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Fascination Street or Coronation Street

Joint subcommittee members find themselves throbbing over modernity’s failure to recall why they should battle not with monsters. Despite best efforts by the more lucrative GMOs, the erstwhile copiousness of the seed remains doubleplusgood.

But forgetting for a moment or a hundred lifetimes that life is the only actual currency, as have the smart cookie cryptocurrency cultists presently locked out of millions because their exchange founder has died, a quote unquote mindfulness tech startup has hit the prized billion-dollar valuation, obtaining fabled unicorn status. Tantric sex with trained ballet dancers or Reiki instructors is guaranteed to produce positive results, and while enabling no data collections or manipulations, but as there’s no earthly way to profit from such endeavors then emphasis must be promoted to treasured unicorns. Spiritually similar to the societal overlooking of how tomb raider is completely synonymous for grave robber.

Elsewhere, Florida residents mistake wreckage of Molotov’d boat people for something more enticing. Aesthetics mean so very much more to those with heads planted in the clouds than do real people experiencing truest Hell. They will like you on Facebook, ‘fugees. Just as the highest calling of nuns kneels (as opposed to stands) revealed before the world-stage full of sounds and furies, validating by some measure the existence of nun-porn despite the grim reality of even the least soiled habits being the most undesirable wretches one would ever hope to frig off to. Religious work is textbook sadomasochism without the rape or infanticide.

A man who with utmost certainty indeed wacks to wooden rulers, incensed as he is by the prospects of defining his identity without disposable products at his disposal to magically answer on his behalf, is Matthew Walther. With righteous indignation he asserts that refusing to hoard is somehow actually a defense for consumer fetishism. For my noticeable lack of money, what nobody expresses in regards to the reality television shows obsessed with hoarders and hoarding, is how such persons are basically just trying to get their money’s worth. Deep down inside, on some level they must surely know shame and are aware that spending everything on replaceable garbage is neither just or proper, so they allow themselves a lingering grasp at the rubble and the rubbish, hoping and dreaming and praying to be rewarded a validation for their wasted lives, their exhausted energies. This collecting of collections fills the bottomless void not the slightest, yet respectable society assures and reassures its most wanted players that mandatory participation through compulsory turnings of blind eyes and deaf ears, always turning and turning to distract away from the painfully obvious, is the only way to salvation.

What if it’s not that property is theft, but rather that possession is an arbitrarily manufactured syntax? Frightened to pieces by the intangible natures of the universe, you embrace deluding fictions offered through pop cultures or political factions as tangible. A hand to desperately, feebly, hold onto, as it pulls you into incontrovertible madness. Preschool is in session.