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Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility

Everything boils down to ego vs empathy. You have to lack one to facilitate the other. As noted by objections to taxpayer-funded brutality freely deployed against minorities and the impoverished being met with threats of taxpayer-funded military force, which is categorically more golden shower than golden rule. The Powers That Be really really want to turn the Statue of Liberty into a private club. Like a whites-only Playboy Mansion. Torch made into a server’s tray doubling as helicopter pad, etc. And yet had either the Hatfields or McCoys definitively won their private war, there’d have been less hands to work the farms, less customers for their products/services and less options on who to have kids with.

I was reading this article that theorized architects of the Nazca lines in Peru had perhaps developed a kind of contraption somewhere between hang-gliders and giant kites. I always chalked it up to out of body experiences and astral projection initiated by excellent mushrooms. Landmarks, so they could find their ways back to where they came from. Although culturally, not only do we cultivate habits of instilling what we do not understand with our fears, but just as erroneously do we also instill the unknown with our preferences. A false simpatico, noted voluminously in how we all presume our passions, perversions and predilections to be the passions, perversions and predilections of the greater whole. The Bible Belt Sharpie presents a more jarring phenomenon conflicting with the peace of mind necessary for you surviving public restrooms than does unisex facilities themselves. Like getting halfway through before realizing you’re in the wrong room never happens. I think it’s because the public officials setting the standards know damn well it’s their own brat kids sniffing markers. Huge deflection. And Freemasonry endures in politics because where there are inclines there must be foundations built and maintained or there is nothing for a platform to stand on.

If not for priorities I’d love to spearhead research connecting DMT with remote viewing. With enough advancements we could shutdown entire creative industries dependent like junkies upon exploitation and extortion. Nuts to streaming the boob-tube, let’s check out life of a rando cross planet. Not saying I’d ever startup a doomsday cult myself, but we ascribe so much power to angels and demons while confining them to the middle ages with visions of sandals and swords. What if they are what pilots the UFOs, abducting and implanting people? Maybe the Roswell crash was a demon that has since infected all of governance. Maybe terrorists aren’t endorsed by god-fearing patriots because they simply cannot match the quota. Earth, the television of the universe. Ill-conceived, repetitive, too many commercials and after all is said and done it’s hardly worth the time. But it’s cheaper than cruising the strip to egg the patio diners out past Omega Centauri. Do what thou wilt all the same, just don’t eye for an eye or everyone’s left blinded.

But we could do away with online social networks altogether then, trading in the avatars and proxies which the masses hide behind for glimpses into who they truly are. So I’m writing in Cephalopodwoman on the ballot, because being a cephalopod she doesn’t have a bigoted bone in her body and because like the Beatles she has 8 arms to hold us. Also she spits out clouds of black ink at her enemies rather than spewing baseless threats.

I was a reviewer/interviewer of indie mediums for too many years. I think exploitation and extortion are inherent to for-profit art until Creative Industries get called out for the doublethink they are, which can’t happen short of the arts being given no more gravitas than hobby. Everything to do with civilization boils down to ego vs empathy, how we are bound to lack the one in order to facilitate the other. And cults of personality by design only service the centerpieces. More entertaining oblivion is not what the future needs when a Netflix subscription could be feeding strangers so they can stay alive long enough to meet it.

To be struck by an artificial thing is neither a necessity or a right, but a privilege for people who prefer a vicarious reality to filter all the horrible things they let slide. Everybody should learn how to create poetry for example, if only for how it helps to develop the mind, but the notion that it should under any circumstances be shared normalizes this status quo where persons entitle themselves to your limited time and resources. Brand loyalty is the pathway to monopolistic thinking, where regards celebrity icons, political partisanship or religious zealotry. It’s the handing over of your thoughts and feelings to those who most want that control. Disloyalty strengthens independence. Fuck a pretty picture. It’s all so blatantly primal. Whoever refuses to join in the repetitive chanting must be cast out! Anyone with a pulse can find a political persuasion, religious fundamentalism or corporate branding-iron to take issue with, but attacking the arts is super-taboo. Of course we should learn how to convey what we think and feel, but in order *to* think and feel for ourselves, not to have egos stroked by innocent bystanders.

Absolutely crucify billionaires for their con-artistry causing the societal ills they trade a tiny percentage for tax write-offs to repair, but we have to stop allowing the excuse of we the people giving an even smaller percent of our own holdings because we “earned” a reprieve. If you’re dumb enough to give 40+ hours per week making money for the most gluttonous among us, your spare change and free time gone to gaming instead of crisis support networks makes you no less of an ass than your keepers. Participation is perpetuation, not resistance.

The only persons not enabling the evils of this society are those who parted ways with it, not the homeless victims of circumstance but those who explicitly dropped out of society altogether. Each and everyone else shares some of the blame. And conveniently all factions align to vilify those expatriates. No bank account or credit cards? No online social networking? You’re not collecting toys omg what is wrong with you weirdo. The country is not going to change for the betterment of all until every single person inside changes. The shear improbability of that is proof positive that this never has been and never will be a Democracy, but instead a binding spell that never held any regard for the virtues, with everyone uplifting those most willing and able to forgo everyone else, for the blessed sake of fantasies which come at a cost to the flesh and bones of reality.