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Customer Service Martyrdom

Up front, I am as non-partisan as they come, and I could oh so easily do this same type of article against any modern USA President regardless of party affiliation. Also for the sake of transparency, I am no Christian. But I was raised so staunchly Roman-Catholic that I achieved the rare Healing of the Sick sacrament, usually reserved for those who are about to die. But the point of this little thought experiment is to say that a vocally non-Christian person will never obtain control of the nuclear launch codes. A mixed-race homosexual could and would enter the White House before a devout atheist no matter the qualifications of the individual. An obese though legless midget would be made Commander in Chief, as long as they identify as Christian, before a follower of any belief structure other than the Christian and maaaybe Jewish bits of Judaeo-Christianity (outside of Capitalism, obviously, which trumps all traditional theologies in shear power and numbers).

But whether elected by the peoples, as the masses have been led to believe, or by shadowy advance decisions made clandestinely by captains of industry and the like, only Christians can be President. This is a fact. Campaigns on their respective election trails lose all grounding fastly the moment they are not giving lip-service to Christian hierarchies enough to receive the right endorsement. And very curiously, while masters theses are verbosely written every semester nationwide in regards to the identity politics of comic book characters and everything else under the sun, non-Christians winning Presidential elections is never really openly discussed anywhere other then skulker blogs such as my digs hereabouts.

It’s especially glaring when all Christian Presidents conduct themselves as Unchristian as possible the second they enter the oval office. Not a single exception, despite the USA perpetuating itself as a Christian nation, with the 31 (-million) cold flavors of Christianity easily claiming dominance over the American population since its inception. The people of the USA are idiots, and/or base hypocrites, and more often strong shades of both, being such exceptional multitaskers as they are, fingering themselves while channel-surfing like real champs. Christian Americans are full of themselves, allowing astronomical exceptions to rule their own centuries-old dogma. When does the pro-life movement align with the antiwar movement? Their picking and choosing which bits of their good book to abide by is more than likely as old as the faith itself, of course. Even King James did not like what he was reading, being himself famous for nothing else but disagreeing with what the apostles supposedly wrote. And instead of being vilified for his self-serving editing heresy, hundreds of years after the fact he keeps more followers than do the entire cast of the Big Bang Theory.

The current sitting, embattled President of the USA, DJ Trump, not only repetitiously commits all 7 of the Deadly Sins, but he also, as did every last one of his predecessors, repetitiously breaks the opposing 7 Christian Virtues. I tried to get input for this article from a couple of the bible belt-residing nurses who help with my mom, as they are bigly Trump supporters, but they both stopped me before finishing my points for their commentary, angry that they could not come up with a single counterpoint to dwarf my own. Because, Christians in the United States of America are full of shit. Anybody reading this, if you can note any examples which trump the veracity of my claims, by all means please email me and I will update with whatever retraction apropos (of nothing).

However, none of this is contestable, and any optics suggesting that he is the slightest bit repentant is laughable.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Lust? His publicly having cheated on his multiple marriages firmly declares it so, as well as groping pageant contestants and bragging about grabbing ’em (implying desirable women) by the deplorables. The opposing virtue is Chastity, which again, his multiple marriages affirm he knows no knowledge of by his own experience. To say nothing of the Jeffrey Epstein stuff.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Gluttony? His having hired a shylock doctor to quite dramatically lie about his weight says so, as do the PR stunt photos of his dining on fast food, which privately he probably rationalized to make him appear as one of the people although he is a noted fan of McDonald’s in particular. He is a certifiable, chocolate cake-filled fatty nonetheless. The opposing virtue is Temperance, which every other of his daily thousand twitter posts abruptly counters for all to see.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Greed? Needing to be bailed out of bankruptcy at least twice in the past screams yes, yes he is constantly over-reaching in his untamed want. The opposing virtue here is Charity, and he and his family’s years-long efforts at relocating millions from a kids cancer charity into his own businesses, that shows he doesn’t quite get what being charitable is about. Referring to hundreds of weary, penniless and desperate immigrants as an invading army just as Jesus would have done as well displays how the whole concept is way over his bloated head.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Sloth? Famously never starting his working day before 11AM means yes, absolutely. Watching as much cable television as his voters also. The opposing virtue is Diligence, and his making it this far without ever seriously, on record, pulling a 40-hour work week in his life is self-evident. The multiple marriages too are emblematic of this sorry, embarrassing end. His weight problems are also a clear indicator that there have been no pains to explain his gains in life. And the hundreds of hours thus far clocked into golf courses when his job description is to preside round the fucking clock. He phones in his duties, leaving policy to be soberly, painstakingly discerned from his tweets.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Wrath? Dropping a Mother Of All Bombs on children would assert this, as would his verbal attacks against anyone and everyone disagreeing with him on whatever issue no matter how small. And growing the reach of what’s already the largest military in the history of the world. The opposing virtue for this is Patience, which his ongoing obsession with walling off the southern border of the nation proves is not within his realm of capabilities. Conducting official White House affairs from Mar-a-Lago because he can’t be bothered with flying to a federal and more secure location as warranted shoots claims to the contrary down mid-stroke. Nobody would ever mistake his for a cool head, certainly not the divorce attorneys or the people kicked off his TV show or the many reporters clutching their White House press badges like life support.

Has Trump committed the deadly sin of Envy? Self-declaring everything he does and believes in repeatedly as “the best” assures the over-compensation in ways that would make Freud’s nipples harden in spite of being dead for decades. The opposing virtue is Gratitude, which his arrogance verbally demolishes at every foreign conference thus far, completely disregarding that his nation’s tens of trillions in debts owed are owed primarily to these foreign political and business interests explicitly. He must always be prompted by others to apologize or to rethink positions. The idea that anybody outside himself is ever owed anything is clearly alien for him, as noted by the thousands of minimum waged backs he’s ridden on to get to all his parties.

And has Trump committed the deadly sin of Pride? One’s name emblazoned on the sides of buildings is not for the meek of heart. The opposing virtue is Humility, which I’m not even certain the man can spell. Capitalists are entirely incapable of it across the board under any circumstances. His offenses taken at the ‘tiny hands’ comment also come to mind. There is nothing humble about any speck of bark from his family tree. Politicians are exclusively attention-whores. Paying models to sleep with him and/or marry him is another point.

To be fair, I am personally lenient towards lust and wrath as those are parts of human nature, and the church was dead wrong on those counts. But positions of power absolutely must empower only such persons who can control that shit, because for the sake of lust and wrath are positions of power exploited. And side-note but these are the two deadly sins which pharmaceuticals are purposed with preventing or nullifying, because they are the only ones found in our nature, underneath our convictions and private constitutions. Some more than others, but they are always there inside all of us. I feel the other 5 are acquired talents, coming from the lazy-brained mindlessly accepting of an environment molding them like so.

Now, how professed Christians can successfully convince themselves that voting for a Trump or any Presidential nominee is voting in keeping with their chosen faith, is so beyond every example of irony from the Alanis Morissette radio tune as to be actually reinventing the wheel. Being such naturally great judges of character it’s a verifiable wonder why an imaginary sky-friend has a whole day set aside for judgement just to pick up all the slack. Should not the quote unquote leader of the free world be the most Christ-like, rather than the polar fucking opposite? Don’t dare look cross at me, man, it’s your own goddamn rules. Reconcile yourselves, bitches. If you are a practicing Christian in the USA, but you object to what’s done in your name, then question your own Christian leadership. And if your denomination isn’t getting much in-house resistance and you find your opinion is among the minority held, then maybe ask yourself deeper questions regarding your own faith. For the sake of the rest of the world and any remotely possible future generations anywhere.