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For the Sake of Turning New Leafs Rather Than Turning Blind Eyes, Palestinian Perspective

Royally peeved by the Palestinian government’s desperate pleas for the International Criminal Court in the Hague to at long last investigate the atrocity committed hourly in Gaza by the Israeli government and military, the voices in Trump’s bloated head have unanimously elected to close the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in DC, as well as redirecting the meager aid given to the Palestinian peoples instead to the Israeli government, which already receives an estimated 10 million per day from the US, free of charge. All because the US government has had enough of the supposed foreign meddling conducted by the Palestinians and the ICC. And Russia, and China, and anyone else who might even vaguely question the logic of US business interests grasping at the hip of the Israel state’s Teflon-drenched ambitions.

Meanwhile in an abandoned factory out by the docks, journalist Ben Norton examines Mark Zuckerberg’s public confession of his Facebook company having always existed as a tool for the US government to control information and counter foreign actors, with Zuckerberg even bragging about interfering in both Russian and German politics, while seeing no conflicting ideals to signing on with a noted NeoCon war-profiteer to serve as a fact-checker for Facebook’s own news-feeds.

And not only Facebook, but Google and its subsidiary platform YouTube all evidently respond quite positively to up to 95 percent of Israeli requests to delete content it finds objectionable, contrary to all of their respective Terms of Service agreements, as well as the first amendment rights for Americans, although the deletions occur globally. Even nations who have been on the defensive for years against unprovoked US and Israeli forces, experience suppression courtesy of the working relationship between the Israeli state and US-based tech companies, so that western audiences are further frustrated from learning truth behind current and ongoing geopolitics. US-based multimillionaire execs are even free to contract Israeli intelligence firms explicitly to attack US citizens on US soil.

This right-winged xenophobia common to all Capitalist endeavors is best on display in how Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeatedly refers to all African refugees as infiltrators, insisting they either return to Africa (whether their home nations specifically or elsewhere in the continent) or spend the rest of their lives in prison in Israel, regardless of having never actually committed any definable crime. Even when those refugees were fleeing colonizing, pillaging efforts enabled and conducted by US and/or Israeli forces, or the tech companies implored by both ever so hungry for more carbon, more copper, more blood diamonds; none of which these invasive parties have any earthly claim to. When mainstream platforms are owned and fully controlled by bullies, mainstream narratives cannot be accepted at face value.

Thanks to the reporting from Telesur, which is currently suffering embargoes by the US federal government, it has come to light that Israeli spies operated within US domestic borders to create divisions between the Black Lives Matter movement and any pro-Palestinian initiatives, likely in cooperation with the FBI who has openly spied themselves on both efforts under the guise of safeguarding against domestic terror.

By the logic of such power-mongers, those pursuing peace are always cattle-branded as terrorists.

Yet where are the examples of Palestinian tech companies interfering in US politics? Of Palestinian spies carjacking anti-militarization movements or shadowy Palestinian intelligence firms contracted by native wealth to attack US citizens on US soil? Where are the examples of Palestinian business interests invading foreign countries, stealing their resources while forcefully displacing untold thousands, if not millions? When in recent decades has Palestine ever had the wealth necessary to meddle abroad, controlling information and countering foreign actors? When was the last time Palestinian funds bought a sitting US politician?

Vilified by Brexit-endorsed US Presidents, the European Commission is pushing these same tech firms to comply with its own wishes of removing objectionable content; the same tactics for the same ends as those pursued by the EU’s detractors in the west. The only real division between the EU and the US is in the competing billionaires they answer to.

The things which the Trump administration, speaking on behalf of business interests of the US government as well as of the purportedly helpless Israeli state who incidentally is gifted more from Uncle Sam’s tax-payer revenue streams than Uncle Sam spends on his own federal WIC program for struggling new mothers, charges the Palestinians and the ICC with doing can easily be proven as coming from inside the house. Just as how the accusations of Russian trifling with the US-based digital socials can actually be publicly attributed 100% to agencies based in the UK and Israel, allies of the US themselves, so too can these insinuations made against the victims of the US and Israel be easily shown as sourced from within the US and Israel. Considering over half the nations on Earth are signers to the ICC, almost as many nations suffering the ongoing presence of foreign US military bases, is this a possible origin point for WW3?

I really think it deserves to be, which is possibly the only thing that everybody can agree on.