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Contributing Members Of Society Meet The Nuremberg Principles

I am the first to confess that my sins are so great, a place was found for me here in hell, despite my still being alive. Like doing an advance review for an indie film. But I think my damnation is sharing this world with everybody else. I shout from the rafters how the virtues are long-abandoned, with empathy unironically though particularly being the most forgotten in this modern era to such lengths, that observing its necessity becomes year by year more elusive, more unobtainable for me than lust or wrath. Those two plights being the only passions I have left inside me, as well as copiously proffering the causality prioritizing my early and forevermore taste of hellfire. Due to my consolamentum, it is now ten years this month since I last had sex. That is the skeleton underneath this flesh, but it is neither cause or effect. Followers must be blocked and sternly prohibited from finding new things to suckle.

A federal court of appeals has inadvertently ruled that the levels of surveillance perpetrated by the NSA upon the general public 7 years ago was in fact illegal, conduct which has only expanded intrinsically in the years of data-mining avatars and proxies the world over to this present day. In which the Department of Homeland Security, in spite of that recent ruling, nonetheless is actively proposing to yet further increase its own collection of bio-metric info, to be harvested from everyone. Mind, I do not care for anybody, but that does not mean that I find any logic or reason in skulking about on them. Being unaffiliated with all subsets should not unto itself render me as either opposition or competition, in any regard. I say the DHS has no fucking right, not ethically or morally, and not legally, to conduct such circumstances across the already misbegotten lives or livelihoods of anyone. Any presumption of innocence ideally applies exclusively to those whose hands are not in proximity to the cookie jar. Instead, proper society is admitting that this country only produces self-inclined peons and everyone just lets that slide in silent agreement, because deep within what passes for their hearts and minds they know it’s true.

None of the controls these agencies, bureaus and circle-jerks seek constantly to over-inflate have anything to do with law and order regardless of the job descriptions.

And regardless of the profiteers underpinning governmental enterprise, assuring themselves publicly they’ve any earthly claim to personal data on anyone, much less everyone. Misspending public tax monies for such costly endeavors to the ongoing sum of trillions and who’s counting, against this landscape of arrogance the notion that providing universal coronavirus testing to everyone as currently weighed reasonably by a too little too late UK government’s ruling parties is still somehow appallingly unrealistic or unnecessary. It’s so controversial, the rightwing Drudge Report gave it their masthead for a bit.

Uncle Sam monetizes the holy fuck out of us one and all, helping himself without warning beforehand or after the fact explanation to our taxes, our property through national, state and local law enforcement’s public trust-denying civil asset forfeiture programs or under the guise of eminent domain, and the metadata of what constitutes our social existences and private discourse, but god forbid he apply as much time, energy or resources to keeping these same persons alive. Politicians are without exception rightwing, for pursuing positions of authority over others rather than helping anyone in need, responding only to the whims of private entitlements for fundraising and power-mongering and selling such ambitions as managing life and death issues for any cause but self-interest. Politicians should only ever run for their fucking lives, I don’t care how highly their speechwriters regard themselves.

And, I have never in all my scattered years known an American citizen who conducted their own life any differently. Even you reading this, how quick you are to rationalize whatever self-contradictions you deem necessary to pass for human.

Of course everyone needs to get tested, obviously, because surviving the covid-19 ordeal leads to neither personal or herd immunity, but to additional opportunities, for contracting it again and again until it does kill us off. And as long as just one asymptomatic carrier exists untested anywhere in the world, no matter the safeguards literally all others across the planet remain under threat of the pandemic’s continuation. Instead, what we are offered is a growing number of cases testing positive nationwide, a number which grows oh so mysteriously despite testing petering out anyway while something like 90% of the American population has yet to get tested. The tests must be free, they must be regulated to meet a universal standard and they must be conducted with all-inclusive applications under common guidelines universally to all citizens of Earth. And until that is achieved without exception, then all citizens of Earth absolutely must abide by self-quarantines for the sake of saving lives, and they must be compelled to break quarantines only ever under the conditions of saving lives, specifically to confront opportunistic, visceral threats to the civil and basic human rights of others, friend or foe.

But accepting all vaccines at face value from corporations that regularly spend as much on their out of court settlements as on their PR is really stupid though.

That is how matters could be and that is how these matters should be, were all persons except myself not so otherwise fucking preoccupied round the goddamn clock with the comforts and conveniences mandated by ego. Capitalists such as Heather Boushey can write articles like this for money, coming so close to conveying what cannot possibly be more glaring, and yet still DC escapes a shining future well spent and well chuffed as mounds of burning corpses piled to the sky in ode to a god, any god other than Mammon. Tech industry insiders, members past and present to the Big Data club, can come out of the woodwork urging the public to abandon their respective online social media accounts and profiles, but as with the millions of self-serving idiots refusing to wear masks somehow users know better than what is all around them. The last will not be first and the first will not be last, not when all parties award themselves authorship of the known omniverse. Hell is the consequence of your own words and actions which you escaped in life. The only thing preventing you from making all of your choices into value judgements is you yourself, no matter your story. The eagerness to instill “value” with the sole connotation of lucrative potentiality, enriching to the self or to what interests the self, is how the world ends in real time. You alone decide whether to participate, and you alone choose how you participate.

It is my lust, my wrath which needs to see every last one of you die, quite probably more realistic an end than a global ideological reconstitution, but it is my hell to nonetheless blindly see logic in wanting a better way for the world. Because it does not take perfection to be a better person.