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Chivalry, The Antithesis to Merchandising

Leading a virtuous existence and making money are incompatible constructs. I type that as a given, but I don’t get the sense of many voices understanding of such a principle’s full implications. The uncountable domestic and foreign homeless forced to constantly migrate around the USA are headed in the proper direction though.

They are incompatible,as either indulging or profiteering, whether by produced or co-opted goods or by produced or co-opted services, is manifestly the opposite of serving the higher, nobler pursuit of the well-being of all by the vanquishment of purest evils. Evils which, without exception, are the result of putting one’s own needs and desires before those of everybody else. Indeed, we masses are told not to hate the players but the game, which would suggest that the game is an unwanted thing. Yet should one object to the game, refrain from playing altogether, then they are branded as unhinged and misanthropic. If you are not buying and selling on behalf of The Brand, then you ain’t no real fan, as though being a real fan held any meaning at all in the grand scheme of things, or anywhere outside of the entitled boardrooms of the western world where all resources systemically flow. The masses insist on exemptions and exceptions for themselves, individually as well as for the favorite gaggle of the moment to bury their purportedly individualistic head in. But virtue is inherently not a by degrees measure. It is very much all or nothing. And yes, the real, waking world is as well entirely a black and white ordeal, no matter how abruptly the masses choose to fetish infinite shades of grey. Consequences matter, regardless of how severely juvenile mindsets pray for lives free of accountability, obligation or responsibility.

How does even the most rudimentary participation in The Society of the Spectacle differ from saying that rape is permissible when you or your pals do it, or when it’s not done too often or only as an innocent hobby. Or, to vent the frustrations caused by participation in The Society of the Spectacle? When society’s greatest criminals, greatest sinners, regularly and systematically enjoy society’s greatest rewards, up to and including public absolution for the passing sake of civility, then maybe rape does not have its moments. Maybe the whole thing is just awful regardless of what ego asserts.

Reporters have uncovered ten years of tax records from Donald Trump, going up to about 23-skidoo years ago, and therein find legal proof that the man is in actuality one of the biggest financial losers in his nation’s proud history. And yet many see no fault to this, to how, precisely like my younger sister, every word from Trump is a lie purposed to deflect and conceal how every action from Trump is cheating and stealing. Other voices seem aware that this is clearly problematic in terms of both ethics and morality, but otherwise insist on due process and decorum and other such rubbish, that the man is still President and that there is a status quo for how exactly such an issue regarding such a lofty public figure could or should be dealt with.

This story is being broadly covered of course, but what nobody else is acknowledging, is how what Trump has done and what Trump continues to get away with, is in fact one and the same as what the USA has done and what the USA continues to get away with. Trump is the USA in bloated, humanoid form, psychologically, spiritually and legally. One of the more memorable bits from the popular Illuminatus Trilogy novel of voluminous brain vomit, was where the hero Hagbard Celine attempts to try the USA for its many crimes, as though the nation-state were an individual being. Because, logically and realistically, if any individual were to have committed even a fraction of the franchised extortions of the USA, they would be locked away for the remainder of his or her days and the jailer’s master key thrown to the ocean’s deepest depths. This case in the news of Donald Trump proves how fictitious that scene truly is, as Trump’s head does not look to be planted on a pike anywhere, nor will it ever really be. When the kingmakers are highborn, the supreme authority they represent takes as irrelevant any effort to serve the public trust, to protect the innocent or to uphold the law. None of those concepts are necessary for authority to perpetuate itself. Authority of any stripe but especially here in western civilization, does not grow from a place seeing voids that require filling, or wrongs that must be made right. Be it corporate-, political- or religious-based, its only goal is to milk the teat, milking its self-importance til it’s dry, barren and haggard.

Evolution is a sight to behold, as anybody who followed my own writings over the years cannot contest, but the USA will never, ever condemn itself, never confess to the root of all that ails.

The fact that none others are adequately drawing this parallel, that Trump’s observed grievances of lying, cheating and stealing are literally no different from the lying, cheating and stealing perpetrated by the USA, proves the widespread want and need for exceptions and exemptions. If you take issue with Trump but remain fine with what the USA does to its own and everyone beyond its ideological barriers, then you are a hypocrite. Equally, if you take issue with the biggest bully in all of recorded history, but can justify Trump’s words and/or actions to any degree, then you are a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is partiality, the muddying of virtues to explain away one’s own lack of virtue, or the lack of virtue of one’s elicited brand, be it political, corporate or religious. People serve, protect and defend Trump for the same reasons as the people serving, protecting and defending the USA, because not one wants to coexist in a world alongside the ramifications of selfishness. Like absolute simpletons they want only to get away with shit too, no matter the direness of cost to the lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness for everyone else.

In regards to complacency, conformity and compliance, I will share the other half of this intended post later, as we all know that anybody foolishly incapable of limiting their own thoughts to no more than 140 characters, especially for free, is an unhinged misanthrope.