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Has anyone tried combating the virus with love yet?

I’ve no debt whatsoever to be held accountable for, no bank accounts to freeze, no property to repossess and no phone to track my movements. Internet tough guy, with thousands of publicly-viewable words explaining why I’ve not a murderous bone in my body. I also clean dishes. So while the only horses allowed to register for the Kentucky Derby this year will be those carrying War, Pestilence, Famine and Death, I still won’t be getting a ticket, because I understand entertainment is a privilege pandemic or not. We all had ancestors who worshiped the constellations knowing they would never actually fuck them. Wrestling angels for rent monies through good days and global crises, demons are less demanding. Like the gods as our definitions for lightning and thunder, I think sigilism always ends with golden arches and soppy messes, and a strong similarity between voodoo and nationalism, the insincere power of belief weaponized like marketing just to spite a reality that was probably minding its own business in the first place. Bet simulationists view all of this as defragmenting.

An inevitable side-effect to demand openly manufactured for pre-ordained supply rather than the versa vice it ought to be. No job description lists the sacrifice of the spine, so why comply? Property is theft especially when lives become commodities. Don’t just simply quit such a job, come back later that night with Molotovs. Contrarily, nothing life-saving should ever under any circumstance be copyrighted or trademarked. How anybody rationalizes it is not a riddle for the ages, but as predictable as gluttony. Saving lives is kind of fucking important for anyone not crazy about inbreeding inside doomsday bunkers. And not to proliferate workers or consumers, but for the slimmest chance that collective ideologies might find a better use for time and resources so that we may by happenstance continue evolving. Because we clearly are not finished yet, not when vulture Capitalism without the stock options is a thing people consider, pandemic or not. Goddamn yes, principles and convictions resisting whatever price is what civilization has always needed, and the grand majority of our societal ills come directly from the rampant denial of that. Wherever a cost is granted there is falsified belief in its necessity. Fuck a bribe. I always float today, I want tomorrow.

Realizing the toilet paper had been the cause all along for the virus, the masses hurl burning rolls from their windows, thankful for the enforced privacy as fashion finds a more sensible utilization than covering our respective naughty bits ever again. As far as this administration is concerned, any pundit not obsessively praising Trump for saving the whole planet (repeatedly) is inaccurately reporting the news. Their entire approach to dealing with the pandemic is waiting for private industries to find ways to cash in on the predicament. Either Donald Trump can get his downright Freudian hunger for good publicity stuffed, or we can address how every life is on the line until free testing and free vaccines are widespread, while the USA is further in debt than any nation in history and actual unemployment numbers are skyrocketing by the day. Anytime that a governmental official references the economy or national security, what they really mean is revenue streams for the upper class. When mercurial establishment beliefs are so easily, so blatantly bought and sold, how can uncertainty ever be denigrated, especially in trials by fire? Maybe what’s commonly regarded as anxiety is just perfectly normal realism. You’re not depressed, you’re at once alive, and conscious. What if doubt were the most ancient form of survival? And what if that embattled chortle is music to my ears and the real music of the spheres? What if we can be of service to everyone and everything, rather than only those counting on it?

Of course, unless you keep to yourself, your philosophy may infect those around you. And while they themselves may never show outwardly harmful signs, because of its nature they can pass it on to others readily made more accessible and susceptible by a lack of faculties, with fatal consequences.

When all of this blows over with the sands of time, everyone will just retox after this societal detox. Newfound alcoholism, with others adding antiviral boosters and anxiety pills to their scrips which medicare/medicaid won’t fully cover for the majority, telling themselves it’s necessary to get through a day. Western cultures are nothing but quick fixes and escapism. Tragedy historically assures that always to be the end. For all the togetherness of the weeks following 9/11, it was distracting convenience, theatrics as governmental oppression and police militarization surged, with companies finding lucrative opportunities in expanding pathways for impairing our privacy and security online and off. Instead of collective peoples identifying the real threat to their lives and liberties, xenophobia got mass-marketed and blossomed. When substantial change calls for sacrifice, leaving decisions over our fates to divisive personality cult centerpieces is the go-to alternative. Instead of restructuring our lives and by extension our societies, we just gotta entertain faith in the marketing that we only have to feel better, not actually be better. Because being better would require ourselves to make some grownup decisions.

As though life is invaluable only should it hold value, contrary to the lazy pathology of trigger-pulling, the bigger the problem the bigger the solution warranted. I’m not inciting violence, I’m listening to it. By not saving ourselves, we reveal ourselves to be Earth’s self-defense organism. Context as mutable as deprivation.