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Broke But Never Broken

After watching the latest episode of The Mash Report, the thought struck that, regardless of more referendums or how Brexit ultimately turns itself out, Britain will never escape this newfound identity complex. It’s become an incarnated Schrödinger’s cat. As long as Gloriana remains a Capitalist, the decision of choosing which group of unelected billionaire outsiders will decide the fate of her livelihoods will never meet with any other end. Out the bag of time-honored plunder, the cat will forever simultaneously be both in and out of Pandora’s box, utterly powerless to elect how it might survive.

Christian scholars, an oxymoron if ever there was one, have presently decided that the proposed locations of Sodom and Gomorrah did not in fact befall any disastrous side-effects of a wrathful deity, but rather were bombarded by cosmic rays. I see this plainly as Christians desperately trying to rationalize their card-holding status as Capitalists, because to their minds, their personal heroes fully display greed, pride, envy, sloth and gluttony. Though less and less privately, they believe that such attributes make one a pillar of the modern community and not a pillar of salt, Jesus be damned. On my end, common sense teaches that those attributes are one and all self-defeating, so it was neither a god or a cosmic blast that cleaned related clocks. Presuming those cities ever even existed.

To commemorate Black Friday, the day when Americans take their guns shopping, Drudge ran a couple of unarguably connected links, probably after reading my last post. James Vincent reports on a new chest-mounted robotic feeding arm, despite the greater majority of the world’s population having not the means to eat what or when they want. Nobody beyond pot-bellied millionaires wishing for a fisting while playing their computer games will ever find a use for such a vile contraption. And Chris Rovzar reports on the second of the one-two punch, concerning a new machine that will do the exercising for you, to you, poking and prodding like an alien abduction experience, only in the comfort of your own home. So portly consumers can simply lay there, plugged into their social media of choice with a Doritos-stained robot arm hanging out their ass the way god intended.

The Agence France-Presse is trying to spin Chinese students as being arrested for Communism so extreme that they worry their government’s Communist leaders, as opposed to the obviously more plausible reality of the situation, that China’s leaders have actually not been Communist since I was a baby. Capitalists obsessive-compulsively rationalize what they fetish, because what they fetish is completely irrational. At the same time, the USA government is nudging its foreign allies to not give business to Chinese telecommunications company Huawei, because tracking software utilized by Huawei counteracts tracking software used by tech companies based in the USA. That’s not the conclusion of the linked article, but it is the truth of the matter. Competing business interests, not Democracy valiantly struggling against Communism. But no matter who loses, billionaires win, because that is the reality everyone has agreed on.

Maybe seeing this in action is what prompted Canada’s official fratboy Trudeau to embrace state-sanctioned media. Western governments are walking contradictions by default, by design, and nobody else can legally enjoy the entitlement. Poor Canada, wanting their fair share of Chinese fortune cookies in some workaround to NAFTA while suffering a current idolization from voices in the Brexit cartoon who have no fucking clue what they want from life. Way to make matters worse, idiots. All around.

Though to end this one on a rare good note, a jewelry store owner in Ontario, along with his brother and son, all of whom likely never get mistaken for cage fighters, used swords to fend off an an attempted robbery from 4 gun-wielding goons who clearly watch too many movies and/or read too many comic books. Outnumbered and outgunned, these softy pencil-pusher types stood their ground, and without a single fatality.

Meaning, that gun owners are entirely full of shit, in that return fire is not at all necessary to stop gun-owning fanatics. The sales pitches they construct their lives around are wrong, blatantly wrong. Weakness for any sales pitch is still a weakness.