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Dungeons and Dragonnades

Being anti-American is not an attack on the America people want, but a demand to go Scorched Earth on the America that actually is. No ideal that prompts people to defend the United States of America honestly exists in reality. The more insulted such a statement makes someone feel, the less independent they truly are. Brand loyalty is designed to service the brand, not you or anybody else hash-tagging about Game of Thrones. If we need no religion to have virtues in our lives, then we sure as spit do not require nationalism to know truth or justice.

The myth keeping the U.S. afloat is the belief which everybody secretly maintains, that impossibly, someday somehow they too will become rich. I am convinced the widespread denial of the chances of this really happening is the one thing preventing a true revolution or civil war 2.0. Any resistance front not attacking that myth head-on is merely another sales pitch for rehashed balms. The possibility that either a Republican or Democrat would ever truly challenge the status quo is as likely as you reading this ever becoming a billionaire.

What agenda does the latest Presidential administration have but to give Capitalists a free ride at the expense of everyone and everything else?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trade in Services Agreement and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership all held two underlining goals: lessening corporate tax rates while granting further deregulation, with all of it applied internationally. The treaties are purported dead in the water, yet with the rise in “populist” leaders globally by pure happenstance not even vaguely representing populism, these two goals are very clearly still being propelled. I might just be the only person screaming how the trade deals are dead in name only, with even indie media outlets by reasons of their collective silence apparently keeping horses in the race. Did literally nobody actually read the Wikileaks releases on the treaties? Did the details sound any different from the many Executive Orders signed aplenty?

Power is being taken from national governments and granted to business enterprises, with unelected officials cashing in galore. These persons proactively seek to privatize everything, demeaning healthcare and education further and further, til more and more of the population becomes transformed into a non-metaphorical slave caste. Unelected outsiders deciding how to utilize a country’s resources is the essential makeup behind COLONIALISM. By the same logic, not one of the Trump kids has any rational, ethical place working inside any Federal building under any circumstances.

Capitalism unchained at the expense of governments takes said governments light-years away from any claims of being Democracies. Western societies went from “Corporations are people too, my friends” to corporations having more rights than actual people, the same people who do all the real work. The work which said corporations are fundamentally dependent upon for the profits they and they alone reap.

Unless they accept the slavery of their own lot, everyone working in news media of any form absolutely must ask the following questions, of themselves and of their fractional audiences, about the true problems at the core of this shared world. Problems so big and systemic we need to bravely think so far outside the box no telescope might help us see it again. Far into the unknown. Consider John Lennon’s Imagine tune. What would a society without Capitalism, politics or religion be like? What might fill the voids?

If we can ever be brutally honest with ourselves, do those voids really even need to be filled at all?