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Effets de soir

Archaeological researchers from Australian National University believe they have found the world’s oldest tattoo kit, and it’s made of human bone fragments. Which is fine meta-commentary on behalf of everything from the original intent for art, to branding and self-branding.

Pope Francis is confirming that archives kept by the Vatican remain censored from public view because they make players within church history out to be liars, thieves and cheats. When established, well-documented facts from different historical records persist in doing the same, then and only then will the Holy See begin to sniff about for its keys in good faith hoping to unearth less damaging truths. Ideally, this is Francis’ attempt at shooting half the church in the foot, the half opposed to his flirtations with a Christ-like leftism while preferring instead the same earthly success as promulgated by the Nazi denomination of old, Positive Christianity. And that by making these records public, he hopes for enough of his flock to realize their own contradictions of faith as to save the richest church in history from civil war. Adherents of any prosperity doctrine need to be made aware that they pursue a fabrication by fascists designed to castrate the divine through the weapon of basic human greed, because any culture incapable of spiritual sacrifice is ready, willing and able to be controlled for worldly gain, and never their own.

Although he was in fact an editor for the utterly, helplessly 2-dimensional New York Times, Mark Twain knew that humanity cannot be effectively weighed by the sexiness of its attire, of how it may like to be perceived. We find truth in how we relate to the people, the world outside ourselves. Implying that we have to think outside ourselves, even if only beside ourselves. Whatever rewards we might like for others to bestow upon us, none of that represents who we really are, or our potential. Filling personal voids is what leads to the dissolution of every group, every culture, every society. Verily, all for one and one for all or it all goes to shit. Religion is not about you. Culture is not about you. Society is not about you. And to live in denial of this is to contribute to the prevention of whatever good these things might accomplish for people other than you.

Scientists are theorizing that sleep repairs damaged DNA in the neurons of individual organisms, from which can be drawn at least a couple of interesting conclusions. First and foremost would be that to sleep is to reaffirm our humanity in a biological way, making us more human by literally giving strength to our genetic structure. And, by this light, rigid work schedules actually dehumanizes our lot in life. Which I suppose would add further gravitas to the Jungian concept of the Collective Unconscious, and specifically the shared archetypes it empowers us to encounter in dream. If sleep is now all the more intrinsic to what we are fundamentally, to what necessarily defines us and who we are and how we exist in the universe, then what comes of it as well must be given more depth and meaning. Not the signals we convey, but the ones we receive. Such as with wet dreams, and should there be psychic connections enduring for such events then I am obliged to apologize to Jane Levy for the stretch marks and hard bruising granted to her bottom when I was a lion. I know not whether it was your influence exerted or mine, but those tears were real for the both of us.