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Empathy Is Dead, Long Live Empathy

For years I’ve said that labels and synonymously divisive branding are like teeth, in that mankind has more than it honestly needs. Most often when labels are attacked for being wrong, the attack itself is mistaking personal validation for social justice, mistaking a challenge to their ego as a threat to their well-being and mistaking any lack of subservience as a lacking empathy. Persons who are authentically self-dependent do not have to share in a society, but we do all need to share a reality. So many blind eyes turned inwards is precisely what allows one-eyed dicks to play king. Empathy has been dead since the real singularity, when the advent of TV compelled more persons than not to receive more stimuli from artificial culture than reality, leaving standards to be based on fictions and fantasy as opposed to blood, sweat and tears.

I find less and less room for parties obsessively pretending that anything is alright, as anger should only grow and grow no matter how futile. Fuck all gods with the lubricant of tears.

Emmanuel Macron is just now realizing the United States of America may not have the best interests for NATO at heart, when NATO never served any purpose other than to challenge Russia on Uncle Sam’s behalf. But Russia’s pipeline costs Europe less than what’s on sale from Uncle Sam’s other “allies” in the Middle East. Capitalism is the divider, even domestically where trade tariffs are prompting farm bankruptcies on par with the Great Depression. America, made great again for sadists. Tariffs hurt actual domestic producers, not corporate looters enjoying loopholes and exemptions, paying elected politicians to reward them with tax write-offs for tax avoidance schemes and outsourcing. While Amazon paid 0 tax on 11.2 billion in profit last year, a Michigan man was less than ten dollars short on his local taxes, entitling his county’s government to seize his home, auction the property and keep every cent of the profits.

While the basic premise of realizing Democratic governance probably should be of the people, by the people and for the people is picking up steam elsewhere once more, I was proposing the lottery party a decade ago. The fact any and every electable position is not staffed along the lines of jury duty shows that in the eyes of the law, not all men are created equal. The popular adage that “it takes money to make money” only applies to politicians. We as a society could guarantee great educations for everyone, which would make this actually feasible. But intangible gateways exist to assure the government provides lucrative investment opportunities rather than equality. The whole shenanigan is a Ponzi scheme, the largest in history. When financial power can regularly pull off the most contemptible bullshit in broad daylight, why even pretend it’d ever permit voting to enable actual change? Greedy fucks selling out their country for self-interest, cutting deals with foreign greedy fucks endangering their own country for self-interest, is neither partisanship or nationalism but free market Capitalism all the sporking way.

Good people do not put on badges and good people do not run for any office, because good people would rather lift others to equal footing than stand over anybody. Belief in exceptions is susceptibility to marketing. If this reads like a rarity, it only means that self-interest is far more common than people doing good things in our society. You fucking know people in your city are starving but you buy a ticket to the game anyhow. Sure, the homeless shelters may desperately need volunteers but by some stretch of the imagination you have mysteriously earned the right to netflix and chill more than strangers have earned the right simply to stay alive a little while longer. You could introduce little kids at the hospital to the Brothers Grimm or you could stan for k-pop as though the time and energy wasted perpetuating vanity driven for profit might possibly be more beneficial to your own life. Irregardless of arguably marginal resource you don’t need a badge or a political office to help others, you just choose not to, or to do so as minimally as obligations permit. So for those claiming to choose to help, why engage the charade that those purporting a “need” of resources to wear badges or to run for office are any different?

Keith Axline is but one of countless pro-monopolists. He here vilifies smaller competitors and insignificant business partners of Google/Facebook for privacy violations, while defending vows pledged by those two companies despite ongoing contradictions and failures galore. It’s not homeless who start wars, not the Russians who denied your raise at work and not some rando startup prompting attorneys to view online identity theft as violating intellectual property copyrights. It’s always those with means, and the more means allotted the more harm possible. And, the more the means, the more the powers to deflect. It’s never the ones with power over your life culpable, but always the enemies of that controlling force. Always the non-believers, the other party at fault, the competitor foreign or domestic to blame. Our media or elected officials won’t question employers looking to avoid employment insurance, taxes or paying a legal wage for jobs going to migrants, documented or not, but somehow it’s the completely powerless migrants stealing jobs. Society won’t vocalize how Neoliberal billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and Neoconservative billionaire Robert Mercer manifestly did all the election interference blamed on a certain foreign nation-state, because that would call into question the authority of the free market. Zuckerberg successfully lied to congressional hearings because he has more power than any Presidency. He alone is a walking, talking argument for less dependency on tech, dependency on anything other than salt of the Earth fisticuffs, wit and wisdom. What might never be taken away or otherwise compromised.

In the Freudian nip-slip of self-pwns, we are told to believe foreign communists wished to destabilize the USA by empowering its most faithful Capitalists, and that damages done were committed wholly by foreign communists rather than those unleashed Capitalists. It’s self-defensive marketing. Monopoly is supremacy. But just as competition is a threat to monopolistic power, in genetics, the opposite of diversity is inbreeding. Self-centered pathologies are at once invariably self-destructive. A plain truth this other piece of human shit called Paul Bloom spends hundreds of words denying. He actually ended that trash by suggesting the world would be a kinder place if everybody kept empathy in its place. Kinder for who? Who is threatened by empathy, but the ones shoving ego first in line, insisting the centerpiece to their cult of personality is incapable of doing wrong and thus deserves special considerations?

Nobody is elected into a position of billionaire or even millionaire. That status comes by self-aggrandizement, and despite astronomical PR to the contrary they do not act in service to Industry, State or Church, only themselves, with Industry, State and Church co-opted as *their* machinery. Ego rationalizes all, eager to overlook that, from relationships to nation-states survival is not about catering to an ego, to any ego.

Just as one-sided love is no love but idolatry, worship of anything or anyone is a one-way street, working for billionaires to afford products claimed by billionaires, revenue flowing upstream is no different from putting pretty things on pedestals, or altars. The way cults of personality only service centerpieces is fundamental inequality. One should only ever reach out and touch faith inappropriately, because advertising lies on purpose. Truth doesn’t require anything from us to exist, it can stand alone whether we believe it or not. It’s adoration that requires something of you. Pulling someone up to our level is empathy. Pushing someone up, up and away loses eye contact purposefully so that they need feel no shame for the golden showers and mud baths left in their wake, as you give to those beneath you. But good god this one girl though.

Western culture praises the ego, wholeheartedly incentivizes the ego and without any hint of irony scratches its collective head wondering why privilege fails to create equality.