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Dysaesthesia Aethiopica

Taking a hammer and sickle to the 1% would certainly help everybody else, but there’s a more intimate way of revolting. For the workers of the world, whensoever you might find a politician in your place of business, let them know how you truly feel.

Spit in their pizzas. Wipe your ass with their laundry. Wipe your dog’s ass with their laundry. Throw their mail into the nearest dumpster. Overcharge them on groceries. Leave a pile of fresh shit in the trunk when you park their car. Pee in the gas-tank while you fix their oil leak. Fuck up their haircut. Give them the seats by the kitchen. Water their cranberry vodka down. Leave the lettuce on their sandwich. Because considering what despair Parliament, Congress and the courts knowingly unleash upon us all, it is manifestly the very least we could do for their greedy inhumanity.

Playing their game, raising minimum wage inevitably results in raising costs of living so the CEOs and shareholders can still guarantee themselves a big leeching. Nobody wants to consider capping profits, because everybody’s American-dreaming about magically becoming billionaires themselves someday. Anyone not adamantly in favor of the total abolishment of all currencies ultimately just wants to get rich themselves, which will never happen.

People opposed to anti-Capitalism want that financial power over others, just as those opposed to disarmament want to pull triggers. Instead of abolishing the whip altogether most people secretly want to wield it themselves. But equality doesn’t mean privilege. I would imagine that if fragments of the world somehow survive WWIII, the need to leave all financial capital and orthodox religion in the past will be blatant, with Capitalism of course being the largest and most powerful cult on the planet. In constructing a world where everything and everyone can be bought and sold, we have foolishly reached the conclusion that everything and everyone is replaceable.

Some argue that universal access to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, largely through demilitarization, promotes fascistic utopia. But realistically, disallowing people from using weapons or laws to kill each other is technically the opposite of any possible form of fascism. The friction comes from the fact that killing people is the largest revenue stream on the planet, circulating trillions of dollars each and every year. Naysayers want to impose on others, to exert their own wills upon others, to shove others down lower on the food chain. Whereas everyone without exception should be enabled to go the other way, together. Yes on bucket brigades. No on chain gangs. Learn from others or not, but without killing anybody. By no means would such a landscape be a utopia, but only then would our species stand any chance at all in the grander scheme of things, free of petty men or women who feel they have any earthly right to call the shots over everyone else. If everyone were consumed only with helping those around them rather than helping themselves, virtually every modern societal ill would vanish abruptly.

No slaves and no masters or the tools that enable them, with everybody equally entitled to be left alone completely should they so desire. Giving without taking is masochism; and taking without giving is sadism. Sadomasochism is not synonymous for making love. An all or nothing philosophy such as this only seems daunting because people insist on bringing their fears and prejudices along for the ride.

If anti-fascists cannot violate the supposed rights of others to racially oppress, because free speech, then others can sexually oppress too. Free speech neither guarantees an audience or protects from social ramifications of said speech. With that in mind anything can be voiced. But violent self-defense especially at the point of a gun curiously only seems kosher when a specific pathology has fingers on triggers. Everyone’s entitled to say the damnedest things, but putting words into motion is something else, and oppressive hate speech compels action.

We can’t have everyone reach the same goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if the cost is depriving anybody to get there. Any success should be measured by its own merits, not reliant on forcing others down or kicking them out of the way. Or murdering them out of the picture altogether. Everyone has the right to be offended by anyone else, as well as the right to voice those offenses. Everyone. But we can express grievances in ways that the offending party might grow from. You do not have to kill to put the fear of god into someone. You don’t even have to break bones. If they have indeed done verifiable wrong though, ethically or morally, particularly for private gain at the expense of others, cleaning a toilet seat with their pillow at least vents some of the frustration without blood-loss.