsible through the same bender neither undoes their actions or makes you any better a person. On top of your reasons for pain you added reasons for shame where none should be. They won’t learn from the experience, only becoming lionized for retaliation, upping antes along with gang wars and holy wars and political campaigns. If your life is in physical jeopardy then fight tooth and claw to stay alive. But going further than that is going too far down the shitter. You enlist in and thus grow the ranks of monsters in our society. As much as you might rationalize the conquest of another, consider their own rationalizations made just as much sense to them. Evil can be beaten without killing it, without loving it or forgiving it, and without becoming it. Or becoming something much worse. In the bible, every demon was once an angel. I’ve known my share of demons who couldn’t be further from angelic in nature or origin, but I didn’t have to replicate them to best them, or make them suffer enough to really go over the edge for the next hapless victim’s life to be utterly deposed of. Personal responsibility means neither using or being used, abusing or being abused. It means foregoing the roles of both master and servant, no matter the cause.

If truth matters, it won’t be found following any leaders, as they lead only to what they’d prefer to be the truth. Self-perception has as little place in mass consensus as does supremacy.