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Defining The Threat For Dummies

The regular encounter with the woman idealized, and again have I ground my tongue, disallowing myself from putting where words of praise would be born my boots to forbid them the chance to venture forth, for while words are as weightless as love, lessons to be learned from lust are as endless, as necessary, as are those from humility. I bound this villainy, this deprivation of self without profit, for my life is of no concern to her own. That is how all persons must pass through their days, the very opposite to how this world actually works, where to be a constructive, contributing member of society is to influence for the benefit of the ego regardless of such conduct by definition working against said society, as no singular ego comprises society.

SCL Group provides data, analytics and strategy to governments and military organizations worldwide. For over 25 years, we have conducted behavioral change programs in over 60 countries and have been formally recognized for our work in defense and social change.

Even when rebranding themselves, they work for profit, paid by whichever backing for their weaponization of psychology and distortion of online user experience. Illicit change done not for flag or nation, political ideology or even religious symbology, but capital. Persons they work with/for are the more affluent egoists, the most devout Capitalists, including the entitled likes of Robert Mercer, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Bannon, Aaron Banks, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, empowering complimentary business interests by enriching more Capitalists to go unchained for the reach-around. Every last egocentric one selling out their very own countries for private, self-assured profits. It is abrupt foolishness to ever blame any nationality itself endangered by its greediest lot. Boris is *not* the UK, Trump is *not* the USA and Putin is *not* Russia. Particularly when the greater majority of their respective populations did *not* vote for their empowerment. Evidently monarchies never relinquished to other forms of governance, they just got really, really good at marketing. Instead of lining up to toss pennies in a wishing well, the masses should storm the gates and learn firsthand who those troops they support are more dependent on.

And telecoms have been working with the feds on surveillance and suppression of the unbeknownst public going all the way back to 1940. Which is not an excuse, but the greater masses perpetually refuse to acknowledge just how institutionalized the process has long become, even as a principal researcher from Microsoft casually mentioned before the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s annual Trust Conference in London just last week how surveillance is the business model that’s driven the largest tech companies. I’ve wondered if the later work by Edward Bernays introducing weaponized psychology into governmental domestic and foreign policies could mean that the more nefarious elements of the web were always the grand design. Like some giant containment spell, with our avatars and proxies metaphorical voodoo dolls. Many of the cyber variations of surveillance and suppression used by the alphabets today originated in a short-lived subsidiary to DARPA. How can we be so certain it wasn’t on their agenda decades earlier, slow-cooking to grow the honey-trap widespread enough to ensnare all of civilization? For those led to believe, by Ed Snowden and other talking heads, that secrecy of governmental manipulations victimizing the public is only an ordeal for generations XYZ, consider this line from a *1977* US Department of Justice review: “If the intelligence agencies possessed too much discretionary authority with too little accountability, that would seem to be a 35-year failing of Presidents and the Congress rather than the agencies or their personnel.

That, contrary to the Nuremberg Principles, and irony.

The SCL Group, its subsidiaries and diverse competitors appeal to reactionary bias to manifest the illusion of populism, manufacturing consent, generally masked with “god and country” when their proponents rarely believe in either as anything but pathways to privilege. When democracy is proactively managed for profit, any and every partisanship which is not fundamentally anti-Capitalist is mere marketing for competing business interests, egos enriching themselves and their own. It is never votes, but money which names our keepers.

Suffice to say, a vital point missed high and low is that billionaires only save money by underpaying workers. If we capped maximum wages there’d be no need to raise minimums, because while it is greed that underpays workers, it is the same greed which overcharges customers, affecting everyone. They “earn” monies by overcharging the consuming public, who embrace the addictive poisons and expensive pablum that is artificial culture because the reality being conducted by these same billionaires is too grim to face. But the decision to mistake necessity for creature comforts is yours, not theirs. You do not actually require a goddamn thing bearing the logo of Disney, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix or Google to access life, liberty or a pursuit of happiness. It is nothing but advertising which insists otherwise. The only reasons billionaires exist is because price-gouging has long been the norm for so long the masses rationalize it. We could put a stop it by capping maximum wages and outlawing excessive profiteering, but that’d have us depend on the same politicians who, despite anti-monopoly laws and rules against emoluments and bribery, somehow keep more in their bank accounts than governmental payroll provides.

The American dream is that the ones with means to destroy civilization couldn’t possibly be the ones destroying civilization. That’s worst case scenario, but there are degrees all the way down to myself knowing I’m too good for the girls at the grocery store. Not to be trite, but it is the same psychosis, just intensified/magnified on their end. I’m one to think the left/right paradigm boils down to ego averted vs ego exerted. We scream when Powers That Be won’t help people, yet buy hubris in spite of the plenitude of suffering in our own communities. Catering to the ego always amounts to handing over the reins, as best noted by Capitalism. We reward all the wrong people, the more self-serving the more hero-worshiped. It’s not the poors who start wars, but wealth claims so much power even without orchestrated violence because it is given to them willingly.

There is some irony to people giving less than 1% of their own time/resources to charity bitching about billionaires wrongly branded as philanthropists for giving less than 1% of their time/resources to charity. It’s still gifting them the power of decision-making. While a billionaire giving more could certainly save entire countries, your minimal resources could still save a life somewhere. Maybe cool it with the commercial bupkiss and use the money to buy some groceries for that family up the way. Or live-stream burning yourself alive as a political statement on the futility of this society which willingly enslaves itself. You will have all the attention you rightfully deserve for around 15 minutes until your heart finally stops.