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FDA & EPA, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

First comes ‘love’, which as Frank Zappa once quipped can be swapped out for ‘drugs’ in all popular music.

Dan Nosowitz reports on shocking new evidence pertaining to the underestimated scale in which a known cancer-causing carcinogen can be found across much of the foods we eat. And that the agencies tasked with watch-dogging this sort of thing in the USA for the benefit of the public, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food & Drug Administration, would both appear to be led by senior officials who don’t really seem too incredibly concerned with keeping the public alive.

Because mass sacrifices to Mammon are what we are all here for.

The specific chemical in question, Glyphosate, is widely used in Monsanto products despite the World Health Organization declaring it to be a probable carcinogen several years ago. The previous US President, Obama, appointed Monsanto executive attorney Michael Taylor to head the FDA. In seamless continuity, the current President, Trump, appointed Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the EPA, a stooge who has sued that agency repeatedly in the past on behalf of corporate interests.

For many years, the tin-foils among us pushed the idea of fluoride in public drinking water, and were soundly mocked for it. Until eventually it came out that there is indeed fluoride and quite a few other questionable chemicals in the water we bathe our babies in.

Whistling past graveyards in the dark here, but what if fluoride and glyphosate are designed to react in particular ways? Could this explain why the majority of Americans feel the need to take happy pills?

Could the duo become a purposeful trio when then mixed with whatever is in the chem-trails above us, presuming chem-trails are not actually chemical agent “bug sprays” designed to clandestinely keep aliens at bay beyond orbit?

What if these chemicals, when reconstituted within our bodies, form a nano-virus which is later triggered by HAARP signals, like Mexican jumping beans absorbing the warmth of your hand or your significant other’s anus? Not to sound perverse, but what could possibly be more perverse than the basic premise of unelected officials deciding legal limits for how much lethal chemical compounds can be used upon the public without any lick of labeling as such? Why use the chemical at all?

What if none of this is accidental. What if the rosy-crossed, illuminated agent provocateurs of the Renaissance understood quite well that transforming lead into gold was as symbolic as any other formula; in this instance the legendary alchemical/metaphysical pursuit a mere symbol for the long-term social-engineering (social reverse-engineering?) of transforming the soft grey matter of our species into little fairer than lucrative commodity?

Capitalism, the mandatory game where all players get a Mickey!