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During the Meandering Traipse of a Walk in the Clouds of Bugs She Laughs at Your Seeping Humorism, Scorn Starching Your Backbone, Lamenting Chaos of Biological Instinct

Trump doesn’t speak about the propensity of squatters to get burnt out of their shelters. Bad news betrays the exceptionalism self-assurances promise, so it gets ignored or downplayed or branded as fake. I noticed years ago with the Kenmore fire in Worcester, Mass how so many more homeless lives were lost than those of firefighters, yet not one national news platform mentioned any dead homeless at all. Shame is nonpartisan, so he won’t talk about real social problems potentially affecting millions of his own citizens.

He obviously doesn’t talk much about top secret problems either. He won’t explain the causes behind an alliance of FBI special agents and Blackhawk paramilitary helicopters suddenly shutting down the National Solar Observatory in New Mexico just days ago. The public, left to presume the abrupt evacuation is just a small plumbing violation or some-such, but we can never be too sure because we never are too sure. When the leader of the facility doesn’t know what’s going on (notice the complete omission of precisely who ordered the shutdown here) then we expect nothing from the leader of this nation concerning something clearly more interesting than golf. Or wall-gazing, or Russians, or Russians playing golf while also wall-gazing which would lead to shitty shots left all over the green. We are fortunate to know Trump’s thoughts on KFC, Taco Bell and chocolate cake, however.

And he doesn’t talk about real public problems, such as the case of over half a dozen of New York’s finest officers and detectives being swept up as organizers and profiteers in a prostitution and gambling raid. Which also examples my long-running assertions that US law enforcement comprise the largest domestic traffickers, of both drugs and sex. Especially in the bible belt. Archivist, journalist, editor, publisher and political activist Fred Woodworth observed more than 50 years ago how law enforcement was the largest gang in US history, and that was well before their open militarization. Or their misfired logic, such as telling us how blue lives matter when turning blue is poor choice, as anyone who experienced suicide by police can attest, which they can’t because they’re fucking dead.

He’s likely 45 trillion tweets per day and nobody finds his thoughts on those things, but plenty about celebrities and fellow talking heads he either likes at that passing moment, or adversely has decided are morlocks. But he can find the time to suggest that he is smarter than George Washington University’s research department, by insisting that, contrary to their government-funded study in the matter thousands of Puerto Ricans did not die from the lack of the US federal government giving a flying fuck about their survival.

He speaks wrongly and speaks only of the wrong things because he is no smarter than teenagers today, who seem to believe that smart-phones and social media engagement make them less depressed, and more happier and more popular instead. Their consumerism informs them of their independence, their originality and their importance. By their same logic and value judgements, teenagers today are facing an epidemic of the many detrimental effects which arrive from vaping addiction. Which is a stupid thing to indulge in to begin with, rushed as it was without *proper* FDA testing, and since proven more chemically lethal than cigarettes, and more explosively lethal when they randomly explode. They are fucking lemmings, chasing the latest trendy craze or lately crazed trend for validation, when if teenagers today truly knew anything they’d know that validation can only come from within. You cannot buy an identity but I will sell you fake IDs so you in turn can buy beer.

Perhaps for their benefit has Manhattan’s district attorney heroically opted to drop over 3000 open marijuana cases from the books. Help inspire those teenagers today to engage their time with something that really will make them less depressed, and more happy and more popular instead. These numbers must change. And while it might implode their gourd, unlike smart phones or social media engagement it won’t blow up their pants. Instead of sweet nothings the FNORD that I see is whispering that my article on the uplifting belt trade more than likely paved the way for British scientists to create robo-trousers to instill senior citizens with bionic strength. Elderly folks of the UK will have to work that much longer as it will take that much longer to save a worthwhile pension because the decision whether to stay or to go either which way is left to asses. Teens will just have to wait til those trousers go retro, which will be momentarily as the Earth is scheduled to crack open and hatch God shortly.

These are all real news stories, but in presentation have I incorporated a speech impediment from my tongue staying in cheek. Which, under new asshole regulations from the Kingdom of Saudi decapitating arms dealers, will soon be illegal as royal allies of the US declare online satire to be a punishable offense. When we relentlessly find ourselves stuck in a world where such inanities occur as over a thousand people in just one community contracting diarrhoeal Cholera from their religious holy water, jokes shall unquestioningly be made at our own expense, fire by fire, eye for an eye and measure for measure.

When our Trump-entertaining society is one where House Republicans not only get away with unsung billions in tax breaks for the wealthiest thieves in the country, but where they can also plan to provide additional welfare to those multi-billionaires by awarding them with permanent tax exemptions, then we have all reached the point of no more tears left to shed. And perhaps the Saudi call to make online satire a punishable offense is the reason why the official newspaper of Fort Knox will soon be ceasing publication, after around 70 years of trying to make the US army appear heroic and sensible when the reality is sophomoric and nonsensical. Good publicity for the US armed forces is satire by definition. Wouldn’t dream of unsettling a staunch ally or business associate. Soldiers follow by example, and Trump won’t speak of such things because real news today is so fucking crazy his utterances (at least, those bits of identifiable gibberish) might be mistaken for fake. Only in America are limited vocabularies a good thing to have, one of the rare delights that almost anyone can still afford. Volunteering equals efficiency under any context. Capitalism hates that and rues the days til it can claim ownership of that as well, after everything else.

Render unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s and give the devil his due, and in the same breath pay society the respect it has rightfully earned because suicide is one hard decision to reach, so its defragmented undoing is worthy of passionate applause all the way from the back of the house to the manager’s office behind the stage back and to the left upstairs where a promising young starlet is on her skinny white knees invigorating a #metoo moment of her very own with all the concentration of the FM radio playing a Rock The Vote advertisement from the self-driving car passing out front down below on its pre-programmed way to drive the product of Uncle Sam’s illicit love affair off on a one-way trip to collect its two tickets to paradise.

It’s why Condoleezza Rice joined the Board of Directors at Dropbox, why Alyssa Mastromonaco became the Chief Operating Officer of VICE Media, and why Susan Rice joined the Board of Directors at Netflix. The total(itarian) right-slinging Neoliberal unification of tech, media and entertainment, also known as Big Data, within the sanctioned noosphere, to keep all participants too giddy to see how fucking dead serious everything off-screen truly is. Tears spilt after realizing Google is trying to make a time machine to send the 1% back to a time before greed so they can destroy then too. And instead of stopping them you were reading my blog! my blog! my blog!