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Further Distancing, Lithe And Lissome From The Narrative

In a predictable conjoining of my self-evident work looking into the Russian troll factory hoodoo, title necessarily and poetically translated with Yandex, with my bombshell essay calling out the ridiculous party line of conservative voices being suppressed by the bigger social media platforms, the Russian social networking site VK has revealed its own true nature to my firsthand knowledge.

I am clearly no fan of social networking, online or honestly even in the real world. But with my work for USA Really, as a double-agent and a triple-agent, my secret mission took note of the obvious need to do what all freelance writers online do, insofar as promoting the site with the reach-around of the site promoting my work in turn. Being a weary-by-experience citizen journalist enough to know better, I opted to screen-cap everything going into my scheme. And approximately one week into the misadventure, I could count a total of 22 comments of mine that had been made to vanish by the mods and admins of VK, which purports to be the largest-trafficked website of Russia. More than half of these comments disappeared since the anti-narrative article went live, in the past 48 hours, and predominately ones made beforehand.

For perspective going into this, here is this back-story from Wikipedia concerning the young industrialist founder of VK, Pavel Durov:

On 1 April 2014, Durov submitted his resignation to the board; at first, due to the fact the company confirmed he had resigned, it was believed to be related to the Ukrainian crisis which started in February of the same year.[21] However, Durov himself claimed it was an April Fool’s Joke on 3 April 2014.[22] On 21 April 2014, Durov was dismissed as CEO, claiming he failed to withdraw his letter of resignation a month earlier.[23][24] Durov then claimed the company had been effectively taken over by Vladimir Putin’s political faction,[23][25] suggesting his dismissal was the result of both his refusal to hand over personal details of users to federal law enforcement and his refusal to hand over the personal details of people who were members of a VKontakte group dedicated to the Euromaidan protest movement.[23][25] Durov then left Russia and stated that he had “no plans to go back”[25] and that “the country is incompatible with Internet business at the moment”.[24]

Once registered into VK, I actually rather quickly chanced upon quite a number of expatriates from its American sibling Facebook, leftists one and all to varying degrees who were disgruntled by Zuckerberg’s tea party treating their contributions to his data-mining coalition like that of undocumented immigrant labor. Early this morning, I shared the irony of the Drudge’s then-screaming headline:

contrasted with this current news story about Google itself taking the initiative in so fastly renaming a building on its Maps feature after the recently deceased shit-stain shaped like a man, John McCain. Those few kindred among the VK user base appreciated such an obvious contradiction, of the biggest tech company of them all so bluntly raising a conservative ideologue as opposed to suppressing it, as commercial media is melodramatically obsessing over at the moment.

Unfortunately, miserably, vastly outnumbering those like-minded, disenfranchised voices exists entire communities (the VK equivalent of Facebook’s pages or groups) focused entirely on the seething prejudice and unfiltered animosity of Zionist, Neo-Nazi circle-jerking. So, a sizable portion of the comments I left on the posts of others were questioning the logic of such contrarians, responding to their calls for widescreen purging with rational statements along the lines of “As far as superiority goes, in genetics, the opposite of diversity is inbreeding.” And thusly, every single post of mine erased by forces beyond my control were those opposing these racist cowards. One post in particular, which I reposted from memory with rewording a second and third time after others noticed its continuing absence from their feeds, attempted to convey the irrationality of genocide. Essentially, I wrote that many Americans despise their own leadership, many Russians despise their own leadership, just as many Jews despise the Israeli state, as most of the people of the Earth are similar in being more focused with fretting over keeping their lights on and finding somebody to love than with genocide. And, that wiping out an entire peoples for the fallacies of its leadership is no different from bombing a church to take down the pedophile pastor inside, because it kills the biggest victims of the perpetrator in the doing. Which is completely fucking true. But which met with such vitriolic bile by so many brave Nordic warriors and the like as to prompt this post, which did not last a full day:

This as but one of several examples noticeably was not calling out anyone or any one community, but instead fairly diplomatically questioning ideologies which just so happened to be prevalent therein at VK. Along with quite a lot of porn, strangely, with nary a filter to be found. But following the sudden uptick in my deletions of the last day and after exchanging webmail addresses with wizened parties, I made the decision to brazenly do this:

Now, some persons, lambs eager to rationalize their own impending slaughter, may look at all of this and think, “Well there we go, if the Russians are deleting commentary that conflicts with the status quo then clearly they are just manipulating all data like we always knew.” Yet truthfully, no matter how unpalatable many find such revelation it is public record that the 2016 US Presidential election as well as the Brexit referendum were deeply affected not by Russian agency but by right-wing American and British billionaires. For what I myself experienced, I meet with no other conclusion but that Russian oligarchs, their own technocrats, must also have business arrangements in motion with right-wing corporate mastheads such as the SCL Group. And that VK is in fact no different from Facebook or Google or Twitter or the other digital town squares in relentlessly striving with all its looted wealth for the promotion of undemocratic, far-right sociopathy because nobody in their right mind would reasonably vote to just hand over their life and liberty on a silver platter to the most self-serving people alive today. If employees of the digital socials feel differently, it is for the same reasons that other cultists fail to see their own false messiahs with objective eyes. Brand loyalty is political partisanship is religious zealotry; all being seamlessly synonymous.

The SCL Group itself is so busy with promoting hatred and fear that it cannot be arsed to use its apparent mastery of weaponizing digital information to clean up a dead-link on its own website, for the lone social media account it holds:

So, your free citizen journalism for the day or week or whatever is this conclusion that came from my own rolled up sleeves, that the manipulation of online personae is by no means limited to the English-speaking networks, because greed knows no bounds.