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Of course we should not really approve of strangers comprising foreign caravans, and we all know this from personal experience because there is no reason to really approve of any of the people we do know in our day to day lives either. That would be how this gets sold. I commented just weeks ago about a new business model proposing to keep the cemetery lights physically powered by using decomposing corpses as batteries. Now, somewhere else in the world an entirely different enterprise is aiming to power cruise ships with a liquefied biogas made mostly of dead fish. This also means that “Ideaspace” has its share of nightmares galloping neck and neck with its dreams.

What is good and proper society to do with the rising millions of homeless domestic refugees, or the rising millions more foreign immigrants and migrants? The insinuations remind me of my ANTE-VIGIL premise, where all are made to offer up half their lives to being plugged into a kind of virtual reality. As vicariously as dream do the denizens of my fable experience all elements of what might possibly constitute their lives, their cultures and religion, their rest and relaxation, aside from the other half of their time spent working for the system.

What if the internet is the foreplay to such days of future past? As important as society has cast ownership to be, there are courts around the planet nudging towards personal experience not being protected by copyright laws. I mean, in its coverage the BBC does not address the obvious two-way street existing right there under any other considerations of copyrighted applications. Public Domain is a gang-bang. If personal experience is not protected, in the broadest sense, then the implication is that impersonal experience is. I can imagine legislatures mindlessly easing this door open like so, unawares or not of what cultural architects are hiding up their sleeves in place of hearts.

When was the last time a wealthy nationalist ever took a hit for the team? At the other end though, the bottom of their pyramidal schemes, the rest of the population can only ever truly be certain, not of death and taxes, but of getting pummeled.

So, maybe society’s self-elected masters are toying with a new plan, or perhaps slowly enriching one long-growing towards fruition, where those with less options are given the choice to sign off on x number of years to power the system, virtually drained as living fuel. Or maybe it will deal in smaller terms, where one pays their utility bills by signing off on x number of hours daily plugged in to the new web, physically powering the system and its grid. The people already addicted to the digital socials will want to be there anyway. If the only way to bullshit on comic boards is to agree to sign off on being transformed once reaching the age of x into a biodegradable battery to meet the lucrative interests of strangers, well the blue collar crap conveniently doesn’t provide a realistic retirement anyhow. The cost of basic funeral services is averaging around ten grand right now, yet the average American has something like 500 in savings. Fuck, right this very minute I myself only have ten dollars on me, and it actually belongs to someone else, being the last of their own money and them scared to death of misspending it on anything other than food. But those homeless and caravans of refugees, maybe they will even be grateful at the prospects of their turmoil finding such a productive ending. And the prisons! Even for death row inmates and life sentencers, they could redeem themselves by not only saving taxpayers money from killing living expenses, but through empowering the cars of their neighbors with their lives. That is how your politicians would sell this. You know it.

The USA military is testing stratospheric balloons that could stay aloft indefinitely, specifically to expand WiFi signals worldwide. Which is a backwards form of privatizing as this specifically is a project that Facebook executives have also been pushing towards for at least a few years now. Simultaneous to this as the Ideaspace is currently just a fountain of dystopian setups, the FCC is officially permitting SpaceX to build and deploy an additional, and very curiously specific, 11,943 broadband satellites, to kindly ensure the same end. Meanwhile the biggest of these tailor-made outfits is outright admitting that its own goal is global domination; a headline not acknowledged by any talking head for the threat that it is because pundits and their audiences prefer VR porn to screaming, 3AM breakups. They would rather first-person-shooter through the latest blockbuster movies onscreen than break out the old SARS mask to be around the disgusting, pervert strangers at the cinema in person. Any real Taco Bell can always be relied upon to completely fuck up your order but in this program the young cashier is topless while the barbecue-flavored soma pumped into your sleeping bloodstream packs all the nutrients your body needs to keep your inner tiger burning bright that much longer. Tiffany Trump literally cannot possibly Instagram her next pool party without your full attention.

And media plainly states how giving your all is actually quite perfectly safe now, in the nick of time.