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Firing Words Over The Heads of Debutantes and Their Cults

If cosmos is greater than community, as my aunt Cindy asserts and there is no unselfish rationale to believe otherwise, then we cannot favor the luscious lips of creation only to spite the face. If allegiances and unions are merely the sum of their incomplete parts then the view of the forest, rather than from, is that the trees only comprise the forest. The participants are emblematic of the whole but the whole is not emblematic of its participants. We know this to be true, because we cannot help but to see cultural differences in our own black sheep, our brethren dropouts and hermits and similarly unembraced members of the whole, when contrasted by the whole. Whether by choice or by circumstance, the frankness of their being is regarded by participants of the whole to be as offensive as a stench, with the more uncomfortable themselves perpetually being the most vocal about adhering to standards of the whole. As though independence were a foreign tongue, when black sheep are generally black sheep due to a lack of required zeal for the ways of the whole or due to a direct exposure of the more unpleasant effects of the ways of the whole, with causes often intertwined in such a way as to bind them from any control over whichever predicament arising in the latest impossible scenario life only ever offers in spades. Consigned to rejection by the whole, while expected to contribute to the whole. If we want to live in a truthful society, then we must stop gate-keeping on behalf of favored, respectively insular gated communities of segregated safe spaces, comfort zones, news bubbles and echo chambers, stop feeding ourselves excuses, exemptions and allowances. There is no ‘but’ in all or nothing, no one is partially created and no one sometimes dies from this Earth.

Nobody is the star of the show, no matter how cool we may think we are or how sympathetic the branded promotions or how desperately we just want to rip apart her yoga pants.

Despite being altogether dependent upon the whole, icons, those celebrated, like-minded centerpieces to whichever cult of personality, feign the importance of the whole, of its once or future greatness, because without it they earnestly have nothing. Should we instead prefer their preference to live as parts of a deceitful rather than truthful society, where goddamn right will the masses cater to themselves with circle jerk team spirit fan service coming out the wazoo, then by all that is holy do we forgo any inalienable rights to being taken seriously or credible as good people, whether privately or socially. The idea that good is an objective thing itself is what makes any integration sustainable, because when components separately define what is good then by default do they separately define what is bad. At which point would any allegiance or union then become emblematic for a subjective thing itself, as opposed to objective. What gathers them is as real as a lie, as ultimately they each remain, contrary to the functions of the whole, impersonal servants for enriching themselves, or their most favorite ideology, product or service to lose their identities in. Brand loyalty is political partisanship is religious zealotry. universally are they purposed only with dividing from the whole while perpetuating their fan-fictions of majority rule, by declaring self-interest or private interests to be more important than everything relating to the actual whole. The chicken removed from its head can only run around for so many hours though, before finally collapsing in its own shit and mire.

What affects a speck of dust in the universe is never as important as that which might affect all of the universe, just as a disappointing personal investment in the time and/or space of an artificial culture’s byproduct is never the comedy of millions scattered among the global population having no choice but to live without power, in regards to either their body politic or its always commandeered utilities. A dead celebrity is never the tragedy of a Yemeni genocide, and so focusing on that specific tree with any allotment of space and/or time only spites the face of humanity. Basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not incremental, nor should they be dependent upon any scheduling or popularity contest. Unlike even the downcast dropouts and hermits still existing within the boundaries of the whole of society, the people who fulfill their own needs for lack of want exist wholly outside the whole of society. Acting on behalf of the fear and loathing well-versed by all inferiority complexes, arbitrary walls coordinated by trendsetting icons bar any witness from these proceedings, finger-pointing scapegoats beyond for the well-being of the greater community, with such unknowable persons outside the treeline presumed to be the epitome of deprivation, rather than the only free souls alive today.

Or are you free to throw out your phones? Watch TV series instead of bettering yourself, because swearing to yourself how you have earned the right is copy/paste how nobody actually contributes to society in any meaningful way. Give your full attention, resources and all, to social media, to games, to toys, to sports, to the pills which billions of people before your time never needed to get through their days, because your leaders and heroes inform you that these institutions somehow need it more than the fellows laughably starving to death here in the 21st. You gave at the office, right? So your part is done, right? You’re not one of those rapists or murderers or bankers so you deserve some me-time now and then, right? It’s all fantasy, frustrated over working so hard for what little you have, and so deciding to condemn those struck even worse by the same forces making you work so hard for what little you have.

But, would love be real, then it could and should be a power on par with wealth, the most prized of fetishes. The downcast would be upraised to equal footing and the outsiders, presuming others exist, might find cause to participate. However, just as revenue streams flow by utter happenstance unnaturally uphill, so too does love find itself redirected through glamour indulged by the ignorant masses far and away from those who deserve it. The needful get denigrated as needy, while the needless are required to have it all based only on face value or fervency of flag-waving, as opposed to value systems of definable principles. We cannot entertain any fraction of it. In fact we must be offended by the very prospect, and as this is not the case anywhere within the whole, then love is not in actuality real, and this whole society of yours is abruptly false in each and every respect. The excuses, exemptions and allowances, whether publicized and popular or whispered as exhaustive promises into lonely bedding in the middle of the long night, are proof positive of this pretension. Lies must be shared in order to exist, whereas truth stands on its own regardless of audience, regardless of interpretation or fanfare. Because, unlike love or wealth, truth is universal, and thus the lone thing worthy of sacrifice.

It may be demonized or demonetized, but its nature can never be changed. Meanwhile, this modern, industrialized civilization is nothing more than a contest to see who can best rationalize, who can best justify, their own brunt self-centeredness. Failure to effectively play the charade leads to demonization as well as demonetization, to neither love or wealth, while blanket refusal to participate means nothing more than never using or abusing others, and never allowing oneself to be used or abused by others, including their ideologies, products and services. Not a bad trade-off at all, regardless of what your overstuffed scarecrows have to say.