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Exulansis Ops

Weeks ago, almost two-dozen young climate activists were able to challenge the federal government in court, hoping to put a halt to fossil fuel development on public lands. They were shot down however, with attorneys representing the USA government admitting on record something media here in the west has since largely ignored. To be fair, the outcome of the hearing was largely ignored as well.

This is certainly no random discrepancy, as the Trump administration has actually ramped up governmental efforts to sell off public lands, with thousands of acres across multiple states already privatized in his presidency thus far. And largely to multinational business interests, meaning that to make America great again is to sell it off to foreign initiatives, which no red pill type seems all too bothered over. In the DAPL protests of the previous administration, private security contractors, aka militia with a payroll, fought side by side with law enforcement against the people protesting the oil companies destroying land owned by private citizens to lay pipework for plundering oil from public properties. But this climate lawsuit shows the government has grown more unabashedly willing and able to side with corporate interests even in the cases where said corporations have no earthly claim over the properties in question, despite the government in fact having the legal authority to tell corporations what to do about climate change. Managing resources for the betterment of its peoples is literally the core function of a democratic government. Today, property is not merely theft; it is pure mythology. Anything and everything can be taken from you. You yourself can be taken away as well, with every fascist authoritarian from domestic law enforcement, to the military to the Intelligence Community all running their own illegal black sites where thousands upon thousands of troublemakers have been made to vanish without judge or jury.

But the point I wish to make is how the government publicly stated its citizens have no rights to a climate capable of sustaining human life, especially not when it may run contrary to private profiteering by the multimillionaires, the billionaires and trillionaires. And I feel this is a huge point, one that directly runs counter to any promise of life, liberty or pursuits of happiness. Why indulge this government at all, if it openly admits to having no inclination whatsoever for safeguarding the livelihoods and well-being of its own citizenry? I mean, people are free to not believe science, but it means siding with forces that simply do not care if anyone, climate activists or their deniers, live or die. Why defend an agency that so freely disregards your own life?

Why defend the financial class that is unwilling to see you as anything other than stepping stone means to ends? The fact that billionaires are not tarred and feathered in the streets shows the complacency of the general public. Not only is the general public not fighting back, but the idea they extend to the billionaires alone supreme authority to decide who is allowed to live or die, when nobody should have such a right, certainly not the most selfish among us, shows how the general public deserves what they get.

South of such greedy exploitations, along the border shared with Mexico, other sock-puppets for Uncle Sam have declared that detained immigrants must not be guaranteed safe and sanitary living conditions including things most citizens of the USA take for granted, such as beds, hygienic aids and basic medical care. Social media of course is busting its seams with rightwing voices defending the statements, persons proud of voting ‘right to life’ while casually forgoing any dogma concerning presumed innocence until proven guilt even when it means tax dollars spent on torturing children to death. Obviously, the business interests funding the politicians responsible want only to see returns on their investments, by adding cannon fodder to the slave caste whose blood oils the for-profit detainment centers and the for-profit prison industrial complex alike, as well as to instigate further lucrative warring abroad. Most Americans seem fine with the idea that illegal aliens deserve these hardships, that the desperate journey for a safe harbor is somehow an unforgivable sin, and any demand for basic human rights should be demeaned as nonsensical commie-speak. Justifying their own bigotry to the point of aching contradictions galore, pridefully announcing themselves as too ignorant to see how their own government views them, the flag-waving, god-fearing taxpayers, with equally low regard.

Until I see the purported “good guys” of government getting arrested for fisticuffing such hypocrites on the senate floor, it is clear to me that no elected official is truly helping anything but their own campaign funds. The Third Reich was not defeated by democratic individuals seeking out employment opportunities within its eschaton of machinery. The Justice Department was established in 1870 specifically to deal with the KKK, yet today more police officers than not are members themselves, or at the very least, great fans. Congress officially signed into law the Ku Klux Klan Act in 1871 explicitly to give authorities the legal resources to combat terrorists, yet only in recent years has the FBI finally begun to add white supremacist groups to the terror watch-list. In the same sense of power irrefutably corrupting all that it gropes, those in government now are there explicitly to do the things which nobody under any circumstances should ever wield governance for.

Socialist hero bringing product placements to the House, yet again, instead of cold-cocking co-workers funding the Yemeni genocide. Do an image search of Elizabeth Warren + Dunkin Donuts to see how often this shit goes by off the radar.

Leftwing ideology is concerned with putting the needs of others first in all matters, whereas rightwing ideologies prioritize their own wish-fulfillment before the needs of others. There is no leftist presence in any position of power within the USA, because selfishness dominates, dominates to the extent of liberals and Democrats today being Capitalists at the end of the day, with all rightwing ideologues turning on each other whenever the opportunity arises because any selfishness can only possibly unite people for the duration of an erection. The far-right physically worship anyone in a uniform, yet the state senate of Oregon are currently filibustering and sequestering themselves, with conservative members neglecting their sworn duties in favor of standing with armed militias threatening to murder any officer of the law attempting to prompt these conservatives into doing their hired functions. All for no better reason but to resist voting in a cap and trade against the financial interests of their own corporate backers. Negligible precautions to scale back on pollution might cut into the profits of billionaires, so rightwing idiots are fingering their triggers in outrage, threatening the lives of public servants while giving themselves virtual high-fives for the effort of not doing their fucking jobs of serving the public trust. Vocally preferring to idiotically enact the selfishness of their billionaire masters at the eventual expense of their own life, at the expense of their own futures. Not only is the “America first” supremacy sorts accepting of the notion of the billionaires alone deciding who may live or die, but they are willing to murder their own if it might quicken that end. Which is of no considerable difference across yonder sea. Because even a fascist’s most diplomatically centrist, two-state final solution always ends as my way or the highway, regardless of the accentuation or press junket accolades or unwashed masses distracted by daydreams of getting paid to scribble online lists of their favorite toys.

How is any of this defensible? You must openly and directly oppose the federal government of the USA, and you must do this relentlessly, at every turn. Do not indulge them by any means, do not seek some theoretical middle ground, and do not kid yourselves any longer. It exists for no other purpose but for you to die. Its followers cannot be dealt with by reason, being so profoundly offended by the idea of recycling, and so ready to believe that shoeless immigrant children are here only to rape and murder while spreading drugs and disease as part of some communist plot because evidently it was foreign governments wot created American corruption rather than patriotic American businessmen who are oh so fucking busy being rugged individualists stockpiling government handouts and tax write-offs, but by the grace of god do they find time to sign any paychecks so that their workers might have tuppence to trade for baubles. Fuck every last one of them, their insanity, their righteous indignation so actively weaponized against everyone who might ever come to know what “need” genuinely means. They are not your friends, and this is not a democracy. If you want to live, then you absolutely must fight. Not by art, hashtags or votes, but by pain and by sorrows brought to life.