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Freedom’s Just Another Word

Until recent generations, passion for *anything* other than consumerist dogmatism of personality cult centerpieces was within humanity’s capacity, separating us from animals. The modern inability to forgo being products of environments reintegrated mankind into the animal kingdom. Maybe a society structured to operate only for profit is an asinine idea.

If the IDF were warned by US intel back in November, what prevented the US government from also warning media outlets around the world at the time? Why was the President 3 months later still telling American citizens it was a hoax?

With over 300 million Americans yet to be tested despite months of the virus in circulation, it is our own USA government that has done the most to help it spread. Facts neither can or will contest this. The rest of the planet should be outraged by our schizophrenic ignorance allowing the virus to perpetuate and evolve, especially when survival does not mean immunity. As long as the entire federal government continues to exist outside of Gitmo, I don’t believe the American people are honestly sick and tired of any of it, regardless of tweet-storms to the contrary.

And in spite of the enmity given freely and openly to them, it’s not China insisting we return to proper society and spread it around some more. They already stopped buying our recycling, forcing it all to pile up in landfills thanks to Trump’s pre-virus tariffs. Without their investors and audiences Hollywood would close down entirely, and then Americans would really get antsy and sweat bullets, losing their shit and their marbles all at once. The actual threats are the opportunistic pricks. The Declaration of Independence’s guarantees of life, liberty and pursuits of happiness had no mandate for any of it to be profitable, and this is not a partisan thing. The entire government is failing the people in favor of profiteering our circumstances, when the concept that economics are more important than human life is the root rationale for slavery. The opposite of freedom. Attempted suicide is a felony unless there’s money in it. The prisoner actually is just a number after all. I’ve no desire to endanger myself just to fulfill the President’s ego and I’ve no desire to endanger others just so I can get some fast food. Instant gratification being worth a few deaths is maniacal horseshit. A life purposed entirely for instant gratification is always short-sighted. Don’t get pissed at those trying to save lives, but at those belittling lives. Officials less concerned with testing and feeding and protecting everybody than with signing over resources to opportunists wanting you to work in a pandemic are not looking out for your best interests. The flag is there only to distract you from common sense.

Inconvenience is not subjugation either. Lethal force is for those with no ethical ground to stand on, under any circumstances. Militias are anti-democratic and self-centered. All those clutching weapons like pearls in a pandemic are not experiencing a holocaust, but they do seem eager to initiate one anew.

In the same breadth as corporations somehow seeing more stimulus monies than individuals or small businesses, individuals were blocked early from price-gouging despite bigger companies somehow still getting away with it. Monopolists are not made from good intentions or virtue. Despite the hero-worshiping enjoyed by the self-entitled, real heroes give til it hurts. You sacrifice for your own salvation or for the salvation of others, but there is no salvation in this world free of sacrifice. We choose to exploit others or to allow ourselves to be exploited by others, to abuse or be abused, but there is a third alternative to victimizing or victimized. We can also choose to exploit ourselves. What can you make yourself do when nobody else might possibly take blame or credit. Don’t thank god for your hard work, and don’t blame the devil when you fuck things up. If you can’t meet your standards of success without others taking the blame or taking a dive or paying out the ass, then your success is also owed to them.

Trump’s nonsense that the pandemic will just magically go away has no basis in reality. Identifying what and where the problem is is necessarily the first step on any road to recovery. Deflection solves no problems, from personal issues to fucking geopolitics. Even he admits that more testing would make the USA look bad, because obviously more people would be found infected. Anyone can be an asymptomatic carrier, meaning that everyone in the country could already be infected. There’s been false-negative scoring due to non-universal standards and applications, people scared to go to hospitals and persons in denial about any symptoms they do show. And if you survive the ordeal you can contract it all over again. Re-opening proper society’s public spaces when there is no guarantee of immunity is genocidal. Any voice prompting it is stupid, evil or both. We’ve survived this long without manufacturing continuous revenue for inherited wealth and con-artists. Get the 6-pack abs, write poetry. Meanwhile, Trump avoids masks as though he were incapable of either spreading it or contracting it. Nothing but arrogance, ignorance and vanity, unless he knows something the public does not. As one-dimensional as the people who rightfully find error in Trump while still insisting Capitalism can be a positive thing, American governance is nothing but competing business interests, with marketing selling it as anything but. The parties ultimately clash only over who can see the biggest financial returns on investments, and the money at stake buys much more than commercials. So fucking what if they should desire further profits.

Considering the free meal ticket and lifetime get out of jail free card enjoyed by military apparati of the USA, black budgets of vanishing trillions notwithstanding, this culture boils down to the defense of corpses. The prioritization of war profiteering over its own well-being. The people are the last things of America to be liquidated. Its status quo is wholly indefensible, refusing any blame while awarding itself undue credit for the toils of others. If all resource had not been spirited away from the people who could and should be sustained by it, Doctors Without Borders would not be having to help the Navajo on domestic soil.

We only address how bad the ego is when coming from persons granted authority, yet even then the majority are programmed to rationalize in favor of the branding which sold them, to the extent of their most personal detriment. It was western billionaires who did all the election tampering of recent years that the Russians were accused of, Neocon Robert Mercer and Neolib Mark Zuckerberg aligning not for Communism but for lucrative opportunity, and the liquidation sale continues unfettered. There is no Capitalism without scapegoats. We need more than just a physical revolution, we need a nationwide ideological awakening, a humbling so incontrovertible no marketing might spin it. While we find ourselves pulled over on this road less traveled, we may as well give the road-map another look-see, because we are fucking not getting there. Check the light that says maybe we don’t honestly require Presidents. If it’s running on fumes we can refill it with sweat, blood and tears, all of which know no end as long as we’re self-propelling. Because when you’re not independent then you’re codependent, and we all know there are no third options allowed at the debates.