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Ex nihilo nihil fit

Maybe the noosphere of the Collective Unconscious is pulling double-time, or maybe I know a thing or two about a thing or three. Which is spine-tingling in and of itself, for sure.

Only recently I proposed that the Zero Point Energy drive mentioned in a select few of the Podesta documents released by Wikileaks might in fact also actually be the Vril energy form sought by the Nazi esoterics of decades past. And that American forces may have clandestinely re-appropriated secret Nazi bases in the arctic to the north and the antarctic to the south, to further the research and development of arcane energies and experimental technologies safely away from prying eyes. All of which I accept reads as though my steady influx of black coffee and marijuana has taken its toll, but for that more evidence exists to support my claims than does to support pizzagate or whatever the hacktivist pups are on about this month.

Jeffrey Eppstein clearly had ties to the Clintons and the Trumps and several other wannabe autocrats, but the notion of coded pizza parties is sillier than these cretins are capable of. Money enables one to fuck anything just as it enables one to kill anything, but that probably precludes any nudge nudge wink wink television commercials or Satanic rituals, not that their lot does not prefer for their shopping to be an experience, reclining and sipping champagne while having the inventories brought forth, etc. The suppression of the bigger sins precludes all of that, even in terms of self-censoring. As I have noted before, whereas Neoliberals project their biases and grievances, Neoconservatives particularly suppress them altogether. I am not saying that billionaire pedophilia is impossible, to the contrary actually, but I am saying that no concrete evidence, no remnant whatsoever of such activities perpetrated by such parties would ever in a million years find its way onto any online social media network. Our caste system never intermingles socially, so why should the digital realm be any different?

How evils can grow to be so grand in scale is due entirely to heavily-controlled limitations of how far news spreads and who is allowed to remain both alive and knowing. Not everybody is the idiot posting each and every tawdry fragment of their life online. Some just know better, while others possibly had the advance warning that comes from overseeing a surveillance state joined at the hip to big business issuing press releases right and left concerning the joys of the approaching Internet of Things.

Mainstream media is reporting that Thule Air Base, America’s northernmost military installation, is to receive a 40 million dollar facelift, over exaggerated fears of North Korean missile strikes. The article says nothing of the dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds, of American military bases in closer proximity to North Korea, especially those with activities that may or may not be viewed as a more abrupt threat to the North Korean government. The article does however make the bogus claim that the Thule base was “originally built as a buffer during the Cold War”. Wikipedia plainly states that Thule was established in 1943, when American forces were allied with Russian forces.

Located in northern Greenland just a short UFO skip away from my theorized former Nazi base in northern Norway, the Thule Air Base is publicly the headquarters to the 12th Space Warning Squadron, and is part of the 21st Space Wing operation under the jurisdiction of Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, itself just a short UFO skip away from Area 51 and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

But just as the news hits from left field of the Thule Air Base undergoing plastic surgery, billionaire Robert Bigelow is inadvertently quoted elsewhere as saying that he is absolutely convinced of an extraterrestrial presence right here somewhere on Mother Earth. Interestingly, Bigelow is also mentioned in Wikileaks docs, particularly referenced as trying to communicate with fellow UFO connoisseur John Podesta.

And in arguably related news The Shadow Brokers, believed by some to be former NSA agents, are saying that they plan to release more code in coming months should they find the right price. The last time they unfurled hacked NSA codes, the result was the global cyber-attack of ransomware branded WannaCry. But let me evidently be the very first person anywhere online to posit this theory, that WannaCry may not have been the first public usage of this NSA exploit. In the week leading up to Trump’s presidential inauguration, the police surveillance system in Washington DC came under attack, with much of the network down for the count for several days on end, in what would prove to be rather effective lines of ransomware. What if the attack on the DC police was a trial run, or even the origin point for WannaCry?