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Days Of Future Past Ziz

Oh this tragic inconvenience.

Not gonna die for the Dow but here is my top ten list of best Marvel movies with screenshots of the actresses I’d most like to boink. Vote demsoc so we can take Disney’s money and I can get all the happy meal play-sets and vlog about it hashtag resist. What if socialism does not mean that the assistant key-grip will get the same paycheck as The Rock on Fast & Furious 23, but rather that there would be no Fast & Furious 23 at all? What if most industries are irrelevant, and what if we do not have to work so much in order to meet these outlandish costs of unnecessary things? What if with that free time we found a national identity more righteous than everything up for sale, our passions, loves and our lovers themselves? The accumulated holdings of the most greedy are curated 100% by exploitation and extortion. Changing the name of the bank account holder won’t change how those sums are obtained. Anti-establishment is antiwar, is anti-Capitalism is anti-Hollywood is anti-Wall Street. Creature comforts are the Achilles heel of Uncle Sam.

If good times aren’t stemming from some licensed Intellectual Property, what’re they good for? Overdosing on life, only fantasy football can save us now.

Everyone to never suggest capping maximum wages, leaving the most gluttonous to price-gouge and overcharge at liberty and thus unnecessarily inflating demand from consumers as well as demands upon workers to produce, they only want to claim ownership of the imaginary money tree. In practice what we see isn’t to insure any economy, but to assure revenue flow to the top of the food chain already hoarding from taxes or trickle down, the rest of us be damned. While everyone sincerely believes that the brand which sold them might somehow prove capable of self-control. Americans earn what they get alright. They’re trying really hard to rationalize the idiocy of their chosen leaders. If you dig around the net a bit I’d bet there’s angel investors singing the praises of staring directly into the sun as some form of higher wisdom. The difference between a politician and a rodeo clown however, is that the lone priority of a rodeo clown is to save lives. If you are openly preventing the life and liberties of fellow citizens, and for no finer reason but your own worthless gluttony, you are in the same class as murderers and rapists in addition to being an extortionist. You are not contributing to society, but striving for its undoing.

Pinning the exodus last year of corporate America on cancel culture was really arrogant, and short-sighted. That linked article was from November, but this next one’s from February, when the feds were still publicly calling the pandemic a hoax while privately changing their stock options. Heroin futures soaring higher than the one-winged bald eagle I spent a chunk of the original 9/11 with at the zoo in Louisville. The park was mostly deserted, but I stayed on the clock to finish half a joint, discernible contact buzz or not. Fight the autopilot. Ravel and unravel have the same meaning, but their employment lets everyone know who has syllables to spare being tied up in knots over these glorious times of fear and loathing, and winter-like discontent. I’m seeing so many calls for rent assistance, when most of the country has been in quarantine for barely a week. Meaning that this immediate need for help is not due to effects of the pandemic, not yet, but from those circumstances already sinking millions of Americans. When a substantial portion of this population becomes that many more months behind in their debt and bills, crowdfunding will disappear awfully fast, and we’ll learn how much chump change is wanted to prod most Americans into maintaining illusions.

For governments with limited emergency funds, or are unwilling to go Trump and pull two trillion-dollar coins from out the ass, maybe consider how those using tax havens and tax shelters don’t honestly require stimulus help. If you own multiple residences, perhaps you ought to sit down and shut it until renters have gotten a piece. That is how the system should run, were it not designed explicitly to contradict reality and flow all resources uphill and upstream. In the USA, a person grossing above a certain amount is no longer legally required to pay social security tax, under the presumption they can carry their own. Which is stupid as what’s paid isn’t for ourselves but for those currently retiring. But why would it be any different in a calamity? Can we please make more use of the solid argument that any person worth a million or more who believes what they possess is not enough to obtain or maintain their life and liberty, is being decidedly unpatriotic by their lack of concern for fellow citizens facing open denial of life and liberty? If it truly is every man for himself, then why do we persist with the vaudeville that this country is united, by any stretch of the imagination. The United Only For A Chain-Gang, Gang-Bang Or Lynch Mob States Of America. Decaff coffee, non-alcoholic beer and the Bill of Rights, all for keeping up appearances while not quite doing what they could or should be doing.

The typically bipolar stock exchange has been as one-note as parents of an Aaron Spelling teen drama, fistfuls of pills off camera to pass for normal, etc. It’s that archetypal tale full of sound and fury signifying nothing, as their end was prerecorded anyway. But when most of the country has been secluded for mere days, large tracts not at all, then I would think pundits can hold off on how national identity has been affected, how the virus has changed Joe Q Citizen us.

There are people experiencing horrible circumstances, which is tragic but no less tragic than people experiencing horrible circumstances prior to covid. Which will clearly grow to be much worse, but sympathy accomplished so little before, why pretend society will learn from this? We can’t even bless the founders of the tiny library and tiny pantry movements with celebratory hero status in a slow news cycle, but a stereotypical masturbatory tag gets thousands of hits enough to trend for some hours and suddenly we as a culture have mastered love, humility? An entertainer uploads a rubber-stamped Hallmark greeting card’s 3 lines of PC, PG-rated hogwash and now I love everybody and realize how the world is sometimes muddier and bloodier than a greeting card hashtag resist. Haven’t learned so much about myself since the last Taylor Swift track dropped.

Maybe we are mere non-player characters in Donald Trump’s private hell, where as eternal damnation he relives the final days of the world over and over and over on forever, possibly billions or trillions of times already. And, while we never remember prior to each reboot of the nightmare, he always does. His reply to whichever given tweet off this time because he’s actually responding to a statement worded slightly differently by that same person that same moment in a version of this exact nightmare he experienced 759 million incarnations ago.

What goes around, comes around, although never more appropriately than mistrust, and no matter how much of a dream or a nightmare it feels.